Aug 12, 2016

Woo Hoo Conference Time

RWNZ Conference 2016

My favourite time of the writing year is here. Conference season. Though this year I am only going to one - The Romance Writers' of New Zealand conference in Auckland.

I adore catching up with my writing friends. Most of them I only get to see once or twice a year. Of course we're in touch by internet and phone but it's not the same as having a good old chin wag and a glass of wine or two to help the words flow.

I'm rooming with Lovecat Louisa George and we're supposed to be brain storming a duet we're writing. Not sure how much of that we'll achieve but it will be fun trying.

Then there's the cocktail party and the Awards dinner to enjoy with other Lovecats: Barbara Deleo, Yvonne Lindsay and Rachel Bailey.

On the serious side there are some amazing workshops to attend, and agents to talk to.
Catching up with  Joanne Grant from HM&B England is always a lot of fun, as is the HM&B team from Australia.

And to add to my trip I left home two days early to stay with one of my closest friends. Of course we managed to fit in shopping, eating, wine, and so much talking it's a wonder I've still got a voice for conference. There are some who'd be hoping I had lost it. :)

So are you doing anything special and exciting this weekend? Or something that gives you the warm and fuzzies?


  1. Sue, have lots of fun at the NZ conference. Like you, I love going to romance conferences. I recently got back from the Romance Writers of America conference in San Diego and am looking forward to the Australian conference in Adelaide. I've never been to the NZ one and really hope to remedy that one day! We writers are isolated from each other and apart from the professional development talks/workshops aspect of the conference that getting together with fellow writers we rarely see really is the icing on the cake. Enjoy every moment!

    1. Hi Kandy. We would love to see you down here next year! Says me who's not got across the ditch for conference for a couple of years now. Maybe next year in Brisbane.

  2. Hi Sue

    Ooh have fun maybe one day I can get to the NZ one I am off to the Australian conference the weekend after and can't wait I am going to help with the book signing and hoping to catch up with lots of people :)

    We start our road trip on Wednesday and will stop of at my daughter' place at Wagga Wagga on the way there and back :)

    Have a great weekend Sue

    Have Fun

    1. You've got to come over, Helen. Our conference is smaller but just as much fun. Have a blast on your road trip.

  3. Hope you're having a splendid time, Sue! I'm really looking forward to the Adelaide conference next weekend. It's so wonderful to catch up with our writer friends. And I have my fingers crossed that I can make it to the NZ Conference one day too. :-)

    1. I'm having a great time, Michelle. And you can too when you come over. Hint, hint. Have a wonderful time in Adelaide.

  4. Sue, it sounds like you're having a wonderful time. You make me realise how soon I leave for Adelaide and our RWAustralia conference. Must get organised!

    This weekend we're concentrating on celebrating a family birthday - Yay! And I've also got a book I'm working on...

  5. Conferences are so much fun! Such a great opportunity to catch up with writer friends. Have fun!! xx