Aug 19, 2016

My Favourite things.....

With so many LoveCats away at this years Romance Writers of Australia's annual conference in beautiful Adelaide (And since I'm not there this year) I thought I'd cheer myself up with some of my favourite things.

1/ Flowers! I love flowers. In fact, I was a florist many many many years ago. I still adore getting flowers and my gorgeous hubby often brings them home for me.

2/ My cats! I have two lazy furballs called Oscar and Candy....two ragdolls that were rehomed with us four and three years ago.

3/ Books! I love writing books, and reading books and buying books.
4/ My horses (See a theme's what I collect) This is my beautiful old girl Sharnah....she's thirty one and still going strong.

So, what are your favorite things right now? Books? Movies? Family? Of the furry, four legged kind?


1 comment:

  1. Hi Helen

    I am catching up seeing as I have been away in Adelaide for RWA to help with the book signing and I did miss you but I came home with lots more books so now I need more time.

    I do love your pets especially the Ragdoll cats I would love one and books for me are so special

    Have Fun