Aug 28, 2016

Sunday Smooch with...Louisa George

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from LOUISA GEORGE

BLURB: Something old. Something new…?

When Chloe Cassidy is jilted at the altar it’s all her nightmares rolled into one. Her mother is convinced she’s the victim of the family curse. Her sister believes she just hasn’t found The One yet. But Chloe’s not listening; she’s too busy taking her humiliation out on the infuriating best man, Vaughn Brooks. Three months later, Something Borrowed—her wedding planning business— is failing. In a last ditch attempt to save it, Chloe is forced to swallow her pride, and work with the enemy: too-hot for his own good, award-winning chef Vaughn. She soon realizes the sparks flying between them are nothing to do with their dubious past, but from something else altogether…

Scene set-up: Vaughn is teaching Chloe how to make bread in his state of the art restaurant kitchen. After one very lovely kiss, he's told her why he can't get involved in a relationship and she agrees wholeheartedly, and yet...

He tore his gaze away and groaned. ‘Right. Er… Are you hungry?’
            ‘Why are you always trying to feed me?’
            ‘Because you look too thin, and it’s the best thing I do. I’ll have you know, people pay a fortune to be fed by me.’
            Her eyes flicked toward the huge stainless steel fridge. Her food-porn dream. Words got stuck in a dry mouth. She swallowed as she thought about sex by the light of the open fridge door. About hand-feeding each other food. Then she reminded herself that this scenario was very different from her dreams. For one, they’d agreed that neither of them was prepared to actually go there and do that. ‘Yes. Er… Okay. What have you got?’
            ‘Whatever you want. Come here.’ He took her hand and tugged her to the fridge. Opening it up, he lifted out containers of cooked meat. ‘See, there is everything you could possibly want to eat. Olives? Cheese? Finest prosciutto, from Friuli in northeast Italy. Try some.’ He ripped a piece off and held it out to her.
            He wanted to give her food because it was a distraction from the need that simmered in his eyes, she knew damned well. Because he wanted her as much as she wanted him, but he was hell-bent on fighting it. And that was his choice. But it didn’t mean he wanted her any less.
            He was Mr Non-Committal; he was going to leave as soon as she found a decent manager for him.  There was no future for them. Whatever they did next would not only be a mark on her heart but on her soul too. She was playing a dangerous game.
            But, despite everything, she still wanted to play.
            Because not playing this game with Vaughn Brooks would mean a lifetime of regret, of wondering what if? Of wishing she’d had the guts to take something she wanted. So for once in her life, she was going to put herself first.
            She leant forward and took the prosciutto from his outstretched fingers—with her teeth. She didn’t know who was more shocked, her or him. So, rather thank thinking about where they were heading, she concentrated on eating the delicious meat. ‘Oh, God, that is amazing. You want some?’
            ‘Aha.’ There was a subtle shift in his voice, one that told her he wanted more than food. And that stoked the fire in her gut, made her bolder, braver.
            She took a piece of the ham and held it to his lips. Without taking his eyes from hers, he leant forward a fraction and took it into his mouth. Then he gave her a smile that was half sexy, half tease and all sin.
            ‘Anything else?’ She tore her gaze from his and looked in the fridge. ‘Ah… strawberries. Did I ever tell you how much I adore strawberries?’
            ‘Chloe—’ No kissing. He didn’t say it, but he didn’t have to. It was there in the silence.
            But this was eating. Right? Just strawberries, and they weren’t exactly sinful. Unless…
‘I mean, I really, really, adore them. Just irresistible. They remind me of summer and sunshine… and…’ She ran her tongue over her top lip, then caught her bottom one in her teeth and gazed up at him. His eyes flickered red-hot need and he reached for the container of scarlet fruit.
            Flicking off the lid, he lifted a strawberry out and held it to her open mouth, running it over her top lip, then on to the bottom one. Slowly, he placed the fruit between her teeth. She sucked it in, bit down and tasted the intensely sweet juice.
            ‘Delicious. You try one.’ She did the same to him, watching his throat work as he swallowed. ‘I’d like another, please.’
            ‘Yes, m’lady.’ Breathing fast, he took another out and ran it again over her lips, then put it in his own mouth. ‘You taste like heaven.’
            ‘How would you know?’
            ‘Because I’m pretty damned sure that Heaven would taste of strawberries and wine and sunshine. Like you probably do.’
            ‘Want to check? Just to be sure?’ Then, unable to resist any longer, she tiptoed and cupped his face in her palms. With no hesitation, she licked a trail across his lips. ‘You taste pretty damned good yourself.’ Then she licked a trail down his throat.
            Still no kissing. Not technically.
            ‘Do that again and I won’t be able to hold back any longer,’ he groaned against her forehead, but still he didn’t kiss her.
            So, achingly slowly, just to prove her intent, she licked again, first his bottom lip, then the top.
            He edged away a fraction, holding her shoulders as he growled, ‘I mean it, Chloe.’
            ‘So do I.’
            His eyes flickered closed. ‘We should stop.’
            ‘Why, when I know you want it as much as I do?’
            His voice was gravel and stone. ‘Because this isn’t a game, Chloe, and I just can’t give you what you want.’
Something Borrowed is set in Notting Hill, a place I used to live a long time ago and also the setting for one of my favourite movies, Notting Hill. Have you ever been to a movie set/setting? Did it live up to your expectations? 

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and a smooch from Helen Lacey will be posted!

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  1. Hi Louisa

    Oh I loved this smooch and I have this book calling to me from my kindle can't wait to read it :)

    I don't think I have visited a movie set although I could have in NZ when I was on the cruise they had a trip to the set of Lord of The Rings but we didn't do that one maybe one day I will get to visit one :)

    Have Fun

    1. Helen, there are so many LOTR settings here and I've only been to one of them! I'd love to go to Hobbiton...on my bucket list. Hope you get to come back soon. xxx

  2. Dear lord I love the sound of this book, Louisa! Fabulous excerpt.

    No movie sets for me, I'm afraid...though I once did have a chance to appear as an extra in Yahoo Serious's "Young Einstein." I passed when I found out I'd have to get up at some ridiculously early time in the morning (like 4am). Also, much of the "Tomorrow When the War Began" movie was shot not too far from where I live, so I recognise a lot of the locations there, which is fun. :-)

    1. I loved 'TWTWB' so I'm super excited to was filmed near you!
      Yeah...I guess I wouldn't get out of bed for anything less than Star Wars...or something (anything) with Tom Hardy in it.

  3. Am loving something borrowed, Louisa!!!
    Vaughan.... happy sigh! :-)

    I was on a TV set about 10 months ago which was nothing like I thought it was going to be at all!

    1. Glad you're enjoying SB and Vaughn, AA!! He's one of my favourites ;-)

      TV sets always look really small when you see them in a movie..amazing how the camera manages to make them look so big.

  4. No I haven't, I'd love to, though. The book sounds great!

  5. Great smooch, Louisa.

    Travelling around Europe I've been to a few movie locations - e.g. Midnight in Paris spring to mind.

    I've also been to Port Isaac, Cornwall where Dr Martin is filming and it is exactly like in the show. Absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I loved Midnight in Paris- I must find out from you where that is so when I visit (hopefully in two years' time) I can go! I also love Cornwall and would love to see that village, it's gorgeous.

  6. Oh, this book sounds sooooo good.

    I've been to Hobbiton and did the guided tour, which is so amazing. Even my two little ones loved it. If you ever get a chance to visit there, you definitely should! (Also, I love the Notting Hill movie - it's one of my favourites!)

    1. I have Hobbiton on my list, Amy, I will get there!! Yay on the movie-love!!

  7. It would be fun to connect a place you have lived or visited to a movie. Alas!!

  8. Nice smooch! I live near movie sets for lots of the US westerns. This summer we went to Monument Valley where many of the John Wayne westerns were filmed.

    I'd love to see that set for American in Paris.

    1. Oh, I used to love the old John Wayne movies- would be wonderful to visit somewhere they were filmed and imagine them riding horses across the hills!

    2. You could have your picture taken on a horse, in front of one of the recognizable vistas. :-)

  9. Love this scene, Louisa! The book sounds terrific.

    I've visited a couple of movie settings - some Lord of the Rings places in NZ that were fun. And just recently I was in Quorn in outback South Australia - all old buildings and wide-verandahed pubs - which has been used in a couple of films. Nice!

    1. I thought Quorn was something you ate, Annie- didn't know it was a place too! LOL, it sounds amazing!

  10. Love th blurb and certainly the smooch, wow..I want to run to the store and buy the book immediately. I've never been to a movie setting, but as I hardly watch movies, I don't mind. I have the movies in my mind when I read, so I can imagine the settings, the hero and heroine and all around.

    1. I love that, riet_media- I read books like that too!

  11. Gorgeous smooch, Louisa. I can't wait to read this book!
    I don't think I've been on a movie set. But I have been many times in television studios in my magazine editor days. I used to be interviewed which always scared me silly, or help with the set up of a cooking demonstration which I much preferred as I got to be behind the scenes!

  12. Oooh those strawberries.....swooning!
    I've been through the Little Desert (50km from where I live in Western Victoria) where The Road to Nhill was filmed - a very dated comedic film about small town - very small town - goings on and a series of unfortunate events that centre around a road accident and a wrong turn by the emergency services. Oh and the policeman was visiting somebody he shouldn't - was probably licking strawberries - and didn't get the emergency call. Worth looking at. True blue Aussie grit. Hilarious. Best wishes, Jay.

  13. Something Borrowed is already on my to read list, but this smooch confirms that it's a good choice. It may be a while before I get to read it though since I have the never ending 'too many books, not enough time' problem.

    Can't say I've ever visited or lived in an area where there is a movie setting (at least not knowingly).

  14. no have not visited but way back when I was younger & growing up at Epping I went to a few "dance" things on television ----good smooch have this on my to buy list ----LynW