May 27, 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call...? Stress busters!

I'm at that point where I have a deadline looming and too many words needed. We're also having renovations. My husband has new job, which requires me to help him... and yada yada yada....  we've all been there, I'm not unusual in feeling a little overwhelmed.

So, to keep sane when I'm not doing all the things above and need some down time, I'm trying to implement some stress busters. Here's what I do to try to get some sanity and perspective, I'd love to hear what you do, too.

1. Laugh
Everything's better with a bit laughter, right? I received this photo the other day and it made me smile. There are a few things to note

-They are both my sons
-Son on the left has had his eyebrows shaved (I believe there was alcohol involved), and looks like an alien
-They both have broken left thumbs
-When they were young they hated wearing the same things- now, twin casts!

2. Read

I read every night. I love losing myself in other worlds. When I'm stressing over my own work I like to read something very different. Right now it's Deception Island by Bryn Kelly. A gripping tale about modern day pirates, kidnapping and trust. I'm loving it!

3. Meditate (or do something meditative) and breathe
Right now I'm fidgety, so I'm knitting. Counting stitches, counting rows etc soothes my brain and I get lost in the process

4. Exercise
There's nothing like blowing the stress away with a breezy walk or a good old shakedown at zumba- exercise releases endorphins which make you feel heaps better.

5. Plan an adventure!
It's always good to have something to look forward to- to know that all this stress is worth it.

6. Sleep
This is hard for me at the moment. I'm waking early and not getting back to sleep. I know how wonderful a good snooze is, so I'm keen to hear any tips on helping out with this?

These are my stress busters, but I'd love to hear yours!


  1. Louisa, isn't it the worst when you can't control or contain the real-life stuff that intrudes on writing time? That is definitely stress-inducing. My best stress-reducer is spending time walking with, playing with or simply sitting with my puppy. There's something about his company that calms my mind and my tetchy nerves.

    Sorry, I am no help with sleep help. I think sound sleep patterns and impending deadlines are not happy bedmates.

  2. Ah Bron- a puppy sounds like the perfect antidote to stress! Such gorgeousness and cuteness. Not sure I'd get that sanctioned by The Doc, though- but I could go play with my next door pup!

  3. I think you included mine already Louisa - reading and travelling. And the 2 go so well together :-)

    Are those your boys? I thought they were like 17 and 18...they look like they're well into their twenties! LMAO over the broken thumbs :-)

    1. LOL- my boys are 18 and 19! (The one with no eyebrows is 19)... and, yes to reading and traveling...perfect companions!

  4. Hi Louisa

    I love that photo of your boys both with broken thumbs it must be a twin thing :)

    For me I walk and listen to audio book while doing so now and I read that is how I get over stress I used to eat lots of chocolate but not now :)

    You do have some wonderful ways to get over stress

    Have Fun

    1. That photo makes me laugh so much. They're not twins, although often people think they are. there's 18 months between them. I love walking, Helen, it's a great way of getting through stress- I haven't tried it with an audio book- but what a great idea! Well done on managing to stay away from chocolate too!

  5. I love your stressbusting tips and I totally agree with knitting. I knit most evenings, when it's not too hot, and I find it very calming. As long as the pattern isn't a 44 row not repeating lacey one. We won't talk about that ;-). What on earth did your boys do!!

    1. 44 row no repeat!!!! WTH?!?!? That would be very stress inducing to me too!! The one I'm doing now is a pretty easy ( a shawl/wrap thing): 4 row repeat;
      Row 1: K
      Row 2: K3 Purl all the way to last 3 stitches then K3,
      Row 3: some fancy schmancy stuff (k3 k2tog 3 times, YO k1 six times, k2 tog 3 times repeat til last 3 k3),
      Row 4: K

      Both boys broke their thumbs playing rugby- not the same game... a week apart!!

  6. OMG, Louisa! How did both your sons break both their thumbs at the same time? Mind you, if it hasn't anything to do with the shaved eyebrow, perhaps you better not say? ;-)

    I'm hearing you on the need for stress-busting, though. I'm working on The-Book-That-Won't-Cooperate as we speak...and that deadline is hurtling towards me. And how am I coping -- wine, I tell you -- red wine. ;-)

    1. Michelle, they were both playing rugby, not the same game but for the same team! Broke them a week apart.
      I hope the book-that-won't-co-operate starts co-operating soon!!! And yes to the wine!! Buckets of the stuff!