May 2, 2016

I Have Walked One Hundred Miles

by Bronwyn Jameson

Last month I blogged about my new acquisition, a treadmill desk which I hoped would be the ultimate multi-tasking, time-saving tool: working and exercising at the same time.  Huzzah.  Four weeks later I am reporting, as promised, on how that is working out.

In order to report, I've been recording my daily stat's...although I didn't realise until a couple of weeks in that the default setting is miles and not kilometres.  According to the manual, I can switch to metric but since I'd started recording miles I decided to stick with miles.  Also, the Proclaimers' song is a jaunty walking singalong in miles, not kilometres. (Sorry if the title has created Scottish ear-worms!)

So.  My report.

I've walked while working on 20 days for a total of 60-and-a-bit hours, averaging 3 hours walking per day.  Fewer hours than I would like, so I am setting a goal of getting this up to 4 hours per day during May.

The good news is that during those 60 hours, I have walked almost 335,000 steps and 106 miles.  Hence the title of this post: I really *have* walked one hundred miles (and a few more) during April.  Cool, right?

My average speed works out at 1.76 miles per hour which is quite a dawdle.  My farmer husband says even sheep walk faster than this but they're not typing while they walk, are they?  Nor are they scribbling notes and pausing to consult the thesaurus and coming up with brilliant (or not) character motivations. Anyway...

According to the treadmill, my month of dawdling has burned a total of 4,618 calories.  Let me put that in terms we all understand.

Suffice to say that 4,618 calories is quite a few slices of cheesecake or scoops of ice-cream or pastries or chocolates but actually I've been eating less of these.  Partly it's the walking, partly it's the recording of numbers, partly it's knowing how far and for how long I need to walk to make up for the cheesecake.  I've been eating less snacky foods, drinking less coffee and sleeping better. Bonus: I've  lost a satisfying two kilograms without trying too hard.

It did take most of the month to reach a level of comfort with typing while I walk.  If I had been able to work at it every day, for several sessions every day, then I'm sure this settling-in would have been quicker.  But this past week I've been able to lose myself in the work, to not realise that I'm walking, to not notice that an hour or more has passed since I last checked the clock.

Give me another month and I will have this working-while-I-walk mastered.  That is the plan.

PS:  I've become slightly addicted to the numbers, to adding them to my spreadsheet and watching them add up, so I may continue recording for a wee while longer.


  1. Woohoo Bronwyn

    Good on you I must admit that now that I have a fitbit I too am obsesed with getting my steps up everyday LOL I will walk in circles around the house if need be and I am still doing well fingers crossed it keeps going :)
    Sounds like you are having a good time with you walking machine

    have Fun

    1. Yay on the fitbit walking, Helen. So glad you're keeping that up and it's keeping you motivated. I was a bit addicted to mine before I started on the treadmill, which does it's own recording, but I still automatically carry mine. It's good to know I'm still moving when not tread milling.

  2. Wow, Bronwyn. That is really impressive!! You must be really proud of yourself.

    I love, love, love the sound of this treadmill desk and I really want one! I'm off to research them now.

    1. Let me know if you need any further info, Jen. Obviously I'm a fan!

  3. Oh, Bron, go you! I'm so pleased your treadmill desk is working out so well for you. I like getting out and about in my neighborhood, or down at the beach, to want a treadmill desk (even though I see the benefits of one), but I am starting to think that a standing desk might be just the thing. I think good office equipment is a worthy investment. :-) Happy walking...and writing!

  4. Michelle, you're so right about investing in good office equipment. We spend so many hours writing and we need to look after these bodies since they're the only ones we get. What kind of equipment is best *is* going to vary by individual. If you get up and move enough during the rest of the day (i.e. the non-writing hours) then the treadmill desk isn't necessary.

  5. Well done, Bron! I'm really impressed. Writers really need to address the sitting-too-much problem! Looks like you're doing it.