May 8, 2016

Sunday Smooch with Kate Hardy

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Kate Hardy but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Kate Hardy's Holiday With the Best Man

  Two weeks with the billionaire!

The moment has come when best man Roland Devereux must follow the bride and groom and dance with bridesmaid Grace Faraday. But as he takes her hand, the chemistry hits him. For the first time since he lost his wife, he lets his guard down.

Roland can see that gorgeous wallflower Grace deserves to be swept off her feet. He makes a deal—he'll give her a two-week whirlwind holiday, and Grace will help him learn to date again. Except somewhere between Paris and Venice, Roland realizes two weeks with Grace will never be enough…

Scene set-up: [The deal is that Roland sweeps Grace off her feet for two weeks; and in return she helps him brush up his dating skills. (She's staying at his place while hers dries out after a burst pipe.) They've just been to see a rooftop movie, and now they're talking films: and this is what happens next…]

They walked hand in hand along the river frontage in easy silence, watching the play of lights on the water. Grace thought wistfully, if only this was real. But that wasn’t the deal, and she needed some space to stand on her own two feet again and work out who she was and what she wanted from life. So for now she’d just enjoy the moment. Two weeks of being swept off her feet. Wanting more was just greedy.

‘I had a really good time tonight,’ Roland said.

‘Even though it’s not the glamorous kind of stuff someone like you is used to?’ she asked.

‘It was fun,’ he said. ‘You put a lot of thought into it and came up with something original and different that I really enjoyed. Anyway, it doesn’t have to be super-glamorous or cost a lot of money for it to be a good time – like now. There’s nothing better than walking by the river at night watching the lights on the water, and that doesn’t cost anything.’

‘True,’ she said. ‘I can see why you live here.’

‘Is this the sort of area where you’d live, if you had the chance?’ he asked.

‘Are we talking about my dream home? That would be a pretty little Victorian terraced house, filled with the kind of curtains and cushions you hate most,’ she said. ‘If I won the lottery, I’d want a place that overlooked somewhere like Hampstead Heath, or have one of those gorgeous houses in Notting Hill that have access to a pretty garden.’

He stopped and turned to face her. ‘Like the one in the film where the movie star kisses the ordinary guy?’

‘I guess,’ she said, and she couldn’t help staring at his mouth. Except he wasn’t an ordinary guy and she wasn’t a film star.

She only realised she’d spoken aloud when he said, ‘I’m ordinary enough,’ and leaned forward to kiss her.

Time seemed to stop. And she was super-aware of his nearness – his clean male scent, the warmth of his skin, the way the touch of his lips made her skin tingle.

A cat-call from a passing teenager broke the mood, and he took a step back. ‘Sorry.’

‘It’s fine to kiss your date in public,’ she said, striving for cool. ‘Except maybe not as, um…’ How could she tell him that he’d made her feel feverish, without giving herself away. ‘A little cooler might be more appropriate,’ she said.

‘Noted.’ But his pupils were huge. Was that because of the darkness around them, or had kissing her affected him the same way it had affected her? She was way too chicken to ask.

 For a chance to go into the draw to win a copy of Holiday With the Best Man, leave a comment telling Kate how you would most like to be swept off your feet?

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  1. H Kate

    WOW that was so moving and lovely what a smooch love the sound of this one ")

    I would love to be swept of my feet in a romantic place music to my ears anything that got the goose- bumps going :)

    Have Fun

  2. Gorgeous smooch, Kate! Grace and Roland seem like such a great pair. :-)

    Hmm, would I most like to be swept off my feet -- you know, a grand tour of Europe seeing all of the sights and staying in 5 star luxury and eating at amazing restaurants should just about do it. ;-) Although, in all honesty, a bottle of bubbles at the beach would work just as well. :-)

  3. Lovely smooch, Kate.

    I've just read Michelle's idea of being swept off her feet by a grand European tour and I have to say she took the words out of my mouth. That would suit me just fine!


  5. Love the smooch.

    At my age I think I'd like to be swept off my feet very carefully.

  6. I read Maisey Yates' Bound to the Warrior King yesterday - and today I am re-reading it, poring over every word. Why? I just loved it!
    So ... since this book has given me such great dreams, I'll go with how THIS heroine was swept off her feet: literally! The hero just picks her up and takes her to bed. There are no restaurants, pretty backdrops, or even foreplay. Just sizzle. Lots of sizzle....

  7. Hi Kate. I've never seen The Sunday Smooch posts before, but yours certainly carried me along in Grace and Roland's beautiful scene. Now to answer the question, my husband swept me off my feet by being an absolute gentleman in every situation. Who would think that having your hand held at every possible moment, or escorting me to and waiting protectively outside public restrooms would do that??? It's the little things that matter. Jay

  8. Hello Kate, i liked this excerpt. I would love to be swept off her feet with a nice cruise in the Mediterranean Sea.

  9. Hi Kate! Lovely to see you DownUnder! This looks like such a sweet, satisfying read. I love a story where the hero thinks he knows the boundaries and suddenly finds he wants more. :) I think I'd like to be swept off my feet to a place where there's no phone or internet, just for a day or two. Bliss.

  10. I would like to be swept off my feet by someone that says hay want to go for a ride. We then end up at the airport and he fly's me to Malta Greece. We the go to a beach and there is a tent all ready there and someone playing a harp. With a candle light dinner at sun set.