Aug 6, 2013

Cats In The Wild: Huge Freo Booksigning!

In just under two weeks, five LoveCats will join lots of other romance authors at a giant booksigning in Fremantle, Western Australia.

The signing is being organised by ARRA, the Australian Romance Readers Association, and will be held in conjunction with the Romance Writers of Australia annual conference. 

If you're going, keep an eye out for the Cats:
  • Amy Andrews 
  • Annie West
  • Jennifer St George
  • Michelle Douglas
  • Rachel Bailey

Do you live in WA, or are you attending the RWA conference? Why not come along? We can't wait to meet the readers who make it!

Along with the five Cats attending, there are some fabulous authors signing - 56 in total! Here's the full list:
Amy Andrews
Angela Verdenius
Anne Gracie
Anne Oliver
Annie West
Bronwyn Jameson
Bronwyn Parry
Carole Mortimer (UK)
Cathryn Hein
Christina Brooke
Denise Rossetti
Ebony McKenna
Eden Summers
Eleni Konstantine
Elisabeth Rose
Elise K Ackers
Emmie Dark
Fiona McArthur
Fiona Palmer
Helene Young
Isolde Martyn
Jackie Ashenden (NZ)
Jennifer Brassel
Jennifer Kloester
Jennifer Scoullar
Jennifer St George
Jenny Schwartz
Juanita Kees
Julia Quinn (US)
Kate Belle
Kathryn Ledson
Kaz Delaney
Kylie Griffin
Leah Ashton
Lisa Swallow
Loretta Hill
Maggie Gilbert
Maggie Nash
Maisey Yates (US)
Margareta Osborn
Megan Crane/Caitlin Crews (US)
Melanie Milburne
Michelle Diener
Michelle Douglas
Nicole Flockton (US)
Nikki Logan
Nina Bruhns (US)
Paula Roe
Rachael Johns
Rachel Bailey
Sandra Antonelli
Sarah Wendell (US)
SE Gilchrist
Shannon Curtis
Shona Husk
Susan Stephens (US)

So, will you be attending? Make sure you come and say hi to us! If not, have you been to an author book signing in the past? Which author would be at your dream book signing?


  1. This is going to be so much fun! Can't wait, Rach. :-)

    I would LOVE to go to a Jennie Crusie book signing...and Susan Elizabeth Phillips...and Charlaine Harris...and...

    Hmm, perhaps I'll stop now. ;-)

  2. Michelle, I can't wait either! At the RWAmerica book-signing in Atlanta, I bought Susan Elizabeth Phillips's The Great Escape and had her sign it. Total fan girl moment.

    And when Jenny Crusie came down under to both the Australian and New Zealand conferences I met her and had her sign The Unfortunate Miss Fortunes. Another total fan girl moment. :)

  3. Rachel, you're making me jealous. I'd love to be joining you all but as I've already been away this year I'd better stay home and write so I've got something to sign next year.

  4. Sue, that sounds like a good plan. :)

    We'll raise a glass to you and other other Cats who can't make it to Freo this year!

  5. Yes, please, Rachel - raise a glass to me too 'coz I won't be able to get to Freo either! Will be thinking of you all on the weekend and knowing that you'll be having a fabulous time!

    Woohoo! What an awesome line up for the book signing!

  6. Sharon, we definitely will! It'll be strange not to have you and Mr Archer there this year.

  7. Rachel, I'm so looking forward to this! The ARRA book signings are always such fun. I do hope people make a special effort to stop by the LoveCats and say hi.

    Like you, I snaffled Jennifer Crusie to sign a book for me. Yay! Would love to get Loretta Chase to sign my 'Mr Impossible'. A shame it's too late to get signings by Georgette Heyer and Tolkein, isn't it?

  8. Due to some email troubles, I won't be behind a desk, but I will be there. I'm actually not that sorry that I missed being on the list. I'll have postcards to sign if anyone wants them, but I'll also be able to get around and get other people's signatures! I enjoyed my first ever signing at ARRC this year, but I missed being able to get around and see people. I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone, especially my mates who are doing it for the first time.

  9. Annie, Mr Impossible is one of my top ten favourite books of all time. Good choice!

    Oh, yes, if we're talking about people it's too late for, I'd have to add Jane Austen to the list.

  10. Imelda, what a shame. But you're right - when you sign you miss out on getting other people's books. Maybe doing it one-on-one-off like this is the perfect solution. :)

    And I'd love one of your postcards if you get a chance to stop by my table!

  11. I'm really looking for to the signing too, Rachel. However, being a newly published and all, I'm a bit nervous. At the last ARRA signing they'd accidentally listed me as a "G" and not and "S", so I was sitting next to the fabulous Anne Gracie. She was kind enough to introduce me to some of her legions of the fans.

  12. Jen, at my first signing I sat next to the fabulous Keri Arthur. She gave me lots of tips and was great. A reader had brought a copy of one of my books in with her for me to sign and I was so shocked, I said, "Really?" Keri elbowed me in the ribs and I got it together again. :) I love the pay it forward culture amongst romance authors.