Aug 5, 2013

Funday on the LoveCats

If you've ever owned a cat you probably know how much fun a plain old cardboard box can be for them to play with!

Well... the same goes for the Big Cats!  They just need much bigger boxes!  Check this out...


  1. Sharon, I loved that! Cats and boxes - it's always the same. :)

    I have a whole series of photos of my Winston in all sorts of boxes, including a briefcase.

  2. Oh, that made me laugh! I thought big cats might be above such frivolity, but obviously not. :-)

  3. Thanks, Rachel! I've actually found some pictures of cats in boxes that are waaaay too small for them - very determined they would fit. Your Winston pics might have to make an appearance as a Catwalk!

  4. Me, too, Michelle! And laughed at your thoughts about big cats being above such frivolity - I was surprised at their playfulness too!