Aug 26, 2013

The Cat Came Back.

So you probably all know from me banging on about it on my FB page and here, I’ve been away. Took the train from Sydney to Perth. Did some touring round southern Western Australia. Went to the RWAustralia conference in Freemantle. Then did a writer’s retreat on Rottness Island for a four days.

And I’m totally exhausted!

But I promised you pics and it’s a lazy way to blog :-) so....

The Train

The Saloon car

Our platinum cabin by day
The Nullarbor Plain - means treeless in Aboriginal language.

So much great food on the train of no diet!
Brekky - yum!

WA Scenery  

Lots of rainbows in rainy WA! In Albany at old Whaling Station


Vewy Vewy windy at this lighthouse

Walking amongst the treetops, Valley of the Giants

WE saw a lot of lighthouses and jetties!
Where 2 great oceans meet!
 RWAustralia conference Fremantle 2013

The lovely Fiona dressed up as one of my book covers for the Cocktail party - best fan moment yet!

We all got a sneak peek at Tina M Clark's book cover - My Brother But One out soon!

Anne Gracie and Fiona McArthur always get into the spirit of things!

The always grinning Paula Roe!

3 medical authors and their lovely London editorial director! All on our best behaviour - not!

Love me a good pirate! At the Destiny party.

Gorgeous lighting & desserts at the awards gala
Emily Forbes still ecstatic after her Ruby win!
The lovely Rachael Bailey and I.
Joel from Momentum and the lovely Shannon Curtis. 
The lounge was a popular area. Anne Gracie, Fiona McArthur, Bron Jameson and Keziah Hill keeping me company!

Rottness Writer's Retreat

Sun setting in the west

Lovecats! Bron Rach and I.

View from the deck
A posing pelican
See, I did do some work!
Simply paradise!

Our accommodation

Now I've loaded all these pics I hope the site doesn't crash but I just couldn't resist! 

My mind's definitely made up, I'll be heading back west again for sure particularly to Rottness Island which was just divine! But for now - I'm going to sleep!

Where's been the best place you've ever holidayed? 


  1. Thank you for the lovely pictures. I looked up valley of the giants. It is quite a distance from Perth so you must have had a few stops along your way to or from Perth. Beautiful area.

  2. Ah, memories. :)

    Thanks for posting these, Amy. I'm missing Fremantle and Rottnest already. How soon is too soon to go back, I wonder?

  3. What a fabulous holiday. I have one word: jealous!

  4. We did do quite a bit of traveling around in that week before the conference, Kaelee. The Valley of the Giants is awesome!

  5. lol Rach. I think I need to earn a few more brownie points before I can go again! :-)

  6. Jen - it was so great seeing you in WA! Looking forward to catching up FTF soon in Brissy at the BWF too!

  7. Great post, Amy. That train's amazing. Seems like a brilliant conference too.

  8. A Funtime was had by all, Sue. Even without good man candy at the hotel ;-)

  9. Cool post, Amy! I love pictures! And I really love these pictures! Makes me a bit sad that I missed going to the conference though! You all look like you're having an excellent time!

    I do see that picture of you doing some work... or at least with your computer open. LOL

  10. lol, Sharon - I did do some work, I promise :-)

    Hope to see you in Sydney next year!

  11. I must save my pennies and take the train next time!