Aug 16, 2013

While the Cat's away.....

By Helen Lacey

This weekend romance authors from around the country are heading for Fremantle in Western Australia to attend the Romance Writers Of Australia conference and several of the lovely LoveCats will be there....

So, while they're away enjoying themselves I thought I'd post a few pictures of some of my favourite animals. For those who don't know, I'm something of an animal nut (not bad enough to end up on that TV show Animal Hoarders....but still ......) We recently added a new four legged friend to our family, Samantha, a Chihuahua...who is quite a change from our French Mastiff.

                                                      Here she is....very cute!

And one of my Rag-doll Cats, Candy, who can't decide if she wants to read a book or watch TV.

My beautiful old horse Sharnah

Our Dogue De Bordeaux Riley

My awesome Thoroughbred Zeb

And a late afternoon ride along the beach

Tell me about your favourite pets! Or perhaps you have a yearning for something more unusual like a python or an Alpaca?


  1. Helen, what a lovely opportunity to meet your wonderful animal family! Especially since we're completely animal-free at the moment and I miss having a fur-friend in the house. After our gorgeous Second-hand Sally (border collie) died a few years ago we decided not to get another pet... we want to travel more over the next couple of years and it seemed sensible... for now.

    I love the pic of you riding on the beach! What a fabulous way to wind down!

  2. Love the photos, Helen! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Hi Sharon - I'm not sure I could be without a dog...but I understand that it's sensible if you want to travel. And yes, the beach riding is awesome.

  4. Hi Nas- glad you enjoyed the pics!

  5. Love your photos, Helen. For myself, life just wouldn't feel right without a cat on the bed.


  6. I LOVED meeting your furry family, Helen! We got our very first dog three years ago and I can't believe I've lived as long as I have without one! Cosmo is a black miniature schnauzer and she has a huge personality. I can't forget our eight tropical fish as well :-)

  7. Hi Helen, love meeting your family. Like Sharon we lost our beloved dog a while ago and are wary of trying to replace him, especially as we're travelling a fair bit at the moment. But one day ....