Apr 2, 2012

Elegant and refined vs. Rough and tough

By Anna Hackett

I’ve been thinking a lot about heroes lately. LoveCat Natalie recently did a post on athletic heroes and in my last few stories (including the one I’m revising at the moment), my heroes have been the rough, tough, outdoors type (werewolves, ex-military). The cowboy, firefighter and military heroes often are the rough, tough type.
Image: Thomas Berg

Despite this, I love reading about the classy, elegant hero (Roarke of the In Death series and Mr. Darcy are a couple of my all-time favs). And who doesn’t love a fabulous billionaire businessman (some of our LoveCats have brilliant heroes of this variety!)

Image: Hughes Leglise

I know there are no absolutes (you can have a tough businessman for sure) and you can like both! But I thought I’d ask what kind of hero you prefer if you had to choose. Cowboy or businessman? Fireman or doctor? Vampire or werewolf? Let me know!

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  1. Anna, I usually go for cops or doctors. might be why I write medicals and suspenses. But I did marry a business man, so go figure. And rough and tough over elegant and refined any day.
    See you like Adele too.

  2. Anna, you're little boy can't be standing up already!!! *Gulp* Can he?

    Hmm...if I absolutely positively had to choose my favourite hero for today? Think I would have to say a rugged, outdoor cattleman type (but only because that's the hero of my latest story). Tomorrow I reserve the right to choose a billionaire playboy. :-)

  3. I want them all, perhaps not in the same story - a tad crowded. I love the military hero & cowboy & Regency gent etc - they all have their place.

  4. I'm like Marybelle! I want them all! LOL

    I do have a very soft spot for a man in boots and an akubra! But then... I always appreciate a man in a well cut suit... and a bow tie... very soft spot for bow ties!

    Good luck with your revisions! Oooo, and your little man is walking - how gorgeous! But I guess that means that you really have your work cut out keeping him out of mischief now!


  5. Hi Sue --
    I'm pretty sure everyone is listening to Adele at the moment!

    One vote for rough and tough but married to a businessman. Totally allowed...I read and write about vampires and werewolves but there are none in my house (-:

  6. Hi Michelle --
    My little man's going to be one this week! His standing is by no means steady and he hasn't taken any steps yet but we're getting close. He zooms around on his walker at crazy speeds...

    Another vote for rough and rugged. And don't worry, I'll still let you have a billionaire!

  7. Hi Marybelle --
    I said you *had* to choose...

    I agree. It depends on the story and we all like some variety. And even if I have an elegant hero, I'd like to think he can still throw a punch to protect his heroine. And that a rugged one could still slow dance (-:

  8. Hi Sharon --
    Another greedy one!! Bow ties, huh...you had me at well-cut suit but not convinced on the bow ties.

    My little one's not walking yet, but close. He's been crawling at lightspeed for months, so he's been wearing me out for a while. He's obsessed by electrical cords and powerpoints, so if you take your eyes off him, he finds trouble!

  9. Well, now that you ask! I do like vampires. Always have, always will. But on the living rather than undead side, I like a man in a suit. Perhaps that stems from my love of Lewis in Pretty Woman. Has there ever been a vampire business man, I wonder?

  10. Great topic, Anna. So I'm going to be greedy too, and say that I love variety! If I've read a pile of rough-round-the-edges heroes, then I'm in the mood for a businessman or elegant historical hero. And after that, I'll be in the mood for a hero with paranormal traits. Vive la différence!

  11. if i should choice Cowboy or businessman? i choice cowboy, Fireman or doctor? doctor, Vampire or werewolf? vampire =D

  12. Anna, I can't believe your little boy is already standing. Wow! What a lovely time you must be having.

    Sorry to say I can't choose one fave type of hero. They've all got something special going for them. Spoiled for choice, that's me, but I'm having a lovely time trying to pick!

  13. Hi Robyn --
    Ah, finally a vote for the elegant hero! The hero of my very first manuscript (gathering virtual dust on my harddrive) was a vampire businessman (-:

  14. Hi Rachel --
    Here's to variety. I'll put you down for one vote to each. The rough and toughs are winning so far...

  15. Hi Eli --
    Sounds like you like a little variety in your heros too but are leaning towards refined. I'll give your vote to refined which means its a tie so far

  16. Hi Annie --
    Very spoiled! Well, your vote goes one to each side so we're still tied.

    Yes, my little man makes me smile daily (and frown and sometimes yell!) but he is a real joy.

  17. Can I tip the scales? :)
    While I love a man in a suit, don't get me wrong, if I *had* to choose, I'd vote rough and tough. I think it's the stubble.

    Mmm, stubble.

    Aww, the boy is standing! Prepare thyself, Anna! ;)

    E x