Apr 4, 2012

CATWALK - Caption Contest!

Kate Walker's Flora and Charlie

... cats on the mat for a chat with Sharon Archer



Today on the LoveCats CATWALK, I'm featuring Harlequin Mills and Boon Presents author Kate Walker with her gorgeous Maine Coons, Flora and Charlie!  Take it away, you handsome felines...

Flora (Princess Flora Flooziebelle) – the glorious grey and
Charlie  (Charlie Rumpuss) the ginger ninja

‘The Cat House’   c/o Kate Walker Lincolnshire UK

Human Slave 
You will know her as Kate Walker but to us she’s just Our Mum. There’s Our Dad too – known as the Babe Magnet

Likes :

Flora – Peace from ‘that boy’ Charlie.  Lying in front of the fire. Not being pounced on.  Salmon and trout ‘sticks’ treats. Being told I’m beautiful – I know I am but it doesn’t hurt to have it emphasised 
Charlie : Teatime’ (which can mean breakfast time or lunch time  - or teatime – but ‘Teatime’ means the bowl is being filled.)Taking up all the room on the sofa/bed/rug/firespot. Pouncing on Flora. Running wild in the garden and dashing up tree. Biting my Dad’s toes


Flora – being pounced on by Charlie. The White Stuff – you call it  Snow (I once went out into the garden, jumped on to the lawn and disappeared in a snowdrift. I disappeared and as a Maine Coon I am a big cat. All My Mum could see was the tip of my tail.) 
Charlie – Not being let pounce on Flora. Not being first to the food bowls. Rain.  (You’ve seen my long coat – it absorbs a lot of water. ) My Mum always says I look like a drowned rat when I come in out of the rain. Oh and when My Dad starts playing his guitar – then I give him a real mouthful of complaints and  walk out of the room.


Flora – I don’t need an ambition – I am purrfection as you can see

Charlie – To catch one of those fluttery things Mum calls birds.  She puts stuff out on the bird table so I get up there to try to catch open (see my caption photo above)  but somehow they seem to know I’m there – I’m not sure why. Oh, and to eat lots

 Sociable or Aloof

Flora – It depends who has the treats.  I like visitors but they do need to treat me with respect – and have treats ready to hand 
Charlie – I’ll be pals with anyone  -- specially if they’ve got treats


Night Owl or Early Bird?

Flora –  I don’t mind really – I rarely need to trouble about waking the slaves to let me put – I leave that to Charlie. Then I can go out or not as I please. But if Blackie from down the road comes into the garden then  I try to get out to be with him 
Charlie-  Both – I’d be out in the garden all day if I could and spend all night on the razz out there too. But Mum insists I come in when it’s dark – spoilsport. So I’m also an early bird – at about 5.30, I go in and scratch on the wardrobe like a loony, letting them know I want to go out NOW 
Favourite Pastime

Flora :  Trying to steal treats when Dad’s not looking 
Charlie : Eating. Pouncing on Flora’s tail. Being in the garden and climbing trees. Bringing in a collection of stuff from the garden – leaves, twigs, mud, flower petals, all attached to my fur

Favourite Toy:

Flora:  Chasing treats  and pouncing on leaves – I also like to get high on catnip 
Charlie: Flora’s tail – and my ball in table game – and those fluttery things

Best Friend:

Flora  - It depends who has the treats but really it’s My Mum. ( I do like to go and sit on her knee when she’s on the loo but she says I haven’t to tell you that!) Definitely not that boy Charlie. 
Charlie:  My Mum – specially when she has the food tin and the can opener in her hand.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on

Flora: Tree trunks if  outside  but my scratching post will do 
Charlie: Flora’s tail, tree trunks, the side of the cat kennel, the side of the shed  . . .anywhere I can find really. The scratching post? Oh is that what that’s for

Most embarrassing moment

Flora: I don’t do embarrassing – but the snowdrift moment was a  little – disconcerting 
Charlie: The ‘drowned rat’  wasn’t fun – but I don’t embarrass easily

So get busy with those captions to be in the running to win Kate's latest book!   Charlie and Flora are in charge of picking their winner!

The Devil and Miss Jones 

by Kate Walker

make a gif
Martha Jones has never taken a risk in her whole life. Until the day she runs out on her wedding and succumbs to the magnetism of a man she has only just met! A man she knows only as Diablo.

Lone wolf Carlos Ortega won't promise Miss Jones more than one searing-hot night. Yet Carlos is shocked by Martha's sweet innocence. This runaway bride is a virgin, and it seems the repercussions of their sizzling encounter could last forever . . .

Thank you for visiting the LoveCats, Kate and Flora and Charlie!  It's been fun!


  1. Super adorable cats.
    Picture 1: "You haven't seen snarky yet. THIS is snarky."

    Picture 2: "Meow. This is what it must feel like being sent to the doghouse."

  2. Loved Flora & Charlie's interviews - cats really are so similar in their habits the world over, eh?

    CAPTION for Pict. 1 - "My bag! My bag! My bag! MY BAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    CAPTION for Pict.2 - "What bird? The place was empty when I got here!"

  3. Caption One "I don't want to be recycled!!!!"
    Caption Two "Cuckoo in the Nest? Nah!"

  4. ooooo, I'm loving these captions so far! And I just have to join the fun...

    1 - "WAAAAHHH! I told you - I only eat gourmet! GOURMET!"

    2 - "Do they make these in a larger size? This one's a bit small."

    Flora and Charlie, you are just the most gorgeous creatures!

  5. Pic 1 Take the picture already. Oh sure, get me with my mouth open.
    Pic 2 Nice place huh?

  6. Oh, what a fun post! Waving madly at Kate and at Sharon. And at those gorgeous cats. Aren't they spectacular? Kate, love the sound of the new book! And what a sexy title! Was hoping to get to the UK to see you this year but sadly, isn't to be. Maybe next year. And hey, the opportunity of maybe meeting those gorgeous pusscats is definitely an incentive!

  7. Ah Coon cats. I have two of these at home. Glama Girl and Bandit Boy. Actually they have one of me. Kinda works like that. I get very tight editorial supervision and lots of typos from heads falling asleep on my keyboard. Also if Boy is around, everything I print comes with added decorative teeth marks. When a Maine isn't busy thinking they're a dog, they're busy thinking they're a person with lots to say for themselves. And the bigger the Maine the smaller the box or bag they like to sit in. Who knows what that's about.

  8. A little birdie whispered to me I will be getting the book for Mothers Day. (1st Sunday May in Oz) Some children actually respond really well to hints and a large denomination bill in their hot little hand. One less book to explain away to DH.

  9. What beautiful, beautiful kitties! So lovely to meet Charlie and Flora--what a wonderful collection of photos. I really enjoyed the interview too, thank you Kate and Sharon.
    Charlie is a clever picker-of-winners. I have Kate's marvellous short read,The Duke's Secret Wife, on my shelf courtesy of Charlie's paw!
    Good luck with The Devil and Miss Jones, Kate, I love the title and it's always fun to see both covers.

  10. Kate, your Charlie and Flora are specimens of feline purrfection! They have such expressive faces. Congratulations on the release of The Devil and Miss Jones--what an irresistible title!

    Fabulous interview, LoveCats!

  11. Hello everyone - please forgive me for coming late to the party but the diference in time zones means I was asleep when F & C made their appearance on the Catwalk.

    And now they insist on having breakfast before they come and chat. Back soon when they've finished chomping!

  12. Ohhh! Lovely adorable human slave owners!

    Loved reading their time on catwalk!

    Cap #1 What? But who says I'm not GREEN!

    Cap #2 This is my Place- up here away from doggy friends!

    Hi Kate,

    I read about cat's being poisoned...is it around your place somewhere? Plymouth?

    Do not enter me in the contest as I already have read the fabulous The Devil and Miss Jones!

  13. Flora & Charlie are beautiful.


    Charlie: Bird? What bird?

  14. Hi Flora and Charlie. You are such marvelous looking cats. I love Charlie's picture with his tummy showing. Dash does that that pose as well. I always try to get a tummy pet in but usually end up with four paws holding my hand and arm very firmly. If I'm lucky I don't get any scratches.

    #1 ~ Where's my TREATS?
    #2 ~ Where's my TREATS?

    It's the middle of the night and my brain isn't working well. Thank you Sharon and Kate for all the most interesting interview. Kate I'm looking forward to reading TDAMJ.

  15. Good morning Na - F&C have breakfasted, been out - they came back very quickly because it is SO wet! - and now they want me to send their greetings to everyone

    Flora says you got here just perfectly - and yes, she is a super adorable cat!

  16. Morning Kylie! Yes it is my bag! Mine and no one else's love Flora

    Hmm - were you there when I was photographed? That was just what I was saying! luv Charlie

  17. Hello Princess Fiona from another Princess - Flora - no one would try to recycle me! I am unique! Thank you for visiting . Princess Flora

  18. Miaow to Sharon - and thank you for organising this interview - you are so right - 'just the most gorgeous creatures' sums us up perfectly. F&C

    But I'm the MOST gorgeous - Flora

  19. Oh chey - that comment is perfect! I knew my Mum would take my pic with my mouth open. Flora

    Whaddaya mean? You've always got your mouth open - Charlie

  20. Hi Anna - this is Kate _ C&F have let me answer! Waving back at you. It's a real 'York day' today - remember all the rain when we met in Bettys?

    Oh and you reminded me that I need to tell my Ausralainreaders the The Devil and iss Jones (and yes I love that title too) is out in the special Mothers' Day Pack in Aus, not the general run of Sexy titles.

    C&F say you're welcome to come and visit them any time

  21. Hi Aimslie - Glama Girl and Bandit Boy sound like the names F&C could have had - they certainly fit my two as well as yours. I love your comment about a Coon thinking they are a person with a lot to say for themself

    Hey - I do have a lot to say for myself _ Charlie

    And boxes - well boxes are made to sit in

  22. Fiona - how great that your children respond well to such hints. The book is great (to sleep on anyway) luv Charlie

  23. Miaow to Kandy - who clearly knows beauty when she sees it (well - where I am concerned ) love Flora

    ANd yes, I'm good at picking winners, Kandy - the great, sadly late, Sir Sidney taught me all he knew and I was a willing apprentice - after all, anything involving cat treats and lots of them is fine by me, luv Charlie

  24. Prrs to Vanessa - feline purrfection just sums it up (or rather sums us up). We're glad you lilked our photos - we were determined to put our best whiskers forward. And we hope that those who read our Mum's book find it as irresistible as the title

  25. Miaow to Nas - we hope you are gettingdrier and all the nasty wet stuuf (ie water) is not flooding you any more.

    We heard the horror news about cats being poisoned and it was scary. Luckily Plymouth is a long way from where we live, even for Charlie who likes to go roaming for miles and miles. Mum keeps us safe.


  26. Miaow to Marybelle- your comments are so right ! Just what we might have been saying. And the other comment about us being beautiful is just right too love F&C

  27. Miaow and good morning to Kaelee - hmm - your brain might not be working but those are some of the best comments - Where's my treats is always a good thing to say.

    PS from Charlie - when you have a great tummy, it's always worth flaunting it!

  28. Caption A) "The hills are aliiiiive..."

    Caption B) "Tee hee. They'll never know what hit 'em."

    Robbie, laughing at Kaylee's captions. =)

  29. Hi Robyn!
    You've got Flora just right - she is an incredibly voal cat and her yowling sometimes sounds so dramatic! People have thought she wsa being tortured when in fact she's just saying Hello! Charlie has a silly little kitten squeak for such a big boy - it makes me laugh to think that perhaps his 'voice' hasn't 'broken' yet!

  30. Caption 1. Will someone get the lights.
    Caption 2. Tweet, tweet.

    Flora and Charlie, we're so delighted to have you visit the LoveCats. Thank you so much for deigning to visit and honouring us with your beautiful presences.

  31. Purr-fect post.

    I wouldn't even try to caption these photos as I would never even try to guess what a cat is thinking.

    I know Flora and Charlie as I regularly visit their mum's blog. Great to see them over here!

  32. Hi Kate,

    Sorry I'm late arriving. The computer and I haven't been connecting much these last couple of days. Thanks so much for sharing the lovely pics. What a great looking family you have. A pity there's not one of a certain feline in the snow! I suppose now you'll never have the chance to take it.

    Looking forward immensely to your next release!