Dec 18, 2011

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from Their Miracle Twins by Nikki Logan, but first ...

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Their Miracle Twins by Nikki Logan ...

Work has always been a refuge for Dr Sarah Livingstone - no more so than now! As a bride on the run from her hastily cancelled wedding, a new challenge as temporary surgeon in the coastal town of Port Weston should be the perfect cure for heartache... Except the hunky town doctor, brooding Daniel Riley, wants to get up close and personal! But living with Dan and his adorable four-year-old daughter has workaholic Sarah dreaming dreams that, for her, are impossible fantasies…
This baby offers Flynn his only hope of redemption, and he'll do anything towin custody…even propose marriage! It's an extreme solution, and yet Belinda must admit her convenienthusband-to-be is inconveniently gorgeous. But then comes not one but…two babies in the baby carriage!

[Setup: Rochester and Flynn Bradley are on opposite sides of a ground-breaking court-case in London regarding the custody of the babies she is carrying. But half-a-world away in the Australian highlands, and after spending weeks with Flynn and his family, it’s easy to forget exactly why she’s standing in a spectacular cave putting his ring on her finger. And why she cannot let herself fall for younger brother of the man whose babies she’s carrying…]

And so, in the presence of your family and of each other, it is done. You are husband and wife.

For a moment, the celebrant looked at a loss. Denise and Alice burst into excited applause and, under the screen of their excitement, he quietly hinted to them, ‘You may kiss.’

Kiss? Bel flicked her focus urgently between the celebrant and Flynn. ‘Uh... Is it still...’ She whispered. ‘Can it be legal without...?’

A deep frown cut the celebrant-guide’s moderate face. ‘It’s legal, yes...but—’

‘She’s kidding,’ Flynn cut in, glaring at her meaningfully the moment the celebrant looked down at his folder. ‘And shy.’

‘Of course,’ the man said. ‘How about I just prepare the certificate...’

And then he was off, leaving just the two of them perched high in the opening of the earth, with his family and all her lies on one side and a two hundred foot drop to an ancient, frigid crater on the other. And a belly-ful of babies which meant there was really only one way she could go.

‘It’s just a kiss, Bel.’

Panic surged through her on painful pulses. ‘I don’t... We don’t... Your family’s watching...’

‘Exactly. How will that look? We’re supposed to have made children together and you won’t even kiss me?’

I don’t care how it will look. Icare about how it will feel. How I will feel... Her heart hammered furiously. ‘You said you don’t kiss in public.’

‘This is going to have to be an exception.’ He slipped his hands from hers and slid them up to frame her face. ‘They’re all waiting.’

Oh God...

Flynn inched closer, towering over her and the excited chatter from his family warped into a high pitched drone in her ears. She could feel his pulse beating as powerfully as hers into her lower lip as he dragged his thumb gently over it, learning its shape.

The tingles she usually felt on contact with him had dressed up for the occasion, too. They zinged, live and sharp as electric current down into her body and caused what little air remained in her lungs to escape on a shocked breath.

His eyes flicked down briefly as her mouth fell open, but then here turned them to hers, studying her for the slightest reaction, his own lips parting as he lowered his head. And then their lips touched: his, warm and soft and encouraging; hers cool and startled and non-participatory.

She physically jerked at the first touch, but the fingers curled aroundthe base of her skull meant she couldn’t go far. He lingered for a heartbeat before shuffling half a step closer and tilting her face for a better angle.They pressed more firmly against her and his breath warmed the deathly cool of her flesh while her head swam with the earthy scent of him. It felt like he was stealing her soul through her frigid lips and he slid one hand down around her middle to keep her upright. That brought her hard up against his torso and triggered an uprising in her already struggling heartbeat. It surged so forcefully through her veins...he’d have to feel it pulsing in her lips.

She broke the contact long enough to suck in a breath and that would have been the time to step back, to end the kiss and this farce of a wedding. But those full, sweet lips were only millimetres from hers and still so warm and inviting, and the body held against hers was so intriguingly masculine, and all the rogue thoughts from Alice’s bedroom came flooding back. Wondering what it would be like to touch Flynn for real, imagining him pressed down on top ofher, buried in her kiss, buried in her...

Even though that was a bad, bad, bad idea.

Her fingers closed around his jacket. Escape was just a gentle push away.

But escape was in the other direction, and Bel’s body stretched back up to close the distance between them. Flynn’s eyes flared briefly as she pressed her mouth back against his but the shock didn’t slow him for long. He forked his free hand around beneath the complicated twists of braids in her hair and realigned his mouth to fully seal them together.

A proper kiss. A killer kiss.

His lips nudged hers into movement, opening them wider and dragging back and forth across them. And then his tongue joined the party and Bel was lost in the hot, wet, hormonal haze. Her chest squeezed for lack of air and when she finally breathed in it was mostly Flynn’s exhaled breath.

He pulled her up harder against him. Hips to hips. Hard to soft. She clung to him, hopelessly, as the bowels of the earth spun madly around them.

Behind them, someone cleared their throat tactfully and Bel came screaming back to reality. She tore her lips from Flynn’s and fought to focus her cloudy gaze on the politely averted eyes of his family.

Drew’s family. He should have been here, too.

Flynn stiffened up immediately.

He didn’t release her far, but he tucked his lips down to her ear and whispered thickly, darkly. ‘Wrong brother, Princess.’

Their Miracle Twins is out in January in the UK, February in the US and March in Australia/NewZealand.

To win yourself an advance copy, just leave a comment about Bel and Flynn’s sizzling, subterranean smooch!

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  1. Oh my gosh! What a teaser. Now I just have to read the book. I need to know what is going on with the brothers. Putting this on the list for January.

  2. oh my is right!!!!!! Yes, I need to know what's going on too! Looks an absolute cracker - can't wait to read the rest of it!!

  3. Ooh, nice kiss, Nikki! Looks as if Flynn has what it takes to warm Bel right up. ;-)

  4. Oh, my! And Flynn said he doesn't kiss in public?

    Now I want to know why he is the wrong brother and where is Drew? I want to read more!

    Smashing kiss!


  5. Gorgeous kiss! Love that she's panicking, but she's stuck between the crowd and the cliff, so has to give in and kiss him... :)

  6. I'm smiling at the **sweet** cover & holding my breath for the smooch. You have my emotions all over the place today & I'm loving it.

  7. Bam! What totally fabulous zinger to an equally fabulous kiss! Can't wait to read this one, Nikki =)

  8. And does the KISS lead to more or is that the end with Flynn's comment about wrong brother.
    Sure left us with a cliff hanger!!!!!!

  9. a HOT kiss for a book that seems rather sweet. I can't wait to read it to see what happens after this kiss and why Flynn is telling Bel not to think of Drew.

  10. Hooley dooley Nikki, that's one cracker of a kiss!! Bel and Flynn are scorching. Hate to think how she is with the "right" brother :)


  11. Fantastic, Nikki.
    (And that cover is way too cute....)

  12. Hi everyone! I'm so sorry for the delay getting here. Had myself a major internet outtage over the weekend and then a funeral on Monday and ... well... yadda yadda.

    Here I am and thrilled to see you've all visited.

    Prepare for answers :)


  13. Kaelee - yup, a tease. That's me :) Two such lovely brothers too...

  14. Nat & Michelle - hope you guys enjoy! I loved writing this one and moving it from Londond to Oberon high in the Blue Mountains...

  15. Romance Reader - I know! Just the first of many things he finds himself accidentally doing when he's around Bel.

  16. Rach & Robbie - I've developed quite a thing for outback cowboy types... ;)

  17. Marybelle & Jo - I must confess to not being a fan of the babies in the basket. Although it bothers me less if I imagine its Drew and Flynn when they were little :) This one is quite the rollercoaster, Marybelle, whenever babies and hearts are on the line...

  18. Ellen.... weeeellll. There may be more later, just a little more to tide you over. They have a whole wedding night to negotiate, after all...

  19. Amanda and Catherine - something about these two. Every time I put them on a page together they sparked.... So glad you enjoyed it.