Dec 12, 2011

All I Want for Christmas...

Reading: Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh
Treasure Quest

Listening to: Beyonce
Making me smile:
Our Christmas tree

Christmas is rapidly approaching—the tree is up (and already overflowing with presents!), the lights are up and (most) of the Christmas shopping is done. Since we have someone in the house celebrating his very first Christmas this year, it has been a little more hectic than usual.

When I’m not wondering where the year went and how it could possibly be Christmas already, I’m very much looking forward to Christmas morning and watching my little man show much more interest in the wrapping paper than all his gifts (-:

Image: Wikimedia Commons: KamrynsMom

I’ve also spent a little time thinking about what I would like for Christmas this year:

1) A teapot – I have a bit of a teapot fetish. I love my tea and so I also love my teapots
2) Ebooks, ebooks, ebooks – there are always too many good books to read (have you checked out the sidebar here at LoveCats! Still so many on my TBR)
3) Time to take a bubble bath – a bath is now a rare treat with a baby in the house
4) Some extra time to write – with the grandparents coming for Christmas, I think I’ll have some eager babysitters!
5) Dinner out with my hubby – again with the babysitters here, I think we can manage a night out for the first time in…well, a very long time.

So, what will you be hoping for this Christmas?


  1. I'm hoping for books. And maybe some more books.

    I asked for some recommendations on a post a couple of weeks ago and I'm happy to report that on Helen's recommendation, I tried Joanna Bourne's My Lord & Spymaster from the library. Loved it!! Have added all her spymaster books to my wishlist now and hoping to indulge. Thanks, Helen!

    Am now moving on to some of the other recommendations - much excitement.

    Anna, your little man looks adorable in that big chair!

  2. Hi Rach --
    Books are just such a great gift, aren't they? That's one downside of ebooks -- you can't wrap them up and put them under the tree.

    Little man enjoyed the Christmas Party (put on by work for all the kids). Santa didn't get a smile but there were no tears either (unlike many other kids there!)

  3. Anna, maybe with eBook presents, we need to make little represenations to wrap and put under the tree. Maybe print out the cover in black and white and stick to a piece of cardboard. Then on the back we could write that the book is waiting on the person's kindle. Then it would be just as fun to unwrap. :)

    Yay for no tears for Santa!

  4. Ooh, Anna, I was looking at (and coveting) the most divine teacups today. Santa will get a very big kiss if they find their way into my Christmas stocking.

    And, like Rach, I'm hoping for books too. Is there a better gift on the planet?

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you get your bubble bath (long and luxurious, naturally) and dinner out with your hubby!

  5. Rach, I think that's a great idea. Means I'll have to get crafty...not my strongest skill!!

  6. Hi Michelle --
    I hope Santa brings you those teacups. I fell in love with a teapot from the For Life range at a restaurant we went to on our holiday and dropped numerous not so subtle hints (-:

    I have high hopes for that bubble bath and dinner. And a haircut. Last time I took bub with me and ended up having my haircut with him on my lap...not very relaxing.

  7. I have an iPad 2 at the top of my Christmas list. I'm not holding my breath. I will be very happy with a pretty nightie. Books are a given - totally understood.

  8. Anna - what a fab photo of your little man - very cute.
    What do I want for Christmas - dare I admit I've asked hubby for a new bridle for my horse - one with diamantes in the head band :)
    Don't need books on my list this year because my lovely hubby recently bought me a kindle.
    Hope you get some time for that relaxing bubble bath :)

  9. Hi Marybelle --
    Good luck with the iPad 2. Ooh a nightie sounds good -- I have a pj fetish as well. Love cute boxers and tops.

  10. Hi Helen --
    Thanks -- we think he's very cute (-:

    Who knew you could get diamante covered bridles! Very cool. Do you love your Kindle? I'm onto my second Kindle and couldn't live without it!!

  11. Anna, that is *the* most precious photo!!! He really loves the camera, doesn't he. A natural. This Christmas will be just so special for you and your dh =)
    I know my husband is wishing for that $31mil lotto win (like the rest of Australia,lol). I'd love an iPad.
    But I'm looking forward to some uninterrupted family time. Mostthe time life is just too busy.

  12. Anna, another teapot fan. I love them. And it's the only way to make tea, I reckon.
    For Christmas I'd love books, and books, and more books. Then of course I'll bemoan the fact there's no time to read them.

  13. Hi Anna
    Books are always welcome and my husband surprised me today with a copy of Love at the End of the Road by Rae Roadley which I heard about on this site. He's so wonderful. After Christmas I'm going to order the Georgette Heyer biography that I read about on here. Thank you Love Cats for bringing these books to my attention.

  14. Hi Robyn --
    I hope you get that family time (and the iPad!) And best of luck with the lotto (-;

    Yep, little man loves the camera. Used to his daddy always taking pictures or video of him, I guess.

  15. Hi Sue --
    Tea just tastes so much better from a teapot! Hope you get the books and some time to read them for Christmas.

  16. Hi Kaelee --
    Well done hubby on the surprise book! Hope you enjoy it. So pleased to hear you're getting lots of good book recs from here.

  17. Hi Anna! Christmas wishes?! Honestly, there isn't really a 'thing' I want this Christmas- I'm just hoping for some nice time with the family and a positive feel to the incoming year! And smiles on the kids faces as they enjoy the wonder of Christmas - that'll be nice!!!

  18. Hi Natalie --
    Sounds good to me! Hope you have a great time with your family and the kids have a wondeful Christmas.

  19. Hey, Anna! I love the picture of your little man in that great big chair! He's the cutest Santa I've seen in a long time!

    Your Xmas wishlist sounds like fun - I hope you get to the writing time and a bit of time with your dh while your little Santa's grandparents are visiting!

    I'm with Kaelee - those books we've had on here recently are on my Xmas list.