Dec 23, 2011

Lessons in Seduction - your MUST BUY of the year

Firstly I want to wish every one a very Merry Christmas. I hope you're all ready to go for the weekend and that you get the chance over the break to curl up with a good book. And I have just the book for you.

If you're a lover of category romance (and as you're reading this blog, I'm figuring you are!) then you simply HAVE to buy this book.

It was written by the very lovely Sandra Hyatt. Sadly Sandra passed away in August this year after suddenly taking ill.

Sandra Hyatt was the most awesome woman with the biggest smile, the most amazing hair and every time I saw her (at writing conferences) - the most fabulous shoes. She was generous, supportive, honest and caring.

But not only was Sandra a kind, fun woman, she was an exceptionally talented writer. She was a RITA finalist and an RT Award nominee and a USA TODAY bestseller.

Her last book, LESSONS IN SEDUCTION is now available - on the shelves in the US right now and online too. It is an example of the short romance form at it's very best.

Romantic Times gave Lessons In Seduction its top grade of 4.5 stars and said this:

"A charming and sexy takeoff on the movie Sabrina, Hyatt's chauffeur's daughter is not only not looking to hook up with a prince, she's actively helping him find the right  woman - and her prince is just priceless in his cluelessness... Readers are the ones scoring the hit when they pick this one up...”

Here's the blurb:
A prince on a quest to find the perfect wife doesn't have time to trifle with a commoner. But Adam Marconi's longtime friend and sometime driver, Danielle St. Claire, has him contemplating a change in plans. Why can't the royal have a little fun before finally settling down? Then their supposedly quick affair suddenly turns serious.And Prince Adam finds himself in a quandary. Say goodbye to the one woman who sets his heart and body on fire, or defy all the rules and cause the scandal of the century.
I wish I could express adequately how wonderful Sandra was both as a person and as a writer - but I think these words from those closest to her say it best:
Sandra wrote romance because it reflected who she was as a person. Someone who had the courage to be an idealist in a cynical world. Someone who believed in the power of love to overcome any tragedy or obstacle. Someone who believed in heroes and had one at home to prove it. 

Sandra's family have established the Sandra Hyatt Memorial Trust which aims to develop emerging romance writers. For more information about the Trust and about Sandra's other books, please visit

For those of you in Australia/New Zealand, Sandra's book will be on the shelves in the shops in January so go and grab a handful and give them to some lovely women in your life.

And if there is one book you buy on your new Christmas Kindle/Nook/eReader this year, make it  Lessons in Seduction.

You can get Sandra's book from here:


  1. I bought Sandra's book a few weeks ago and I totally agree that it is one fascinating story!!
    In fact I didn't put it down until I finished it!!

  2. How wonderful that Sandra's family have started a Trust to help emerging writers. She'd have been so proud.
    You bet I'll buy Lessons in Seduction. I enjoy all of Sandra's books.

  3. Natalie, thank you for that post. I've been waiting to buy this book - partly because it was Sandra's last book, and partly because it sounds like a fabulous story. A prince and his sometimes-driver / old friend? Love it!

  4. Great post, Natalie. I'll be buying Lessons in Seduction. I'll second Robyn to say how wonderful to hear about Sandra's trust to help emerging writers. What a wonderful tribute.

  5. I bought Sandra's book but I haven't read it yet. I am looking forward to reading it.

  6. "Someone who had the courage to be an idealist in a cynical world."

    What a fabulous description! I wish I'd known, Sandra -- she sounds like wonderful woman. And like everyone here, I can't wait to get a copy of "Lessons in Seduction."

  7. I agree with Michelle, a fabulous description of Sandra, and I'm another who would've loved to have known her.

    I'll definitely be buying Lessons in Seduction!

  8. Also - they are discussing Sandra's book right now on Smart Bitches:

  9. Thanks for the lovely post about Sandra, Natalie. She sounds like she was a special person as well as a wonderful writer.

    Lessons in Seduction is on my shopping list for January and I'm looking forward to a smashing read!


  10. Natalie, thanks for this post. I'm definitely buying this book next month. As you say, Sandra's writing makes it a must have and there's the little fact it's a twist on Sabrina which I love. The trust in Sandra's honour is such a brilliant idea. It makes me think her family is as special as she was.

  11. This book is actually the 3rd book about Adam's family. I didn't realise until I'd started it. The other books are well worth reading too.


  12. This sounds like a fabulous book! I love that the heroine is his sometime-chauffeur!

    The trust in Sandra's honour is a marvellous idea. She was a fantastic person and I still can't believe she's gone.

  13. Thank you Natalie, for this lovely post on Sandra. It's a beautiful tribute to a fabulous person.

    I also did a post on Sandra at Romance Book Paradise this week. Reading through the comments- how everyone shared their memories of Sandra made me very emotional.

    My order of Lessons in Seduction is on it's way from the Book Depository.