Dec 28, 2011

Christmas - how was yours?

We had Christmas lunch at my house this year and it was fabulous. Pavlova and lemon cheesecake for dessert. (Notice what I mentioned first? Priorities!) Everyone seated on the blue & silver decorated verandah overlooking trees. Presents around the palm tree-Christmas tree. (I've added a photo of the tropical Christmas tree, thanks to my nephew and his new camera!)

The tradition in my family is to start the festivities with a glass of champagne with (lots of) mango pieces in the glass.  In fact, there are always lots of mangoes at Christmas, including on top of the pavlova.

The dogs had fun with their presents from Santa -- a crunchy bone thingie each and dog chocolates. (Though Oliver was pretty certain he should also be getting some cream from the pavlova. Unfortunately for him, he lost on that one.)

We had crackers / bon-bons and mine had a lame joke (naturally), a paper hat and a pink bobble hairband.  Fun!

I especially love the opening of presents time at Christmas, and it's not just about what I receive - it's more fun than my birthday, when all the presents are for me because at Christmas, everyone is joining in with the fun. It's a communal activity, where everyone gets something and everyone is smiling.

I was particularly thrilled with my presents this year - they included Jenny Crusie's Maybe This Time, and the first 3 seasons of the new Doctor Who. I can't wait to dive into both!

So, how was your Christmas? Did you get a present you loved? What was your Christmas tree like? Did you eat pavlova?


  1. Great presents Rachel :)We had trifle this year, saving Pavlova for New Years. My DH bought me a whole swag of Clarins skincare, which was fabulous. No books this year as I got a Kindle for my birthday recently. But movies - two romcom's that I wanted. So a good Christmas.
    Great post :)

  2. Trifle! We talked about trifle on Christmas day because we hadn't made it for a few years - we have 3 gluten intolerant, 2 lactose intolerant and 2 vegetarians, so cake, cream and jelly are all problematic, lol. But I'm thinking about it for new year's - I've sourced gelatin-free jelly, can bake a gluten-free cake and the lactose intolerant ones will be away.

    Romcoms and skincare - nice!

  3. Most important topic first... As you know, I'm not a "sweets" person HOWEVER, at Christmas I always have a piece of mummy's caramal tart. And as usual I take the rest of the tart home. Plum pudding is a tradition for our family Xmas. Granma used to boil it with real silver pieces in the mix. Wonder where those went to over the years...
    We spent so much on the kids this year, there wasn't much left over for Mum and Dad lol! I did get a beeeautiful new purse and French perfume, YUM! DH got a remote control helicopter that's found a new home on our roof.
    Animals got new leashes, toy mouses, and - best of all - Fancy Feast combos!
    Robbie, off to play with youngest's iPad 2...

  4. And I need to borrow that Jenny Cruisie...

  5. Robbie, you'll love the Jenny Crusie - I borrowed it from the library when it first came out then put it on my Christmas wishlist. It has ghosts and humour and romance and all good things. Will bring it when we have lunch next. :)

    Am laughing at the helicopter already on the roof! And that your youngest got an iPad but you're playing with it. ;) The Grady animals seem to have had a great Chrissy too.

    Caramel tart - very nice. And homemade boiled plum pudding? Yum.

  6. My Mother gave me some beautiful linen: I was desperate for bed sheets & hand towels. I agree about the gifts at Christmas v Birthdays. Christmas is for everyone.

  7. Champagne and mangoes -- what a fabulous idea! My mouth is watering at the thought ... must try to source some mangoes!

    We had a very quiet Christmas this year, but it did feature champagne and lots of berries. Champagne and berries -- now that's a thought! Maybe I can put strawberries in champagne for New Year's Eve?

  8. Robbie can borrow the book ... I want to borrow the DVDs!!

  9. Marybelle, I *love* new linen, especially the textures and the colours. Then slipping into new sheets and night, and feeling the new hand towels against my skin. Happy sigh.

  10. Emily, strawberries in champagne is divine - you must try it for NYE. Mangoes are much more plentiful in Queensland than strawberries at this time of year, so it's mangoes at Christmas for us.

    And, Em, any time you want, there's a bed here with your name on it and Doctor Who in the DVD player. Oliver would be beside himself if you came back! =)

  11. Rachel, we had the traditional Christmas pudding, with a lovely surprise dessert of ice cream laced with fruit and brandy, made by my niece. Yum! By that stage we were getting too full for the nuts, chocs, cake, biscuits and dried fruit that followed.

    As for pressies - it's hard to pick a fave. Maybe the sign sent by another author in gorgeous art deco writing announcing it was time to dance on tables and drink champagne. Or possibly the fantastic glasses my son gave me especially for making affogato.

  12. Hey, Rachel! I see you went with the Blue-and-Silver theme for Christmas this year. Very elegant.

    We did the traditional Xmas dinner (and far too much of it - leftovers for days and days!) with my mil's apparently delicious plum pudding (I don't like dried fruit!) and her yummy trifle (*that* I can attest to!)

    Our Christmas-cracker jokes weren't too bad this year... in fact one of them was very clever... of course I can't remember what it was, can I! I'll see if I can find out and let you know.

    We don't really do the present thing at Christmas BUT we did race out to the Boxing Day sales for the last Harry Potter movie on DVD!

  13. Mmm, desserts -- one of my favourite topics. We had lemon cheesecake too, Rach (snap!). And trifle (snap, Helen and Sharon!).

    Oh, and, Rachel, starting the day with Champagne and mango -- what a wonderful idea!

    Speaking of yummy things and Christmas gifts, I did receive the most divine bottle of single malt scotch whisky. It's smoky and smooth and rich and golden...and something to be savoured slowly. ;-)

  14. Pavlova? Of course we had pavlova!! Yum!! I was tempted to do the fruit pudding, just because, but it would have been too much, esp as one of the boys is across the ditch with my siblings this year so less people to indulge and we can do without the leftovers. Oh boy.
    Lots of neat presents including a Seinfeld Cleudo board game (or Clue as it says on the box.) Cluedo with some variations. Hilarious as we all love Seinfeld.
    Have a great 2012, Rachel.

  15. Annie, that icecream with fruit and brandy sounds so Christmassy *and* delicious! As for presents, a sign that says it's time to dance on the tables and drink champagne sounds like a must have for everyone. =)

  16. Sharon, yes we went with the blue and silver - it went beautifully with the tropical theme (including all of us wearing blue and white Hawaiian shirts).

    Your traditional Christmas sounds lovely - especially the trifle and the boxing day dvd score! :)

  17. Michelle - definitely try the champagne and mango! (Though, when I say we started our day that way, we had eaten breakfast, so it wasn't on an empty stomach. It was more about starting the festivities of the day.)

    You had lemon cheesecake too? Cool! So refreshing and yummy. Enjoy your scotch. :)

  18. Jo, go you on the pavlova front! :)

    Seinfeld Cluedo sounds mucho fun. Coincidentally, when we had more kids here on Boxing Day, I got Cluedo out to keep them entertained - but it was the traditional one, and now I'm intrigued by the options...

    You have a fabulous 2012 too!

  19. Hi Rachel ~ Happy New Year. We had traditional plum pudding for dessert. My great nephew had my name in the present exchange and he got me a really wonderful pillow and throw. just perfect for curling up with to read books.

  20. Oh, Kaelee, a pillow and throw for curling up and reading books? How well does this great nephew know you! Happy New Year. :)