Dec 30, 2011

Happy New Year from the LoveCats!

We thought we'd share some fun videos in the wind down to the end of 2011! (Edited to add a couple more fun videos!)

First up, we have our own LoveCat, Nikki Logan's clever trailer...

Here's one done by a friend of the LoveCats, Vanessa Barneveld, for another friend of the Cats, Annie West.

And since it's the time of year for resolutions, here's a few made by cats that might interest you...

Next... a book trailer for a story with a difference!

A bit of  classical music is always lovely...

And don't forget, laughter really is the best medicine...

We look forward to cyber-chatting with you all in 2012!

love from

The Lovecats DownUnder

Happy New Year, everyone!!  


  1. Sharon, thank you so much for these!! Nikki is so darn clever! That dancing dog was *amazing* and what can I say about the singing cats? Loved every second =)

    Happy New Year's, everyone!! I've already worked out my resolutions. All fun things (except the losing 15ks in 12 weeks...)

  2. Loved the clips -- oh, I want a dog that will dance with me!

    Hmm, now speaking of resolutions (since Robbie brought it up)...Thursday I bought a treadmill, yesterday I bought runners and a sports bra -- guess what my resolution is? :-)

  3. Oops, hit send too quickly...


  4. Happy New Year LoveCats and LoveCats friends! May 2012 be fantastic!!

  5. Thanks for these, Sharon! Put me in a great mood. :)

    I added a couple more of my faves - Annie West's fab trailer and the cat new year resolutions. I couldn't resist! =)

  6. Happy New Year!

    Thank you for posting all the great videos. I usually don't go looking for any on my own but I love it when other people find great ones and bring them to my attention.

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