Jan 31, 2011


Name: Sarsen the Fearless. My sister is Satin the Fraidy-cat because she jumps at her own shadow.

Night Owl or Early Bird: Well that depends on what I can catch (birds are very tricky they fly away so fast). Generally I’m more a of a lizard cat. They are the perfect size for snacking on.

Dislikes: Being carried around the house by miss 4. I am not a baby-doll, nor a sack of potatoes. The smallest slave doesn’t seem to grasp that. And while she does give very nice pats and cuddles, she still insists on picking me up under the armpits so my feet drag on the floor. Very undignified.

Favourite Pastime: Sleeping. I like to follow the sun as it moves around the house. This can take all day to accomplish and by the time I’m done doing that it’s time to have a quick snooze on the end of my slaves bed (or if its winter under the doona). I have been known to claw the sole of their feet if they try to kick me out. What is the point of having slaves if not to warm the bed?

Most embarrassing moment: Being caught sleeping next to the dumb, but warm and soft, dog and then being photographed. Humans have no sense of class I am sure they are planning to use it against me one day.

Most memorable: Catching a rat almost as big as my sister. My slave shrieked in delight then gathered it up before the dog could eat it. I never did see where she put it…


  1. Sarsen, I can see you are a cat of class. For example, your coat is shinier than your sister's or the dog's. I hope your family realise this soon and give you the respect you deserve.

  2. Oh Sarsen,
    it's so nice to know you are allowing your little midget slave carry your around! I'm sure it will come with some nice cuddles later!

  3. Sarsen - you could interpret the "curling up with the dog" photo in another way...

    You could claim you had the dog pinned to the lounge (you look like you're perched on his neck in a semi-threatening manner) and you were teaching him a lesson - "This is MY lounge, MY pillow and don't you FORGET IT!!!"

    Dignity restored? I think so. :-)

  4. Sarsen, you are so very handsome! And obviously very clever and talented too if you were able to catch such an enormous rat. I am clapping loudly in your honour and hoping Miss 4 will soon learn to appreciate your exceptional dignity.

  5. Ooo, I like Kylie's interpretation of your episode on the cough with the dog, Sarsen! Looking at it like that you have that pooch right where you want him!


  6. I do what I can to enrich the lives of those fortunate enough to share my house. Thank you for the wonderful tip about the photo.
    The caption should read: "Look what I've caught!"

  7. Sarsen,

    My 3 felines - Splat, Furball & Panda - all give you the claws up for your caption.

  8. Welcome to the catwalk, Sarsen! You've certainly earned your Fearless tag if you caught a rat as big as your sister, and as for that big furry creature you've caught on sofa -- I'm hugely impressed!

  9. Sarsen, my cat, Tinkie, is most interested in your preference for lizards and wonders if you're on Facebook and would like to exchange notes on stalking techniques.