Jan 11, 2011


By Michelle Douglas

Reading: Bedded by Blackmail by Robyn Grady

Watching: Pie in the Sky

Listening to: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Making me smile: The Owl and the Pussycat

One of the things I most love about January is cracking open the plastic around a brand new wall calendar, smoothing it out and then hanging it on the wall next to my desk. Choosing a calendar is serious business. After all, this calendar is going to be hanging above my head for a whole year. I don't want something that's boring and monochrome or that, once hung, I barely notice from one day to the next.

This year I've chosen The Owl and the Pussycat. Here it is.

Isn't it gorgeous!

Why The Owl and the Pussycat?

Well, for starters, I love the poem. It's a wonderful piece of nonsense and it rhymes, and this particular calendar has the most wonderfully evocative illustrations with the strangest details.

Also, The Owl and the Pussycat is a love story. Sigh. I write love stories. Sigh. So my calendar is inspiration.

But the major reason I've chosen The Owl and the Pussycat calendar for 2011 is whimsy - pure and simple. Playfulness and fun and laughter are their own rewards. This calendar makes me smile. And quite frankly I've come to the conclusion that the meaning of life is surrounding yourself with things that make you smile. It's hard to be gloomy when you have so many things to smile about.

So what about you, are you as hooked on calendars as I am? What calendar do you have up on your wall?


  1. Indeed, calendar choosing is a SERIOUS business!!! :-)

    I pour over the ones in shops, and until I find just the right one, my wallet stays closed.

    The one close to my writing desk is a year's worth of NZ firefighters (it was a fund raising gig for them to support Child Cancer Org.) I'm sure OH&S would have something to say about them not wearing their entire uniform but hey, they provide some inspiration for my heroes!

    I've yet to find one for above my phone in the hallway. But in past years I've had a cat calendar, a Twisted Whiskers calendar, a Star Trek calendar and a Scottish Highlands calendar.

    And every one of them are recycled. I take them to school and use the pictures as covers for my student's workbooks. They choose the one they like the best and it's enjoyed for another year!

  2. Ah, Kylie, a kindred spirit who understands the delicate art of calendar choosing! And it must be said, your NZ firefighters do sound like they could fit the bill very nicely :-)

    I keep all my old calendars because I love the pictures. But I love your recycling idea too. Hmm... I have a niece who would love to make things from them.

  3. Hi Michelle,

    Nice idea for hero inspiration! Get hot Hero/heroine calenders.

    But I love your Owl and the Pussycat one!

  4. Yes! Michelle! Let's hear is for new calendars! Ahem... I've got my NSW fire fighters calendar up on the wall that my desk faces - as inspiration, naturally. Ooo, and I see Kylie has the NZ fire fighters! Snap!

    Hey, the Owl and the Pussycat is a love story! Of course with a medical background I could point out the genetic problems associated with this romance... but I'll resist, shall I! ;)

  5. Hi Nas,

    Chuckling here at your hot hero inspiration. Yep there are some very nice calendars out there for that! :-)

  6. Hmm... Sharon, there seems to be a bit of a theme happening here. Still, firefighters (especially in Australian and NZ) are heroes! And if they just happen to have buffed, toned bodies to go with all those other attractive traits then who are we to argue?

    And of course The Owl and the Pussycat is a love story -- but if you notice it ends with "They danced by the light of the moon" and not with they had 6 rather interesting looking children :-)

  7. "the meaning of life is surrounding yourself with things that make you smile"

    Love this, Michelle! I'm going to adopt it as my meaning of life!

    Calendars... I had a lovely Group of Seven one last year (Canadian landscape painters), and before that I had a series of calendars that I made myself using old family photos. Was going to make one for this year, but ran out of time. Currently, my wall is blank!

  8. Glad you like my "meaning of life", Emily :-)

    Ooh, I would LOVE a calendar like the ones you've made. They'd be something to treasure forever. (I'm afraid, though, that I don't have a crafty bone in my body.)

    Good luck finding the perfect calendar for your wall! When you do, I hope it makes you smile lots :-)

  9. Michelle,

    Yep, calendars are serious business. This year we've had the chance to choose one ourselves. For years a friend used to give us one for Christmas but no more. They were lovely too - Tasmanian Wilderness calendars that were just gorgeous. This year we snaffled a post Christmas bargain and are enjoying a scene of Tuscany. More to come. However, if I'd been able to get my hands on a copy I'd have loved to get one from a local lawn bowls club. My dad showed me an article in the paper about how they'd done a calendar much like the one in 'Calendar Girls' but with older male lawn bowls players holding bowling balls - to raise money for prostrate cancer research. Made me smile. What a great initiative!

  10. Hi Annie,

    Your Tuscan scene sounds pretty divine. I could live with Tuscany for a year :-) Last year my calendar was scenes from London -- I adored it.

    Oh, I really love the idea of the local lawn bowls club doing the 'Calendar Girls' thing. Fab idea for a fab cause. Hmm... I have an aunt who is a mad, keen lawn bowler. I might just have to have a word in her ear --thanks for the heads up :-)

  11. I love buying calendars/diaries. I bought a pretty silver one from smiggles this year but I want to pinch the calendar Santa brought Tabitha - covered in cute fluffy ducks and kittens and puppies and bunnies. Wish the guy in the red suit had brought me one! =)

    PS I can recommend that book, Michelle ;)

  12. Hi Michelle --
    Your new calendar looks beautiful! I love calendars too but don't have a new one for this year yet. I do love the Lonely Planet calendars -- beautiful, inspiring shots of wonderful locations all around the world.

  13. LOL, Robbie, I can recommend that book too -- wonderful heroine, hot drool-worthy hero, what's not to love!

    And aww, the fluffy ducks, kittens and puppies sounds soooo cute. I think we should all have a little word in Santa's ear next year just to ensure we get fab calendars :-)

  14. Hi Anna,

    I have to admit, I am pretty chuffed with my calendar. Whenever I look at it I just grin.

    Do you know, I've never paid any attention to the Lonely Planet calendars. I have to go shopping tomorrow -- am going to go and check them out. They may well inspire next year's calendar!

  15. Michelle

    Calendars are so nice these days but we usually use the one we get from our chemist every year it has everything marked on it and I don't feel bad writing all over it LOL and the picture is a lovely waterfall so very soothing

    Have Fun

  16. Hi Helen,

    I have to say that I love freebie calendars too. The one tacked to my fridge is a freebie from the chicken shop :-)

    And of course, calendars do have a function beyond the aesthetic -- to remind us of important dates :-) I don't think I'm all that good at date remembering because I have 2 calendars and 2 diaries in attempt to make sure I don't forget birthdays and dinner dates :-)

  17. Hi Michelle!
    Calenders, ahh a visual feast!! I've bought some guide dog ones (lovely pics) and scenic ones but have yet to find one I love this year! And you're right, very inspiring =)

  18. Michelle, I *love* your calendar! My favourites have been the years where I've found beautiful cow or pig calendars. I adore cows, always have. And pigs are so gorgeous.

    Let me tell you, it's much easier to find a cow calendar now than it was 20 years ago when I started looking. I have a free calendar up atm with Australian landscapes, but I'm keeping an eye out for a cow calendar at the sales!

  19. *A visual feast* that's the perfect way to describe the assortment of calendars available, Mel!

    I like the sound of your guide dog calendar too. Am going to keep my eyes open for one of those!

  20. Rachel, would you believe that before I saw The Owl and the Pussycat I had a Pig calendar in my hands? I have a thing for pigs :-)

    Australian landscapes are always a winner, but I'm wishing you much luck finding the exact right Cow calendar!