Jan 14, 2011

There's a Lot of Love Out There

Trying times are often when we see, and reap the benefits of, the very best in human nature.

I’m a Queenslander. The last time massive floods hit I wasn’t old enough to understand the grief and hopelessness that had gripped my city, Brisbane. I remember seeing the water creeping up our hill and the sludge and smell afterward. I heard but didn’t understand the ramifications of ‘people losing everything.’

Almost forty years on, like the rest of the nation – the world – I’m devastated for the anguish of so many. I’ve been through hard times (who hasn’t), and it’s always been the support of friends and family that has brought me through. When tragedy strikes, people want to help any way they can. Donating food, clothes and cash, foster care for stranded animals, offering someone a place to sleep...

I’m proud to be part of the writing community’s efforts to do their bit. Romance Writers of Australia have organized a book drive. There’s an on line auction happening where authors are donating books and critiques. I’m offering a six month category romance writing mentorship. Whatever the winning bid, I will donate that much again. We’ll keep you updated on those, and other, endeavours. :)

So many harrowing images have emerged. But alongside despair also lives courage and the spirit to survive and thrive. Governments, businesses, neighbors, friends, family…all are pulling together to help. As our Premier Anna Bligh said, “There’s a lot of love out there.”

Has anyone here been affected either by this or a similar situation?

Also, I want to pass on that Rob Hap has won a copy of Amnesias Ex: Unforgettable Vows. Rob please contact me at robyn-grady @ hotmail.com :)


  1. Robyn, great post.

    If anyone wants to donate to the RWAustralia's Flooded Communities Book Appeal, they can post books(any genre, new or in sparkling condition) to:

    RWA Flooded Communities Book Appeal
    PO Box 1717
    Noosaville Post Office
    Noosaville BC
    Queensland 4566

    For more details, check out Kylie Griffin's blog: http://kyliegriffinromance.blogspot.com/2011/01/rwa-flooded-communities-book-appeal.html

  2. Terrific post, Robyn! The community spirit coming through on the television broadcasts about the floods is touching and I wish everyone up there the resilience they'll need to get through this.

    Rachel, thank you for the postal details for sending books.


  3. You are so right about Aussie's helping each other. Although these floods are devastating the way people look out for each other is heartening! Am gutted that just before the floods I packed up lots of my books (that just won't fit in our new house) and sent them to the library. Do you know when there'll be details of this auction? It's the first I've heard of it but it sounds FAB!

  4. It's true that at times like this you realise the importance of others' generosity, not to mention the tireless efforts of our emergency services. Love the pic of the kangaroo.

  5. Great post Robyn - thinking of you over there. Stay safe and strong and hugs to all.

  6. Rachel, I'll pass on a swag of books next week. Fabulous idea RWA!

    Thanks for the wishes, Sharon. It's like a battle zone up here, but so many people chipping in to help.

    Hey Rach! You can bet I'll post details on the auction here when it's organised and underway. =)

    Sami, isn't that a gorgeous shot! She's a lucky kangaroo ;)

  7. Thanks, Nat! The clean up's begun and the only way is up =)

  8. Terrible times but wonderful to see all the Aussies supporting each other! SO glad you're safe, Robbie. And a HUGE thumbs up to the RWAus book drive and for the writers auction! Details from Facebook:
    Writers Auction 4 Queensland Flood Appeal
    Detailed info:

    Facebook page: http://on.fb.me/huiDXt

    Hope the clean up is easier than we think. (I imagine it will be a nightmare :(( Poor people)

  9. Fab post, Robbie! The devastation is terrible, but the generosity and the pulling together touches the heart.

    Oh, and I just want to give that wet kangaroo the biggest hug!

  10. Serena, thank you so much for posting those details and for your wishes! You truly are an angel

    Michelle, I know! Many years ago I helped someone raise a joey. He didn't even have fur yet! Sooooo cute =)

  11. It really is devestating up in Queensland and now the big cleanup begins and the support and help given to each other by all Aussies is fantastic. I have never gone throught anything like this but I will be sending some books along for the people that have lost everything.

    Have Fun

  12. Hi,

    Great post. Thinking of you all in Queensland. The devastation is awful, saw the footage on TV. Our prayers and thoughts to all over there.

  13. Fabulous post, Robyn! Thanks for the info re the auction and the book appeal. You're right, it's time like this you see the best in human nature!

  14. Most definitely affected, Robbie, but not directly. I sat glued to the TV for two days, crying my heart out for what I was seeing.

    You know right now everyone is still working on adrenaline but in a few days, a few weeks and even months for some poor families when they are tired and flat and completely OVER living like squatters in the shells of their homes or in other people's homes, I hope that a bundle of good Aussie romance will really bring them some respite.

    I'll be sending everything I can.


  15. Another appeal set up by the romance community:

    ARRA (Australian Romance Readers Assoc) will be holding a silent auction at their convention in March. Details: http://australianromancereaders.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/arrc2011-silent-auction-for-flood-victims/

    Three cheers for the romance community. :)

  16. Hi Rach --
    Thanks for passing on info on the book drive. I've been raiding my book shelves and will be sending a box off soon. The scale of the floods has been so terrible.

    I have to say my cupboards have never looked so organised! Last weekend I raided my clothes and donated a bag to the flood drive my local community here in the NT had organised -- the amount of stuff they've collected is amazing. It's so great to see everyone trying to help out those affected.

  17. You're right Robyn,
    the Aussies have all pulled together, united in the common goal of seeing everyone back on their feet and as 'normal' as things can be =)
    So many great organizations pulling together to help those who lost everything.