Jul 19, 2010

Technology - don't you love it?

Reading: Wild Ride by Jenny Crusie & Bob Mayer
Listening to: heaps of stuff, looking for songs for a soundtrack for a new book
Watching: Who Do You Think You Are
Making me smile: Dougal (left) wondering why I wanted him to stay still beside the book while I took a photo. Humans are strange and unpredictable. (He refused to have the photo with his nose *in* the book as I'd hoped.)

I'm having a love-hate moment with technology today. My computer has entered its retirement (before I was ready) and so a new computer came home with us yesterday.

I'm not completely savvy with technology - I kinda bumble my way through (and then email Lovecat Tracie with an SOS ;)) and it usually works out. Today I can't send emails from one of my addresses and that's driving me crazy. And I'm having great difficulty finding where everything is (new operating system) and transfering my old things over to my new computer (because of the aforementioned retirement).

*But* I just got off my treadmill after listening to my ipod. I love my ipod. Love it, love it. I wasn't sure what I'd think when I first was given it (for Christmas 18 months ago) but I use it constantly. It has the soundtracks for my books, it has audiobooks, it has 'breakfast music' that dh and I play each morning.

Hence the love and the hate happening on one morning with technology.

So, what technology do you love, and what do you have a love-hate relationship with? I'm needing people to commiserate with and to get excited with as well. ;)


  1. TOTAL commiserations, Rachel!
    I upgraded to Windows 7 from Vista (which I hated with a rabid passion - yes, there was frothing at the mouth!) only the process didn't slide underneath as we expected - it reformatted entirely. The good news is that I'd backed all my files up.... the BAD news is that I didn't back up my email! ARGH! Instant loss of whole address book. And silly me had been keeping some important business/work emails in the email folders without backing them up to files. Needless to say a very very painful lesson has been learned! Even 4 months down the track, I'm still remembering new things that are now lost to the ether.

    I've learned Skype recently too - so a big leap into new technology for me!

    And I'm almost hesitant to say since in my heart I'm a bit of a Luddite... but gee, those i-Pads look kinda cool... don't they! LOL

    Good luck with your badly behaved technology!

  2. Sharon, I love skype! So good for keeping in touch with people, and for brainstorming book ideas.

    And yep, the ipads look cool, but I wonder what I'd do with one (didn't I mention above I thought that about the ipod before having one too?).

  3. Have you heard of learned dependency? That's me. The dh is a technology supremo (which I think a nicer phrase than computer geek :-)) and when something goes wrong I just whine "Word's doing this" or "My email's not working properly" or... you get the picture. If I wasn't so lazy I'd be ashamed of myself.

    I have running battles with the printer - it hates me and if the dh isn't home refuses to behave itself (it works perfectly when he's around, of course). Oh, and the telly. Do you know how many remotes we have ?!# If I hit a wrong button and the screen goes blank I'll fiddle for a bit and then turn the whole kit and caboodle off and play ABBA on vinyl. (Hey, vinyl has character!)

    But the dh does have an iPad and oh my, it is so cool. If you ever get one Rachel you will LOVE it.

  4. Me and technology just don't gel at all. If it wasn't for the fact the computer makes writing so darn easy I think I'd still be using a word processor (hey, I knew what I was doing on that) - and printers, don't get me started on them!! Tracey has saved my butt with computer porblems more times than I'd care to remember LOL!!!

  5. Michelle, how lucky are you with your own live-in techie? And yep, I'm with you on having too many remotes for the tv - it's bizarre how many it needs.

    Ooooh, you like dh's iPad, hey? Interesting...

  6. Mel, I laughed about you and technology not gelling! Today I know the feeling well. :)

    But yeah, don't they make writing so much easier?

  7. Hmm, technology ... I try to avoid it when I can, and bumble along with it when I can't! Commiserations on your dead 'puter, Rachel. If it wasn't for how easy it makes writing, I think I'd give mine away!

    Oh, and tell Dougal he's a fine-looking dog!

    OH -- may I pleeease borrow Wild Ride????

  8. Hi Rach --
    Dougal is a cutie! I love technology -- it only does what you tell it to do (-: Hope you show that new computer who's boss!

    I couldn't live with my laptop and my wireless, my iPod and Bose SoundDock, my Wii and Xbox but most of all, I couldn't survive without my Kindle!!

  9. Hi Emily, Dougal appreciates your comment that he's a fine-looking dog and wants to know when you're coming back to Australia to see him. =)

    No go with borrowing Wild Ride - I got it from the library. I think it's still only out in hardback (my least favourite version since it's so heavy to read in bed) so I'll wait till I can get a paperback version to buy it.

    Am now rereading Agnes and the Hitman. :)

  10. Wow, Anna, you have a whole swag of tech stuff! I'm impressed. In fact, I don't even know what all of it does...

  11. My husband calls me the gadget freak. he's a luddite. I keep his ipod stocked with audiobooks.
    He just bought himself a new phone - an android HTC Desire ... then gave it to me because it's too high tech. I'm having a LOT of fun.


  12. Hi Laine - you're a gadget freak? Oooh, I need you to live next door to me so I can ask you questions, lol. I can do the loading of audiobooks on my iPod but some things are outside my range of expertise.

    Have fun with your new phone!