Jul 14, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

It's me again, Betty Boo, aka Boo or Terry the Terrorist. I know you've been hanging out to know more about me so here I am with more pics and answers!

Night Owl or Early Bird: This depends on when others in the house are trying to sleep. As a general rule, when everyone else is sleeping, I practice my elephant run. Currently, even though I only weigh 3 kilograms, I can sound like a herd of horses running through the house. Once I sound like a herd of elephants, I will be happy.

Favourite Toy: Anything that is not actually mine.

Best Friend: Friend? Who needs Friends!? It’s Show BUSINESS not Show Friends!

Favourite Past Time: Building my empire.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on?: The leather sofa. This seems to cause the most grief for my subjects.

Most embarrassing moment: I do not participate in embarrassing behaviours.


  1. Boo that photo of you on the bed just makes me want to take you home for lots of cuddles!!! You're a perfect pet model =)

  2. Hello again, Boo! I can see your munchkin legs a little more clearly in the top photo. You look far too tiny to sound like an elephant!

  3. Oh, Boo, I love these extra photos of you. Thanks for sharing them!