Jul 21, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Names: Fonzie and Lally, brother and sister.

Fonzie - I was the original and Amy even put me in a book! I was supposed to be doing this by myself but as usual my sister went all diva on me.

Lally (yawning) - I came 6 months later and much better behaved I might add - I'm the calming influence. And I don't need to be affirmed by such trifling things as books.

Human Slave: Amy Andrews


Fonzie - food and my humans. I love it when the kids throw things for me to fetch and I adore my human man Mark - I think I have a bit of a crush, I would do anything for him. He plays rough with me and loves to razz me up. I hang on his every word and whine at the door for him to come and pat me.

Lally - food. As per my adorable picture. My human Mark is forever muttering the word diet around me but lucky for me, my human Amy always rushes to my defence. She understands that a plus size female is a mighty thing and that its simply not fair to be afflicted with oestrogen ....and hello - I am a female lab!!! Everyone knows we carry our weight around our middles. Sheesh! Oh, and I adore the hydro bath.

Fav Pastime:

Fonzie - fetching! Boy do I love fetching - anything. The bigger the better, But the thing I love the most is when my human Mark gets out the lawn bowl and rolls it along the ground with all his might. I love watching my human's faces as I practically dislocate my jaw to bring it back to them. And then I go again. Oh and howling at passing ambulance sirens

Lally - I DO NOT like to fetch. I mean, I can fetch - I am way faster than I brother if I want to be, I just chose not to. Really, why run around like a mad thing when you can lie in the sun, steal pats from distracted humans and follow a trail of kiddy crumbs - which just happen to me my fav pastimes. The only time I will deign to do so is if my brother is attracting too much human attention. Then I will race ahead of him and "steal" the prize. And refuse to give it back.


Fonzie - my sister stealing the prize and refusing to "drop"

Lally - what's not to like?

Fav toy:

Fonzie - my indestructible Kong ( and aforementioned lawn bowl)

Lally - whatever my brother wants the most

Night Owl or Early Bird:

Fonzie - sleep who needs sleep?

Lally - sleep? everyone needs sleep


  1. My goodness, Fonzie and Lally, you are fine looking dogs!

    I grew up with black Labradors and they will always have a special place in my heart. In fact, I'm feeling the need to come and give you a hug...

  2. Fonzie and Lally, you look very happy and very content, with lots of room to run!

  3. Fonzie and Lally what a pair you two make! What fun you must have too. It sounds (and looks) like dog heaven!

  4. As neither Fonzie or Lally can type they have asked me to pass on their doggy kisses to Rach and Mel and Cath

  5. Fonzie and Lally, you are both too gorgeous for words. And I have to say your backyard looks like doggy heaven!

  6. Fonzie and Lally! What a great life for a couple of spoiled Labradors! Lovely to have you to visit at the LoveCats!