Jul 6, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name : Birth certificate says ‘Betty Boo’, but I am usually known as ‘Boo’ or ‘Terry the Terrorist’. I am a Munchkin – which essentially equates to a tiny cat with a massive attitude.

Human Slave: Kari-Anne

Likes : Eating. Sleeping. Asserting my authority over all the other beings in my house. Destroying everything I can lay my paws on. You should have seen my human slave sweating while I was sitting in her pot plant!

Dislikes : Dogs. Why does my stupid human slave insist on having dogs?! One day, I’ll kill them both.

Ambition : To take over the world.

Sociable or Aloof : This depends on my mood. I am easily offended, so unless you treat in the manner to which I am accustom, I am extremely aloof. Show me the respect I deserve, and I’ll be very sociable. Do not touch me, unless I ask you to.

More of me, next week!

Miaow from Boo


  1. Howdy, Boo -- and welcome to LoveCats! I've never heard of Munchkins before. You look terribly sweet, but it sounds like you have quite a destructive streak! Do you terrorize the dogs in your household, I wonder?

  2. Boo, I've not heard of Munchkins either - but now I want one just like you! Thanks for coming and sharing your plans for world domination. =)

  3. Boo, you sound very much like one of my moggies! Dogs hey *sniff* I understand your disdain, but you know, they are very loyal to us owners!

  4. Love the pictures, Boo! And those big golden eyes.

  5. Hey, Boo and human-slave, Kari-Anne!
    Thanks for bringing yourselves over to visit and for sharing your great pics!

  6. Boo, it's lovely to meet you! You have the most gorgeous eyes. Am very (and appropriately) jealous.