Jul 28, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name: Jazzie May. Or Jasmine Maybelline. Or Jazz.

Abode: My brothers, my humans and I all live in house surrounded by trees.

Human Slave: Rachel Bailey.

Likes: My brothers. I love them all. I like to kiss them and sniff them and sit near them. And if they growl at me and tell me to stop, I have to put a paw on their head to hold them still while I kiss them. Sometimes it's hard work being adoring.

Dislikes: When my brothers misbehave. Sometimes I have to tell them to obey the humans. A couple of times I had to tell Fergus a *lot*. The humans took him to the vet afterwards, but, honestly, if he'd been a good boy it never would have happened.

Special Skill: I can smile. They say it's only Dalmatians who can do it, but the vet told my human that very clever dogs can copy the action from humans around them. What, they doubted I was clever?

Sociable or Aloof: Sociable! I love people and dogs.

Night Owl or Early Bird: Early bird. I start nudging my male human from when the sun comes up. There's *so* much to do - we can't waste time sleeping!

Favourite Pastime: Tennis. My human hits the ball for us twice a day and Dougal and I have the job of retrieving it. It's an important job but I'm up to it. (And I get way more than half the balls.)

Best Friend: Dougal. He's just so handsome - maybe because he's a Border Collie like me?

Most embarrassing moment: There's such a thing?


  1. Lovely to meet you Jazzie May. I'll agree with the handsome Border Collies. Mine is hero material! And he's envious of your tennis - a suburban backyard doesn't really cut it!!

  2. Jasmine Maybelline, how lovely to see you here! I remember your *smile* well! Of course there are no embarrassing moments for a dog of your calibre!

  3. Jazzie says:

    Bec, you have a Border Collie who's handsome? Maybe he could come up and see me sometime. *Jazzie smile*

  4. Jazzie says:

    Wags to Emily! You were the best dog sitter ever! If you ever want to come back and take me for a run, I'll be ready. Wags!

  5. Jazzie May, you are so pretty! I think your brothers must love all your kisses -- even if sometimes they pretend they don't. Perhaps they're just jealous of your smile :-)

  6. Jazzie says:

    Why, thank you, Michelle! Actually, I have a few tricks up my sleeve for when my brothers' interest wanes.

    My top tip is to smudge a little wallaby poo on my pulse points (the sides of my neck, just down from my ears, as any sophisticated woman will tell you). Then I do my hip-swaying walk in front of their nose and wait for the attention! Never fails.

    So if your chosen one ever becomes distracted - try wallaby poo!

  7. Oh Jazzie May, have you been the cause of Fergus's problems? And you look so adoringly polite.

    That wallaby poo trick sounds like a good one to try!!


  8. Jazzie says:

    Oh, no, Cath. Fergus's latest near death experience was totally his own fault. The vet thinks he might have eaten something that gave him a bacterial infection (plus some other factors) that led to him losing most of his pancreas and other bits and abdominal pieces.

    I *never* cause internal damage. I'm more a Needs Stitches On His Legs kinda girl. Because, yes, I *am* adoringly polite! Thank you for noticing. =)

  9. Jazzie, I've heard about your *slight* addiction to tennis balls . I love a dog that smiles. Our boy does, although not sure about the intelligent part in the case of our boy Biggles, lol.

    Glad to hear you weren't responsible for Fergus' recent woes... I hope he's recovering nicely. Being such a polite dog yourself I'm sure you're overlooking any poor behaviour from him at the moment while her recuperates.

  10. Jazzie you look such a lovely lady! I only hope you put those boys in their places when need be! =)

  11. Jazzie says:

    Anita, you have a boy who can smile? I don't suppose he's black and white and can herd sheep? I'm very partial to those types of boys.

    Oh, yes, I'm helping with Fergus's recuperation. I have a very important role: I regularly sniff him and smile at him and raise his spirits.

  12. Jazzie says:

    Mel! A woman after my own heart. Those male members of the species do need a little guidance at times, yes? Wags!

  13. Great to meet you, Jazzie! I love the way you and your brothers are colour co-ordinated! All the black and white makes for very smart looking dogs!

  14. Jazzie says:

    Thank you for noticing how smart we look, Sharon! I used to have a sister who was a black and white cocker spaniel and a brother who was a black and white cat, so there is definitely a theme in our house.

    But when I came to live here there was an older chocolate labrador living here, and we also had a large tan sister for a while too. As you can see, my humans tend to take in a lot of dogs. Some of my brothers don't like that, but I love meeting new friends!