Jul 25, 2010

The Joy of Puppies

I'm writing this from a friend's place and she has ... a puppy! The pup's name is Cosmo and she's a black schnauzer, only been away from her mother for a week.

It's been a while since I've spent time with a puppy and I'd forgotten how much they sleep! The peeing, I remembered, and the chewing everything in sight, but the sudden onset of puppy sleep was something I'd forgotten. Very trusting creatures, puppies, to fall so utterly asleep on the lap of a complete stranger!

This is me and Cosmo (just before she discovered that dreadlocks are fabulous things to chew on!)

It's been a great weekend all round -- a writing retreat with a bunch of friends from my local writing group. We all beavered away busily for two days. The others were writing new words, editing, revising, whereas I spent most of my time drawing maps for the fantasy novel I've just finished. I commandeered the dining table, covered it in sheets of newsprint, and drew map after map after map. I now have something that (kind of) resembles the kingdoms in my book.

And now the weekend is over and I have a puppy sleeping on my lap, twitching and squeaking as she dreams. Bliss!

Do you have any puppy memories to share? (Or kittens, since this is LoveCats, after all!)


  1. Cosmo! Isn't she *gorgeous*. I'll be visiting Cosmo (and her humans!) in a few weeks and I can't wait - I'll be holding out for a puppy-sleep on my lap. =)

    I've had lots of puppies over the years but the funniest memory is of Dougal when he first came to live with us. In the first week, he almost killed himself every day.

    One day he tried to run down the stairs (he was too small to even walk them) and he slid to the bottom and crashed on the tiles. Another day, he fell in the pool.

    Yet another day he ate some rose fertilizer at my father's house (picture me running with puppy under my arm to the tap and washing his mouth out). It was an eventful week.

    Of all my dogs, he's the most sensible now. Very regal. Maybe because he had such a wild youth, he can afford to settle down?

    Congrats on getting all those maps done! Can't wait to see them in the front of the book.

  2. Really? Dougal fell down the stairs AND fell in the pool AND ate fertiliser? He's far too staid and dignified to have ever done any of those things!

    You'll love Cosmo when you see her. She has black button eyes and a very round tummy!

  3. Cosmo is gorgeous - and reminds me of our little boy - black Schnauzer/poodle cross, so can understand how she could win you over ;)

  4. Oh, Emily! Cosmo is gorgeous!!!

    I've never had a puppy (sad face). But my sister acquired a new puppy two Christmases ago -- he could fit into my cupped hands so you can imagine the complete mush he turned me into. He spent our family Christmas Eve dinner asleep under the dining room table on my feet. He adores me to this day (and I him) and I put it down to this very important moment of bonding :-)

  5. I love that photo!! And what is it about animals that brings out the best in a person? I've had lots of puppies and kittens in my life, too many to pick just one memory!! =)

  6. Anita, you have a black schnauzer/poodle? Then he'll have been very like Cosmo as a puppy--utterly captivating!

  7. Michelle, what a lovely bonding moment with your sister's Christmas pup! I can totally see how sleeping on your feet could result in mutual lifelong adoration! I'm hoping Cosmo will adore me in the future because of all that snoozing she did on me...

  8. Yeah, I know, Mel--animals DO bring out the best in people. In fact, some owners treat their pets better than they treat other people! Lucky you to have had so many kittens and puppies. One thing's certain when there's a young animal in the house: lots of laughter!

  9. Aw, Emily! Seriously cute! Even though I doubt whether the chewing did your hair any good at all!

    You mentioned "peeing" and one of my notable "puppy moments" was with a friend's border collie pup. A gorgeous soft bundle of black and white mischief called Spike. He got so excited while I was playing with him he pee'd on my foot.

    Sounds like a great weekend away, lots of fun and very productive too!


  10. LOL, Sharon! You're lucky it was only your foot he pee'd on! Could have been worse...

    Babies and puppies and kittens seem to just love my hair. Very tempting stuff, dreadlocks. I have a big bottle of shampoo to wash off all the slobber!