Feb 15, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name – Phoebe Roe

Human Slave – romance author, Paula Roe

Abode – on and under the bed, behind the stereo, on the sideboard (which is deemed Cats Only and contains nothing but an old towel). Or out in the garden under the trampoline, hiding in the long grass.

Likes – food, head scratches, sleeping, wet towels and sweaty hats, whinging about nothing.

Dislikes – sun cream on the ears, loud noises, being refused food, being blown on (I will scratch you if you do)

Ambition – to train my slave to open the door quicker. To stop Slave’s child from annoying me.

Sociable or Aloof – aloof to outsiders, sociable when I need food or attention

Night Owl or Early Bird – when it suits me, both. I will bash on the screen door to be let in at 3am if the mood takes me. And I expect you to wait until I’ve eaten all my food before you can go back to bed.

Favourite Pastime - Eating and sleeping. Supervising Slave’s father in the vegetable garden.

Favourite Toy – Pegs and lizards in the backyard (when I’m not sleeping). Inside, it’s half of one of those plastic containers you get inside the Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs – makes the most funny noise when you chase it.

What do you like to sharpen your claws on – the sofa. An odd patch of brown dirt in the backyard. Sometimes the grapefruit tree.

Best Friend – Sofy, the white-cross Persian I share the house with.


  1. Thanks for dropping by Phoebe!
    So glad to see you've trained your slaves well!! LOL

  2. Phoebe & Sofy both look so cuddly! *hugs to kittehs*

  3. Sofa scratching must be a genetic disposition in the feline breed :-(

    Phoebe you are certainly a cutie! :-) But keep applying that sunscreen - it's for your own good!

  4. Phoebe, thanks for dropping by. You're *very* pretty (but I feel a little sorry for your slave - you seem a high maintenence girl!).

  5. Phoebe, you are a seriously white cat! I nearly need sunglasses to look upon your snowy brilliance! Keep using that sunscreen and try not to give your main slave too much of a hard time!

  6. as the official responder to all Phoebe's correspondence, I can say "meow!" Which means, "thanks for dropping by... now where's the food??"