Feb 23, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Name – Gizmo O’Hara

Human Adoptive Parents – Tracey and David O’Hara

Likes – Chicken. Having a look in the fridge whenever it’s opened by one of the humans in the house – in case there is chicken in there. Having a look at what the humans are doing in the kitchen – in case they have some chicken. Oh and I love chicken.

Dislikes – not having enough chicken. Getting tuna instead of chicken.

Ambition – I am in intensive training as the first Ninja attack cat. I hone my skills on the calves and ankles of my family member. I like to hide in boxes and jump out and my next training exercise is to learn to climb those slippery door jams.

Favourite Pastime – practicing my ninja attack skills. Sleeping on Dad’s pillow.

Best Friend my buddy and adoptive big brother Crispin O’Hara.


  1. Gizmo looks gorgeous, Tracey! How old is he?

  2. Um I think he is about 6 months now Emily. Some of those picks were taken when he was younger.

  3. So freaking CUTE! :-) *hugs to Giz* Love the stealthy look in the last photo - like he's peeking from behind a cape ;-)

  4. Gizmo the Black Terror! :-)

    I remember you blogging about getting him, Tracey. I bet he's grown heaps. Looks like he has an undercoat of tabby stripes in him and dark blue eyes. Is he a bitza or a breed?

  5. Tez - that little devil is deceptivley cute.

    Kylie - he's a free kitten we picked up do he didn't go to the pound - he was dark chocolate and black - but now he is an all over silky black. and his blue eyes are now greeny-yellow like most cats.

  6. What a gorgeous little boy!! Is he teaching you any new ninja moves for your books? =)

  7. Giz the Ninja - watch out!!

    So cute he is Tracie!

  8. Gizmo sounds like he's well on the way to Ninja-dom, Tracie. He's gorgeous!

  9. Gizmo, you sound like my kind of cat buddy, though we'd be fighting over the chicken. But if mum's in the kitchen, I'm there too! And as for ambush, it's one of my favourite games. Try hiding in the bathtub then leaping out when someone comes in the bathroom. Loads of fun!

  10. Tracey he is utterly adorable. I want to reach into the screen and cuddle him!