Feb 6, 2010

A Bit Of Fun For A Caturday

Our new Catuday fun puzzle is Sharon Archer's Cat Minki. :)

Though I have to warn you - this is a hard puzzle!

Click here to take you to today's puzzle


  1. Ooh, that was fun but the sliding function was a little frustrating.

  2. Nicky - yep, it took me a while to work out the sliding function too - I should have explained it. For anyone else struggling:

    You click on the piece you want to move to the vacancy and it just moves to the spare spot.

    Tracie, it *was* a really hard one, wasn't it? I promise to do a slightly easier one next Caturday. =)

  3. Whew, got there - but took a while :) Where does our name and score go when we finish Rach? Fun though.

  4. mmmm 500 moves but I got there eventually... what a beautiful cat Sharon!

    Rach - you are going to drive me mad with these puzzles - I can't not do them!


    Bye 4now