Feb 7, 2010

Sunday Cat Tray-lers

Today's Cat Tray-lers are concentrating on the cat theme.

We have this weeks's Simon's Cat - and if you have feline friends you will definately recognise this one.

The second is a couple of cat pals having a conversation - and boy it sounds about right.

The third is a lovely story about a scuba diving cat and her best buds.

So check out our brand new CAT Tray-ler Page here


  1. OK, my favourite was the swimming cat - I have a cat who doesn't mind rain (unless it's torrential) but who'd a thought you'd get a cat to wear scuba gear???? And what a name - Hawkeye!

  2. According to mr6 the best one this week was Simon's cat. He was in stitches.

  3. Loved them - my kids watch with me and adore Simon's cat - big laughs in our house today.

    Thanks for those!

    Bye 4 now

  4. I love Simon's cat too, so very clever!