Feb 11, 2010

Paranormal Inspiration by Mel Teshco

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Continuing on with my paranormal theme, I'd like to welcome
special guest Kylie - co-writer of our single title WIP, Believe - to tell us about her psychic experiences!

To Believe or not to Believe:
"God, I can't do this anymore." The dreams, the apparitions, they scare me, but not as much as the two words 'Mentally ill'"
Huddled in the foetal position, I demand, "If this is all real God, you HAVE to prove it to me, beyond all doubt. Prove it and I'll do what I have to do" The sincerity of my prayer is as real as every tear running down my cheek, every beat of my aching heart.

Hello everyone, my name is Kylie and I am so very fortunate to be bringing to life the story of "Believe". My heartfelt thanks goes out to Mel. Without her expertise, experience and patience, it may have only remained that, just 'a dream'.

Ok, wow, psychic experiences, where to start? I have had so many I could write a book on them alone. I've never been comfortable with the word 'psychic' although my dictionary consoles me with the definition of the noun psychic as being: A person apparently sensitive to things beyond the natural range of perception. That I can live with. Over-sensitive, I call myself.

So back to my prayer, my committment to God. Life carried on as normal, well as normal as it gets for me. People popping up in the middle of the night in my bedroom, scaring the living daylights out of me. Scream after scream after scream, it was driving me crazy, maybe I was mentally ill? Sure they looked real enough, each with very distinguishing features, but I couldn't acknowledge them or talk to them, they weren't real, right???

So I talked to God instead. "God, I'm meeting with this woman in two weeks time, tell me what I need to know for our meeting" A man (an apparition) pops up one night just inches away from my face. I acknowledge him and note his features (after screaming of course). Camping at Canarvon gorge (lovely spot), and I am hearing a man's name in my head, over and over. I try to shake it, but it won't go away, so again I acknowledge it and write it down. I go to my meeting with this lady, my piece of notepaper hidden in my bag beside my truth crystal. A man's description and a man's name written on it. I hand it to one of the ladies and as I swallow my pride, I just quietly by the wayish, say "I don't suppose any of this makes sense to either of you." (I'm feeling crazy right about now) "Yes," she says, "he was murdered while he was on duty."
Oh crap, you have to be kidding me! I found out that your knees really do go weak when your stricken with fear. That wasn't enough proof for me though. I was sick the next day (understandably). I fell asleep and dreamt of a road sign which I thought was interesting. I later found out that the name of the road that I dreamt (which I won't reveal out of respect) was one little letter different in a seven letter road name and it sounded almost identical to the road on which this fellow was murdered, just spelt wrong...double crap!! Too close to ignore. "Ok, Ok, God I get the message, I'll do what I have to do."

Since then it's been a whole new world, looking through new eyes with a very different perception of reality. Who's Russell, he's dead, ok ...Who's Barry, he's dead too, alrrrrighty then. I believe they have unfinished business. What about the small plane flying to an island that's going to crash. The female pilot is sick ...Kokoda (more details on my dream blog). What about the missing boy who I saw running around a shed in my dream....enough already, it really hurts to see and feel this stuff. One step at a time, I think.
So on the upside of this gift, where did the story "Believe" stem from? Many years ago I had a dream and I saw a movie being played out, I felt the dream had a important message. It was so real that I thought it was bound to be a best seller. What I didn't realise was that it was going to be my job to ensure that it would be brought to life. Believe is also loosley based on real people with real experiences, including myself, which give it so much more life and meaning. Sometimes the line between psychic and psycho can be very fine and "Believe" expores this as well. Believe is more than a novel, it's a journey.

"Believe" is very unique and interesting, not only for the above mentioned reasons, but also because it was inspired by a dream and it is an ever evolving work of art being updated dream, after dream, after dream...awesome inspiration coming through.
Whether we are cursed or blessed is often a matter of whether we are living out of fear or out of love. "Believe" as inspired by the dream is my depiction of that very fact.



  1. Kylie, I think many of us are fascinated by the idea of being able to see ghostly "imprints" of old tragedies or to have visions of future events so that we might be able to influence the outcome... but the reality is that having such a gift would not be simple. It comes with a burdens and questions and, maybe, in a very undefined way, responsibilities. There must be times when it is very difficult for you.

  2. Kylie,
    I totally agree with Sharon - your gift most certainly comes at a price, with its own brand of responsibilities. It's so inspiring that you're finding your way in such unchartered territory!
    And I have to say that our writing journey with Believe has been an immense learning curve for us both, one I hope that will only continue to enrich our lives! (between the tearing out of hair!!! LOL)

  3. Mel, I meant to comment on your Cat Stats - especially the "what's making you smile" - congratulations on finishing the novella! It's making me smile, too! And I love the pic of Mishi - if he's asleep on an esky that must make him a very cool cat! So, er, I'll go now, shall I! LOL

  4. Hi Sharon and Mel
    Thanks for your understanding.
    The challenge and my focus now lies in finding the strength and courage to live the upside. Expressing through "Believe" has been therapeutic and hopefully will give the reader a 'sense' of things they may not have considered. (plus there's even some romance in there - Mel's speciality :) Your hugs are appreciated and helps keep the scale tipped in favour of living out of love rather than fear, so thanks again. The proof is always in the pudding and that's what I love about truth.

  5. Hi Kylie --
    I see you have lots of compelling inspiration for your story. Best of luck with Believe.

  6. Kylie, thanks for sharing your story, and the best of luck to you and Mel with 'Believe'.

  7. Kylie, I'm glad you and Mel are working on Believe and it helping you along the journey. Good luck with it all :)

  8. Wow Kylie. A very moving piece. Being a psychic is so often "glamorised" and that responsibility and scariness forgotten. It's nice to hear about your work. Good luck with writing the book with Mel. It should be a wonderful addition to my bookcase when released!

  9. Thanks ladies for your comments, I so hope we can get Believe finished soon!
    Thanks again Kylie for baring your soul, so to speak. What I didn't tell anyone was how you've only 'come out' about all this a handful of years ago =)

  10. ps - thanks Sharon re: cat stats. Mishi is the only kitten left out of a litter of five, so she's well-loved and special!
    And thanks for congrats on the novella - I really am smiling about that one! LOL

  11. Looking forward to reading BELIEVE, Kylie and Mel. Wishing you a speedy downhill roll to the end!

  12. Kylie - I think the operative word in your post is 'inspiration'. Many people receive inspiration in the form of thoughts, images, sounds, ideas, information but most wouldn't recognise the significance. Some use tools to focus and interpret the inspiration--cards, crystals, objects, prayer--looks like dream is your tool-of-choice (okay, maybe not choice) but sounds like the inspiration is in safe, responsible hands.

    I really look forward to 'Believe'.

  13. Thanks elove, hope it is a speedier process =)
    Nikki, inspiration is a great word in this case!

  14. Thankyou all for you comments. You really are a friendly feline family.... cosy, warm and comforting.

    The thing for me now is to grasp the fleeting inspiration, messages etc, before I blink and miss them.

    "Write it down, Write it down, Write it down"....you just don't remember later on or when you wake up do you! I should've learnt that lesson by now..DOH. BTW - Are you reading this Mel? hmmm something in that for all of us maybe *winks*

    And as my plaque that my brother's family gave me for Christmas says...

    "There is nothing like a dream to create the future" Victor Hugo

    It's our choice how to use the inspiration constructively. To create our future :-D

    Thanks again guys!