Feb 3, 2010

Catwalk Wednesday

Little Foot

In winter I live mostly in a big paddock as I need the extra food when the grass has died off and browned from the frost. *hmpth* Summer time I can mostly be found in the small paddock, whinnying and carrying on and occasionally pushing my nose on the gate to let my mistress know I'm not happy - I seriously don't care that if I eat too much I just might get a bad case of laminitis!

Grass, pony pellets, grass, lucerne, grass. Did I mention grass?

Sharing my paddock with the 'big' girls. Being a thorougbred doesn't give Sexy Pepsi and Sahara rights to *my* grass. I was here first, and I damn well let those other silly mares know it! FYI - I'm a welsh mountain pony, *much* better than a racehorse!

I've trained two humans - sisters - how to ride, I'm determined not to be too energetic training the third! well, I am twenty now you know and very stubborn!

Do you have a pet photo you'd like to share?

The LoveCats are showcasing Catwalk Wednesday each week! For those readers who'd like us to feature their furred, feathered or scaled friends, please send Mel the snapshot to her email - melteshco@yahoo.com.au with the subject line: Catwalk Wednesday photo. Each week the LoveCats will choose one animal friend. Mel will then send off a list of questions for the pet owner to choose from!


  1. I love the name Little Foot! And what a lovely photo - I'm assuming LF is wearing a winter coat?
    But who is Little Foot's owner? :-)

  2. Kylie,
    Little Foot is most definately wearing her winter coat and looking very scruffy I might add (g). Her owners are my daughters - Teagan, Shannon and Codi - in the order LOL!

  3. Little Foot looks lovely, Mel! Lucky you to have horses. Learning to ride is on my list of things to do. There's something so appealing about the thought of cantering along a beach. (Although, knowing me, I'd probably fall off!)

  4. Emily,
    there's nothing quite like riding a horse for relaxation! I hope you get your wish soon =)

  5. I think you are really cute Little Foot.

  6. My Ronan (mr4) is cranky now for scrolling down from Little Foot who he thinks is a 'cute little guy'. And, no, we are not getting a horse *sigh* - thanks Mel 8~

  7. Mel, Little Foot is adorable. My daughter has horses too. I've gone from being scared of them to loving them. I even did a "horse handling for pony club parents" type day--much to the hilarity of the other parents.

  8. Oh and you sweet Little Foot. Happy training number 3 sister.

  9. I have to agree Little Foot is a gorgeous pony - Ronan, you can come and ride her anytime!
    Kandy, Little Foot has done pony club too (I'll never forget pony club show day - and the night before we borrowed blunt clippers... needless to say we didn't get the 'best presented')
    Eleni, Little Foot was plodding around the paddock just yesterday with Miss Two on her back... training is in progress! =)

  10. Little foot is beautiful Mel!

    What better animals to bring kids up with - cats and horses - a great combination.

  11. Thanks Tina!
    I agree, I love my cats and my horses =)