May 8, 2019

Some Prim and (not so) Proper Facts

The Aussie cover

It’s May, and as Miss Prim’s Greek Island Fling hit the shelves this month, I thought I’d share some fun facts about the book.

#1: This book was an utter delight to write. I can’t remember enjoying the writing of a book more. That, however, doesn't mean it was perfect first or even second time around. I had revisions, and then tweaks. But they were fun too! Which is crazy sauce because normally I hate revisions. I know, I know, they make a book better, but I usually find them a hard slog—but not for Miss Prim. :)

#2: My working title was The Playboy and Miss Prim. I like Miss Prim’s Greek Island Fling better, don’t you? Annie West tells me the title has music, and I think she might be right.
The UK cover

#3: The theme song for this story was ABBA’s "Tropical Loveland" because my setting was an island paradise (even if it technically wasn’t tropical). I listened to the song A LOT. But I didn’t watch the film clip until yesterday when I was writing this post. OMG! Just…go watch it for the hilarious moment when Frida eats a banana. ;-)

#4: Maybe the book was so much fun because my research was so fun. It included Google Mapping lots of Greek islands. Happy sighs. And it included watching the Mamma Mia movies (many times) as well as The Durrells. I still swoon over the scenery every single time.

#5: The very first line of the book stayed the same from from first draft to last draft. It reads: It was the sound of shattering glass that woke her. Cool, huh?

I’ve had some glorious reviews for Miss Prim. If you want to grab a copy, it’s available online in all the usual places and on the shelves in Australia and the UK right now.

The US cover

Barnes & Noble


  1. Hi Michelle

    I have to say that this one was a delight to read as well, fun and fabulous story, loved that ABBA clip, love reading your fun facts and I have to say I adore the title of this book woohoo

    Have Fun


    1. I'm so glad it was as fun to read as it was to write, Helen! And the ABBA clip is a hoot, though now I feel like jumping on a yacht and sailing around Sydney Harbour for the day. ;-)

  2. I have Miss Prim on my bedside table, Michelle and can't wait to pick it up! Loved your fun facts! Isn't the scenery in those DVDs amazing?
    Hoping you decide to do another island romance soon.

  3. Oh, that scenery is to die for, Annie! :-)

    And, yes, am addicted to islands now. My next book is set on an island off the coast of Brazil. Why? Just because. :-)

  4. There's definite music there, Miohelle!

    1. Considering the number of times I watched the Mamma Mia movies while I wrote Miss Prim, all of that music has evidently had an effect. ;-)

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