May 3, 2019

May the 4th Be With You

I'm a day early, but it's close enough to May 4th to talk Star Wars.  (May the 4th Be With You.  Get it? )

Star Wars is a big deal in our household.  The kids (8,9 and 11) are all up to date. They have signed posters, and sparkly t-shirts and home made light sabers. When I grew up I wanted to BE Luke Skywalker. And our son's middle name is Lucas.  Just saying.

For the last 2 main Star Wars films we've hired an entire cinema for the night the movies opened (the fancy kind with huge chairs, where you can have drinks and food brought in) and filled it with friends. We have a private areas in the lobby - velvet ropes and all - and our own bar. Imagine that WHOOP as the first words scroll up the screen since you know EVERY PERSON in the room.  It's AWESOME!

I'm already feeling nostalgic that Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will be the last of the main Star Wars arc.  But the trailer - oh how magical the trailer! Cannot tell you how happy I am that JJ Abrams is at the helm. The man knows how to entice, and delight. How to tap into fan's hearts and tell a ripper story.

And then there's this guy. He's just a fan watching the beautiful new Star Wars trailer for the first time. A guy who usually gets maybe 300 hits on a Youtube video. This one is up to 300,000. And no wonder.  It is PURE DELIGHT!  I cry every time I watch it. Every time.

HOW GORGEOUS IS THAT?  I am certain every single reaction he felt in watching the trailer for the first time was mirrored on millions of faces all over the world - including mine.  The joy, the wonder, the emotion - he's an UTTER GEM!!!

So who else can't wait for Episode 9 to hit cinemas this December?


  1. OMG! He's so into it! It's sweet...and hilarious. And I love that you and yours hire a cinema, Ally. What fun!

    I have great memories of the first Star Wars Trilogy. My dad took us to see it at the movies (and he NEVER went to the movies). So I adore those three. I watched the prequels, and enjoyed them, but for me they never reached the heights of the initial trilogy. Am thinking I ought to dip my toes in this final trilogy, though.

  2. I LOVE HIM!!! Now, the prequel was dodge. Totally doge. The latest trilogy is a zillion times better!!! Great story, great characters, great effects, and the heart and sweetness and lightsabery goodness the originals boasted.

    1. Oh, am sold! Shall go and forth and devour them. :-)

  3. Hi Ally

    Woohoo, this house is on countdown for the last movie and we can't wait, fabulous trailer and I loved watching his emotions as he watched it :)

    have Fun


  4. Not my thing, but saw the first few with my sons when they were young.

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