Jul 17, 2015

Going crazy ...


Ever had one of those weeks where you seem to be going round and round in circles and not quite achieving? I'm in one of those - except it's been more like a month. It started with a wonderful writers' weekend in Blenheim. Our wonderful cat, Barb Deleo was there, and Louisa George in mind if not in person. I love these weekends and wouldn't miss them for anything.
The following week I flew to Auckland with a girlfriend for catch up with two other friends over four days. Busy, busy, talk, talk, drink wine, eat great food, then two of the girls got sick. Just as well we missed seeing Louisa there too as I'd hate it if she'd caught the bug before leaving for NY.
Back home to find revisions on my latest book hovering in the in box. Yes, I still like to read a print out at this stage of my books.
The phone goes, it's family - 'We're coming to stay.'
That was Monday.

A great time had by all, then change the sheets and towels, ready for the next round.

On with the revisions and working on the next story.

Supplies are running low, and an appointment, which means a three hour drive to town and back, along with all the time spent there managing to spend a fair whack of dollars. Food for dinner tomorrow night when friends are coming round.

What happened to my walks this week? Today, I promise. Except those slippers look a darn sight more tempting than the walking shoes. Oh, and I might have to go back to town. I haven't even got these put away yet. Throw in that I haven't been sleeping for over a week and you get the picture. The head is full of fog today.
But there is something to look forward to that's really exciting. Our second grandchild is due in five weeks and as her brother came three weeks early it is thought our granddaughter may do the same.
Guess that means packing our bags so that we can leave for the five hour drive the moment we're summoned. These two cuties are going on the journey with us for the new arrival.

Revisions? What revisions?

Do you ever have weeks where you feel you're chasing your tail? I'm sure everyone does. Tell me how you cope. I just go faster and faster until I implode - not a good look.


  1. Man, that just seems like my life at the moment, Sue -- running from one thing to the other and getting further behind by the second. ;-) How do I cope? Well, after my post last week everyone now knows that I simply neglect the housework. Sigh. My other suggestion would be red wine. ;-)

    1. Wine is an excellent solution, Michelle. definitely like the no housework idea too. :)

  2. Oh Sue

    I hope everything has settled down now and so excited about a new grandchild they are just the best and yes I just try hard to keep going without steam coming out of my ears when life gets to me like that and I make sure that before I go to sleep every night I read that often helps as well :)

    Have Fun

    1. Not quite, Helen. Which is why I'm late replying. We had friends come for dinner last night, an Indian curry that I spent many hours preparing. I do like cooking, even when I'm doing the headless chook act.

  3. Sue, I know just how you feel. Sometimes things don't seem to stand still long enough to take stock, do they? Sounds to me like you've been having a lovely time though, despite the revisions. How exciting to be awaiting the arrival of another grandchild!

  4. Oh, Annie, I can't wait to meet her. Though she can hold off till due date as it would be better for her. We're all waiting with baited breath to see how her brother copes with this invasion into his life.