Jul 10, 2015

All over the place

Hello! It's my turn to blog today and I have to confess that my head's not in the right space to say much that is coherent. I'm flying off to San Francisco at 4pm this afternoon and I'm mid packing and chaos.

Because I'm going away for a holiday and a conference (in New York, baby!) I have to do two different kinds of packing and I keep waking up in the night with random thoughts like, 'Must take an evening bag...' and 'Leave cheque out for the cleaner...' and, well you know exactly what it's like.

So today's blog is a snapshot of my random thoughts. For which I apologise profusely, but I know y'all understand!

- Went to the hairdressers today to get my roots dyed. Again. I seem to go very frequently (i.e. every 3 weeks)- that's the pain with dark hair, it takes an awful lot of upkeep. At what point do we chuck it all in and go au natural; grey? Become a silver sister? It's starting to get very costly and too time consuming to keep going... maybe when I get back I'll take the plunge. Maybe...

- I queued up at the bank for 20 minutes today to let them know I was going overseas and to ask (okay, beg) them not to put a hold on my credit card if they saw some US dollar purchases...they told me that couldn't inform them in person but had to telephone?? Weird, eh?

- How do cats just KNOW that you're going away? Already they've started to get the hump...and are stalking around very huffily with that 'You're leaving me again so don't bother coming back' look. God help me when I get home...

-And this one is just a cute video I came across and I loved it. The power of young love- revisited. There is a wonderful romance story in this...  I wonder what he says to her... what do you think?
(AA, this is for you, because I consider it my absolute duty to have you cry at every blog I write)

So, now I'm off. I'll try to check back in as often as I can... have a great two weeks! What's happening that's making you smile this week?


  1. What's making me smile this week? AA's comment. Bwahaha.

    Louisa, have a wonderful holiday and conference. San Francisco AND New York? I am hardly jealous at all. I am also lying through my teeth.

    Will be watching the RITA 'cast with everything crossed for you.

    1. LOL- she's a hoot!

      Thanks so much, Bron- I'm so excited I'm literally pinching myself! I hope I can make you lovecats proud! xxx

  2. Ooh, Louisa, we're crossing everything for you! Though, in our eyes, you're already a winner. :-)

    What's making me smile? LOL, AA (as usual), selling my latest book, flowers and champagne (hey, it's been a good week).

    Have a great time in San Francisco AND New York. :-)

  3. Louisa

    Firstly have a wonderful time and I will have everything crossed for you and what is making me smile this week my daughter is getting married tomorrow woohoo :)

    Have Fun

  4. Louisa, you make me smile, especially over the blog debacle. Love it. Have a fabulous time and you know what I want to see when you return.

  5. Have a ball, Louisa. I hope the evening bag gets a work out and cats welcome you back and in between it's all fun.

  6. Enjoy RWA and your holiday Louisa. LOL at AA's comment.

    What the heck with the bank! At least you're letting them know before you go.

  7. Enjoyed your random thoughts, Louisa! Have a fabulous trip and I have my fingers and toes crossed for you!