Jan 11, 2015

Sunday Smooch With Helen Lacey.....

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Helen Lacey___ but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Claiming His Brother's Baby by Helen Lacey........

His Brother's Family

Cassie Duncan knew it was only a matter of time until Tanner McCord tried to sell her house out from under her. Still, the single mom can't help but be touched by the sacrifices the handsome loner makes for her and her son, even babysitting when she's sick! She knows he's keeping secrets—after all, it runs in his family…

Tanner returned to his childhood home in Australia to settle his estranged brother's estate—not fall for the woman who'd borne his brother's son. But one look into Cassie Duncan's blue eyes, and the rancher's heart was lassoed good and tight. He wants to give Cassie everything she's been denied…but doing so means confessing the truth about his brother and might ruin their chances at true family…


Scene set-up [Cassie and Tanner have just returned home from being out together, and where she learned some of the truth about his brother. Now they are back home and the baby is sleep, she is demanding answers to her questions....]

“Is Oliver settled?” he asked from the doorway.

“Yes.” She remained standing, arms crossed, chin raised. “Did you find out about what Doug had done with Leah before or after he stole your inheritance?”

Straight to the point. A trait of hers he’d come to recognize. “After. Before. It was all around the same time.”

Her gaze narrowed. “So, he stole your money and your girlfriend and got her pregnant?”


She dropped down onto the love seat in the corner. “I think I need to throw up.”

Tanner moved into the room and stood behind the sofa. “It was a long time ago.”

“Which doesn’t change how utterly despicable it was.”

“No,” he said. “But time does alter perspective on things.”

She shook her head and stared at him. “So you simply forgive and forget and move on?”

“Or get bogged down with anger and resentment,” he replied. “And that’s no way to live.”

She twisted her hands in her lap. “I feel like…I feel like I suddenly know nothing of the man I knew, the man who fathered my son. The man you describe…he’s a stranger. He’s a cold, unfeeling stranger who did whatever he wanted and didn’t care who got hurt in the process.”

“Then don’t remember him that way,” Tanner said and came around the sofa. “Remember him as the man who made you laugh. The man you loved.”

“How can I?” she implored. “I’d be living a lie. How could I love a man who did such things? That would make me…pathetic.”

“Or human.”

She jumped to her feet. “Stop that. Stop making excuses…for Doug…for me. Stop being so forgiving and get mad at him!”

The passion in her voice shifted the mood in the room on some kind of invisible axis. Tanner stared at her, wholly aware of her in a deep, soul wrenching way. She was angry and confused and he watched as her rage gathered momentum. He knew that about her. He knew she was passionate and spirited and not the quiet wallflower his brother had often described. Around him she was fiery and full of life. She was combative and argumentative and stirred his blood and libido. And he wanted her. In his arms. In his bed. In his life.

Suddenly she was in front of him, hands on hips, her cheeks ablaze, chest heaving as she drew in large gulps of air. Heat swirled between them and without thinking he grasped her shoulders and pulled her close. Her arms dropped and then she was against him, breast to chest. And he claimed her lips. Like he’d done when they were thirteen. Like he’d imagined a thousand times since.

And she kissed him back. She opened her mouth and let him inside. She wound her tongue around his and groaned low in her throat when his hands moved down her arms and settled around her back, drawing her closer. There was heat and passion and urgency in the kiss. And it went on and on. He didn’t stop. She didn’t pull away. Her hands were on his shoulders and she sighed against his mouth in complete and utter surrender.

And in that moment Tanner knew he was done for.

He loved her.

And there was no going back. Nowhere to run. No part of his mind or body that could conceal what he’d tried so hard to deny for so long.

“Cassandra…” He whispered her full name against her lips. “Let me stay tonight. I want to make love to you so much.”

And that’s when she froze.


Cowboy or CEO? Who's your favourite?

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  1. Hi Helen

    Oh that was good I can't wait to read this one :)

    CEO or Rancher hard question I like both but probably lean a little towards the rancher :)

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen....me too with the rancher....but then, CEO's can be awfully sexy too. it's quite the conundrum :)

  2. Great smooch - can;t wait to read your book. I would choose a CEO - I am attracted to powerful men

    1. Hi Tammy - now you've said that, I'm thinking....yes....CEO's!

  3. I will go with cowboy

    1. Hi Anonymous.....another vote for the cowboy....thanks for stopping :)

  4. Love it, Helen.
    Cowboy for sure. The outdoor type gets me every time.

  5. Super Smooch, Helen. Tanner is gorgeous! Lucky Cassie!

    'm another vote for "cowboy"... though I do enjoy a CEO, too... mmm, perhaps I'm a bet each way! ;)

    1. Hi Sharon - a bit each way is good! Keeps things interesting. :)

  6. A sweet cover & such a lovely smooch.

    I must give my vote to a cowboy. Something rather special I think.

  7. Hi Mary - another vote for the cowboy....looks like he's ahead at the moment. Thanks for stopping by :)

  8. Decisions, decisions. Powerful CEO or rugged rancher. An office setting of which I am familiar or an outdoor unfamiliar setting. Looking awesome in a suit or seeing those muscles up close and personal.
    I suppose I can't say a tie, so ... after much hemming and hawing ... I'll go with the rancher, who can carry me away in my dreams.

    1. Hi Laney - looks like the rancher is the most popular choice. Thanks for stopping by :)

  9. Wonderful smooch, Helen. Cassie and Tanner's story sounds brilliant! Hmm, I don't think I can choose...might just have to have both!

    1. Hi Jennifer - it's quite a dilemma! Both sounds like the way to go :)

  10. a hard choice not sure which I would choose----Lyn

    1. Hi Lynlinwill - just as well we can have both in the pages of our books :) Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  11. Fab smooch, Helen! I love the set-up you have between Cassie and Tanner. :-)

    In fantasy, I'd probably choose a rancher -- there's something very hot about a man on a horse. In reality, though, there's nothing particular romantic about foot rot, fly-blown sheep, or drought. So today I think I'll opt for the CEO. There's bound to be the odd champagne soiree, film premiere and glamorous event to make up for the lack of horses. ;-)

    1. Hi Michelle - a CEO can look sexy in the saddle I think :)

  12. Hey, nice smooch, Helen!

    So hard to choose - both the rancher and the CEO have so much going for them. I love a man of action, but I'm an urban girl so maybe the CEO, as long as he agreed to leave the city lights behind him sometime.

    I wonder if the reason I can't choose is because I want both! What? Greedy? Me?

    1. Hi Annie - have both! One of the joys of the category romance novel - we can have both and feel no guilt! :)

  13. Congratulations Helen.. Love the sound of this book.