Jan 12, 2015

The Magic of the Action Date

First dates. The pressure. The nerves. The fear of failure.

Dinner…what if the conversation dries up after the entree?
Movies…lacks imagination and you can blow it if your date hates the genre you choose
Picnic…clichéd and what if your date is allergic to the alfalfa in the sandwiches?

I think the ‘action date’ is a great way to kick off a new relationship. In my latest release Tempted by the Billionaire Tycoon, my hero and heroine end up cycling around Versailles on their ‘first date’ (well, it’s not really meant to be a date, but it sure ends up feeling like one!). That scene got me brainstorming action dates and this is what I came up with:

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding. Imagine a slow flowing river, being surrounded by Australia’s spectacular fauna and flora and the peaceful dip of paddles in the water…how romantic. But romance with action. With the scenery constantly changing there’s always something new around the corner and therefore something new to chat about. All that and with a great dose of fitness thrown in.

Let’s Go Surfing. Most of us in Australia live within driving distance of a beach and most these days provide a surf school. A surf date has several of advantages. It’s action packed. Lots of fun. And being pummelled by waves is good for the soul and is great for post lesson conversation. There’s nothing like standing up on a wave for the first time to get the adrenaline going and the conversation flowing. Add sunshine, sunscreen, swimsuits and surf wax…what’s not to love. And, there is something very bonding about being zipped up in rubber together.

Shoot ‘em Up. How could you not fall for each when fighting against a common gun-toting enemy? How cool are you going to look when you save your date from the rush of the opposing team? Laser Tag is some of the best fun you can have in the dark with your clothes on.

Ride ‘em Cowboy. Who doesn’t look good on a horse? Riding high on a majestic beast grants you instant cowboy/cowgirl cool. Being saddled up, riding through the Australian bush with the smell of leather and eucalyptus…you can’t beat it. Or, imagine the romance of riding on the beach, waves washing around the horse’s hooves at sunset. Just magical.

Roller-Skating.  Channel your inner-Xanadu. Strap on your skates and head for the Roller Disco. Hold hands the old fashioned way while you skate to some awesome tunes in 80s neon. No-one can resist a date who has glide in their stride.

Roller-Coaster Heaven. What better way to bond than through the shared experience of the adrenaline-pumping thrill of the multitude of theme park rides?  Think rapid breathing, racing hearts…sounds good doesn’t it. And there’s enough time to get to know each other in those inevitable queues punctuated by the pulse pumping action.     

So what do you think of the action date idea? Great for making unforgettable memories or a recipe for disaster?

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  1. Oh Jen. I am so pleased you and I are never going to date :-)

  2. Oh, dear lord, Jen! There is way too much potential for embarrassment in the action date. So I'm going to sit it out with my twin, Amy, and we'll watch and cheer from the sidelines. ;-)

    1. A little cheering from the sidelines would be great, Michelle.

  3. Jenn, you're asking the wrong person. My idea of action is a brisk walk. My idea of a date is conversation, nice food and maybe a good glass of red while getting to know each other. Oh, I'm feeling my age.

  4. I feel like I'm far too injury prone for most of those activities! Although I have done laser tag a few times and it's so much fun. Great work out too :)

  5. Jen, I love the idea of an action date... though I'm a bit like Stefanie in that I'm accident prone! I mean, I went 10-pin bowling once and crushed a finger between two bowling balls. (sigh) It wasn't pretty! Fortunately it wasn't a first date or all that blood might have spelt doom to the budding relationship!

    Bike riding would be quite a nice first date (deliberately not thinking about various spills I've taken off 2 wheels over the years! ;) or how about canoeing? Actually, I'd quite like to have a go at that indoor wall climbing - that might be quite a good first date.

  6. That's a great one, Sharon. Indoor wall climbing. I've only done it a few times, but it was great fun.