Jan 18, 2015

Sunday Smooch with Amy Andrews

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Amy Andrews but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from The Hero by Amy Andrews.

The darling of the Aussie small screen, Edwina Calloway, has always had a thing for her ex co-star the hunky Justin Wilde – even before he took off to Tinsel town and became a Hollywood heartthrob. And Justin always had a thing for her. Except she was married so neither of them ever crossed that line. But now Justin’s back in Oz to take part in a celebrity car rally with Edwina riding shotgun and she isn’t married anymore…

It seems the entire country is holding its breath for their much vaunted reunion. Can they survive a five day road trip, just the two of them alone in the car under intense media scrutiny without finally getting naked and doing the Wilde thing?

And if they can’t, what happens when Justin heads back to Hollywood?

Scene set-up

The rally is spending the night at the world famous Dubbo Zoo. Edwina has left her iPad in the car and her and Justin go to retrieve it. It's a hot, outback night and they're only in their swimming costumes. What could possibly happen....?

The further they got away from the lodges, the more the night enveloped them and the quieter it became. Only the trilling of insects accompanied them as they followed the path.

They were at the Monaro in under a minute. Justin opened the door for her and after a short hunt around she retrieved her iPad, which had fallen down beside her seat. “Got it,” she said, raising it triumphantly as she backed out and turned around, practically running straight into Justin who was still standing there.

     “Oh, sorry,” she said, taking a step back, bumping against the car. 
     “No need to apologise,” he murmured, “I shouldn’t have been standing so close.”
The area was quite well lit, but they were on the shadowed side of the car and at the very outer edge, a garden bed of manicured bushes next to them. His gaze was hooded, unreadable. But she could feel it on her skin.
Hot and hungry.  
Her heart beat a little faster. They were out here all alone, away from prying eyes. Her gaze dropped to his smooth chest. “You wax now.”
She didn’t know why she said it. She should have said something like back off, buddy, anything to diffuse the slow, steady burn between them. But 'you wax now' had just popped out of her mouth.
     “Just for my last role. Too much of a wimp to keep it up.”
     Edwina nodded absently, not really hearing him as she lifted her hand and lay her palm flat against a smooth pec like she’d wanted to earlier. 
     His harsh indrawn breath seemed loud in the night.
     “Smooth,” she said, trailing her hand down his ribs to the flatness of his belly, her index finger travelling the path of his non-existent happy trail to as far as his boardies allowed it.
     His muscles quivered under her touch.
“Ed,” he groaned. “Have a heart.”
Edwina looked up into his shadowed face, his brows were drawn together, his jaw tense. God. What was she doing? She dropped her hand. “I’m sorry... I shouldn’t have done that. I don’t know what came over me.”
“I do,” he muttered.
She raised her hand to his chest again, trying to get him to step back this time. He was so close - too close - the long lean line of him and his wild chlorine smell playing havoc with her senses.
“Back up,” she murmured when he refused to budge.
“No,” he said, his voice rough, almost like he was in pain. “I’m sorry, Ed, I just don’t want to anymore.”
And then his hand was sliding onto her cheek and his head was swooping down and his mouth landed, hot and fast, on hers, drowning her in a heady flood of lust and chlorine.
Edwina gasped, no plans to do anything other than hang on and go with him. His body followed his mouth, getting up close and personal, his hands landing on her butt, ripping the towel off her waist as he yanked her against him, his chest squashing her breasts, her nipples hardening into stiff aching points.
This wasn’t like any kiss they’d had in the past. No one was watching and there was no one to care and it combusted under the pressure of too many years of yearning.

The Hero is out on the 23rd of January so I do hope everyone will drop by Amazon and pick one up. It's only 99c for the first 2 days! 
In the meantime you have a chance to win a free copy if you leave a comment on this question - ever been on a car rally or some other large group charity event? What's your favourite charity and do you give regularly or do you believe in doing good deeds closer to home?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and a smooch from Annie West will be posted!

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  1. I have been to a classic car show a couple of times but not charity ones. I am doing DRY January for Cancer research as we speak - it is where you do not drink any alcohol for all of January. I also a member of Candis. I would like to say I love your books Amy Andrews x

    1. Aww, thanks Susan! Well done on the charity front. Off to look up Candis....

  2. Haven't attended any large scale charity events. Would love to attend a car rally whether it was for charity or not - but having said that I love cars (Bathurst is one weekend that I spend the entire Sunday parked in front of the TV).

    I still haven't settled on any favourite charities - but I do donate occasionally to the ones that I choose to support. Still allowing the money situation to recover from having been a student so not donating regularly yet.

    The Hero was already on my reading list, but it's just leap-froged a lot of books to land at the top.

    1. lol Lyn - the irony for me writing this book is that I'm not into cars at all :-)

      Good for you donating when you can. I dont think acts of charity have to be about money either. Helping someone out when you're under no obligatiion to do so is often overlooked but just as powerful imho.

  3. Well now, doesn't THE HERO sound like a whole car-full of fun? ;-) Fab smooch, Amy!

    I've not participated in either a car rally or a big charity event, but I do have some charities I give to regularly. And I have been considering the pros and cons of being a foster carer for the local dog rescue organization. It sounds as if it could be a bit of fun. :-)

  4. Hi Amy

    I am eager to read this one :) love the sound of it I have never been on a car rally and I usually donate for things closer to home one of my favourites is ones that raise money for cancer research

    Have Fun

    1. Thanks Helen :-)
      Cancer research is something close to my heart too!

  5. Argh. Blogger ate my comment! Love the sound of this one, Amy. You've got a way with the Smooches. If this is what rallys are like, count me in!

    I tend to give a number of familiar charities but keep finding new ones. One year we 'gave' someone a gift of a toilet. In fact he didn't receive a gift but the money went to providing sanitation in a village elsewhere.

    1. I like those gifts, Annie. Last Mother's Day I asked that the kids buy a well for me in an African village. On the actual day I got a nice card telling me all about it - I loved that!

  6. Great smooch Amy. Love your books, I have been to a few car shows. A boat show. I donate clothes and shoes to charities here and we also donated 52 pillows and pillowcases to a mens homeless shelter in town

    1. Hey Tammy, thanks! What a great thing to donate - love it!

  7. A lovely smooch thank you.

    I have two favourite charities, the Red Cross & Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders. I give what I can. It's so terribly important.

  8. I love Doctors Without Borders too Mary, they do amazing work. Much braver than I could ever be.

  9. Another hot cover, Amy. And a great smooch. Sigh.
    Yes, loved car rallying when I was in my twenties.
    I'm a sucker for charities that help children with illnesses or disabilities.

    1. Ooh, someone with experience - woot!
      Kids charities always tug specially at the heart strings, don't they?

  10. Awesome Smooch, Amy! I've marked my calendar to zip over to pick up a bargain copy on Friday!

    I've been on a couple of rallys - one on horse back. That one was a long long loooooong day, but we actually won because we answered the most clues. The horse was less fit than I was so I ended up walking a lot!

    There are so many wonderful charities to donate to. We've always been regulars for the Salvation Army and the Red Cross.