Jun 22, 2014

Sunday Smooch with Amy Andrews

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Amy Andrews but first 

... the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is Lynnlinwill

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Risky Business.

Samantha Evans’s life is going to hell. Not only has she rage-quit her beloved, high-powered job, but she is suddenly afflicted by hormones, free time, and an unavoidable, unignorable, undeniably gorgeous irritant in the form of Nick Hawke, her extreme sports star neighbour, who has come home to take over the reins of his grandmother's second-hand bookshop. Sam needs something to keep her from begging for her old job back until she's good and sure her boss understands how wrong he was, and taking a low-risk, low-stress job helping Nick at the bookstore might be just the thing.
After all, it's not like Nick is the right guy to help her with her hormones. He'll just be fun to look at while she searches for the one
Nick has six months to get over an injury before Everest and a big, fat contract beckon. That means no sports, no danger and, above all else, no risks. It means playing it safe. And Nick Hawke doesn’t do safe. So he’s going to need something to stave off the boredom while selling books he doesn't read to people who wouldn't know a carabineer from a crochet hook. What could be safer than hiring a cranky, unemployed accountant to help run the bookstore? Sam is efficient and methodical and messing up her neat, post-it note world could be a fun way to pass the time….
Risky Business mixes the classic romance of Philadelphia Story, the humour and wit of When Harry Met Sally, and a strong, contemporary Australian setting to create a delightful, irresistible, utterly satisfying treat of a novel.

Scene set-up
Sam and Nick have decided that instead of rushing headlong into bed they're going to take things slowly - just kissing - clothes on, no touching until Sam (who has some body hang-ups) is more comfortable with the situation. The rules slowly go out the window however.....

Another night of frustrated sleeplessness ensued. Samantha walked into the shop the next day one small spark away from complete ignition. She’d taken a few paces towards the back room when Nick's arm appeared from between the bookshelves and yanked her in with him. He gave her a long, deep lingering kiss and before she knew it, the spark had flared and she was on fire.
Wanting him, needing him.
‘I was thinking about the clothed rule,’ said Nick between kisses.
‘Oh yes,’ she said pulling away slightly, ‘do you have another amendment?’
‘I do and it just so happens you've worn the perfect shirt to demonstrate.’
‘I did?’ she said, looking at her black linen Dolce and Gabbano shirt.
‘Hmm,’ he said kissing her neck and slowly undoing the top button. He stopped and admired the view created by popping one little button. He kissed the other side of her neck and undid the next one. ‘I was thinking that I could undo all your buttons and you'd still be fully clothed...right?’
He undid two more. ‘I mean theoretically...’ the last button popped through the hole, ‘your top would still be on.’
Nick could see a glimpse of black lace against soft skin and suppressed the urge to push it open and just stare at her. She needed to be ready for this next step. He could hear his husky breath echo around the confines of the shelves.
Samantha thought it was a very clever way around rule number two. She looked at the buttons on Nick's shirt. ‘So I guess, the same would apply to you,’ she said as she proceeded to undo his buttons. She pressed a little kiss against his chest as each magnificent inch was revealed. When his shirt was finally open she pushed it aside with both hands and licked his chest. From the flat of his dragon-decorated smooth pectoral to the hard ridge of his collarbone.
And that was all the encouragement he needed. He pushed her back against the shelves, kissed her until she was moaning and clinging to him for support and then lowered his head and sucked a hardened nipple through the lacy fabric of her bra. He stroked the other breast in unison, rubbing at its hard centre and muffled her gasp with his mouth.
God. She was killing him! Kissing her, touching her was driving him mad. He wanted to taste her, feel her around him again. Plunge into her. Swallow her cries as she exploded around him.
The door dinged and he pulled his mouth away from her reluctantly. He laid his head in the hollow of her shoulder and tried to regain some control. ‘Next time we do this, I'm going to lock that door,’ he whispered.

Risky Business is up for pre-order now but for your chance to win an e-copy, tell me, have you ever broken a rule that resulted in delightful consequences?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced and another smooch will be posted!

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  1. Amy

    Woohoo just what I needed to warm me up this morning it is so cold down here in Sydney LOL I am really looking forward to reading this one actually just about to start reading it :)

    There were some gret time breaking rules in my late teen years :)

    Have Fun

    1. Oooh, hope you enjoy, Helen!
      methinks I'm going to have to ply you with alcohol at the next ARRA thing to get you to spill some of those late teen rule breaking years! :-)

  2. Ooh, fab smooch, Amy! It looks as if Samantha and Nick are going to dance quite the dance. :-)

    As for rules…well, some were meant to be broken, right? ;-)

  3. Amy, what a scene! That's sizzling. I do love the sound of this story. How frustrating when I'm trying to avoid the temptation of a new book or three while I finish my revisions. Or should I say, how tempting? Maybe that was a self-imposed rule meant to be broken.

  4. lol, Annie, I find the time for breaking rules always seems to hit during revisions :-)

  5. Hi Amy, I'm not much or a rule breaker, but who knows...if I'd had Nick asking, I might have broken a rule or ten myself....

  6. Amy, I'm with Reet - if it was Nick asking, I'd probably be happy to break a rule or two.

    Btw, I love, love this book!

    1. Aww thanks Rach - you were one of my earlier readers who helped me get this book ship-shape, for which I will be forever grateful :-) xxx

  7. Sounds like a fantastic book... after that excerpt I'm now impatient to read it.

    I can't say that the times I have broken the rules have had delightful consequences.

    1. Thanks Lyn!
      And yes, sometimes the consequences are far from delightful!

  8. Hi Amy - fabulous smooch. Just love that with a couple of clicks I have been able to pre-order. So looking forward to it hitting my kindle,

  9. Book sounds incredible! Really looking forward to reading it! Although I have broken many rules there haven't been many delightful consequences.

  10. Hot excerpt! I am not a rule-breaker, so no! Also, do you expect this book to come out in print at any time?

    1. Thanks Sharlene!
      Risky Business only digital at the moment. Escape is a digital-only company. They will put books into print though if they sell a lot digitally so, spread the news, you never know ;-)

  11. What a cute premise, Amy! Loved the excerpt! As for rule-breaking, I'm not much of a rebel, but sometimes, dessert first! ;)

    1. lol Fedora! I think dessert first is the way it should always be! :-) Thanks for stopping by!

  12. HOT smooch, Amy! Sam and Nick have got some serious chemistry happening! Risky Business sounds like a great read!

    As for rule breaking, I like Reet's take on this too! Not much of a rule breaker either but if it was Nick asking... :)

    1. Thanks Sharon.
      Dont feel bad about being lead stray by Nick. He's just one of those guys.... :-)

  13. Scorching - love it. *fanning self* :)