Jun 8, 2014

Sunday Smooch by Jennifer St George

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Jennifer St George but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from The Billionaire's Pursuit of Love...

Blurb: When Sarah Walker's beloved wildlife sanctuary is threatened with closure, she heads for London and goes straight to the top to find out why. But the man responsible is the one man she's never forgotten, and the only person who can destroy all her happiness.
Billionaire CEO Blake Huntington-Fiennes can't believe that the girl he's spent years searching for has just marched into his boardroom. And this time, he's willing to resort to any means necessary to keep her. But Sarah has a secret she must protect at all costs or risk losing something even more precious than the sanctuary…

Scene set-up: Sarah has just walked back into Blake's life after being absent for ten years. She's hiding a secret, a big secret and she needs to get back to Brunei before she'll reveal anything to Blake. Blake 'persuaded' Sarah to have dinner with him but every moment she spends in his company is dangerous.


‘Goodbye, Blake.’ Her voice wobbled slightly. His pulse quickened. She did feel something for him. He knew it.

‘If this is going to be our last kiss, then . . .’

Why use words? He gathered her into his arms. The warmth of her sweet curves fired his blood. He wanted her closer. He wanted her harder. He wanted her now.

‘Blake . . .’ He took his name from her lips with a kiss. She softened under his touch. She wanted this, too. God, he had to have her.

She dragged her lips from his. ‘People will see.’

‘No, they can’t – remember? Anyway, I don’t give a damn.’

He found her mouth again. She tasted of chocolate and strawberries. Of hot passion and erotic promise.

‘Let’s get out of here.’ He pulled her towards the wall of light. He’d book the penthouse suite.

‘No.’ She wrenched herself from his grip and slipped through the luminous curtain.

He flung the lights aside and strode after her.

‘Put this on my tab,’ Blake ordered the maître d’ and followed her out onto the street. Sarah stood hailing a cab.

‘Running again?’ he said.

‘You were the one who ran. Disappeared. Vanished from the face of the earth.’ Her red-hot anger hit him with surprising force.

‘I think we’ve established that I didn’t.’

‘No. You denied it. That doesn’t make it true.’

A black cab pulled up and Sarah opened the door. ‘I have to go. Goodbye, Blake.’

Hell, were those tears in her eyes? The cartilage between his ribs felt as though it had fused solid. He grabbed the door of the taxi. ‘Stay with me.’ The passion in his voice scared him. He cared too much.
‘Blake, that time is gone. I can’t . . . Please . . .’

The tone of her voice told him everything. She’d known that passion, deep enough to transport you to a place so heavenly that without it, life was forever grey and lifeless and desolate.

He caught her about the waist and drew her hard against his body. His pulse flared and smashed away every rational thought. He slid his other hand up the back of her neck and claimed her mouth. Her lips were as warm and lush as a tropical afternoon. He kissed her, hoping all the words he wanted to say were there in his kiss. All the time they had wasted could be washed away. They could relive their hot passion. He wanted her. Now. Now. Now.

She slid her hands onto his chest and pushed.

‘No, Blake. We can’t . . .’

‘Why the hell not?’ He hadn’t meant to sound so callous.

‘Because . . . Because . . .’

She yanked free, climbed into the taxi and slammed the door shut.

The cab pulled into the traffic. Sarah turned and watched him until the taxi rounded the corner.

Blake stared at the spot where the cab had disappeared. His blood pumped hot and fast. Sarah had no idea who she was dealing with if she imagined she could just evaporate.

For a chance to win a digital copy of The Billionaire's Pursuit of Love tell me where you've experienced one of the sweetest kisses of your life. Walking by Seine in Paris? Sitting on a beautiful Caribbean beach at sunset? On the back deck over breakfast? 

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  1. Woohoo, Jen, that's a great smooch, and the book sounds good too.

    My most memorable kiss was in Nelson walking along the waterfront late at night. It was at the beginning of my relationship with the man I later married.

  2. Ooh, I can see major sparks flying between Blake and Sarah! What fun. :-)

    Hmm, memorable kisses… Probably the kissed that seal the deal (marriage, that is) in Westminster, London. Happy sighs.

  3. It was a fun scene to write, Michelle.

    Oh that kiss does sound lovely!!

  4. Hi Jennifer

    I loved this story :) and my most memorable kiss I think was when I was a teenager and had just dtarted going out with my boyfriend (who is now my hubby) and we were at a National park surrounded by trees and bush :)

    Have Fun

  5. Thrilled you loved it, Helen!! That kiss sounds wonderful...being surrounded by nature.

  6. Hi Jennifer,
    Loved that kiss scene!
    My my most memorable was when I was fifteen from a guy whom I thought was a strictly platonic friend ( he was a bit older) and then he suddenly grabbed me and kissed me. Our teeth scraped( it was like fingernails on chalkboard!) and it was awkward and embarrassing and I was confused as I didn't see it coming. Ack! I hate recalling it.
    Much nicer to recall the first kiss from my husband. No hint of awkwardness and no teeth scraping!

  7. So lovely to see you here, Melanie!! Thrilled you enjoyed the scene.

    Yes it is cringeworthy to remember those kisses that were just...wrong!

  8. Congratulations, Jen. Enjoy.

    Thanks for the excerpt. Sounds like an intense, good story.

    My most memorable kiss - Floating on a lovely lake in Maine in a canoe with my husband. It was a lovely, calm day without a cloud in the sky and 41 years ago.

    1. What a beautiful scene for a kiss!!!

      It is an intense story...I felt that way almost the entire time I wrote it.

  9. This book sounds great Jennifer! =)
    Most memorable kiss was with my first 'real' boyfriend, where we kissed so much it made the skin around my mouth go red and sore. The price I had to pay LOL

  10. So lovely to see you here, Mel!! Ah yes, those days of young love!

  11. Stood on my parent's front door step!

  12. oh la la memorable kiss hmmmm a bit cliche but behind the bike shed at school lol