May 4, 2014

Sunday Smooch With Sue Mackay....

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  A father For Her Baby by Sue Mackay---- but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from Sue Mackay ........

The perfect guy for her and her baby girl. . . .?

Kind-hearted nurse Sasha Wilson can’t wait to be a mother! And with her unborn little girl almost here, the last thing she needs is to meet handsome doctor Grady O’Neil…again! The former love of her life walked out on her eleven years ago, taking her heart with him.

Working alongside Grady in Golden Bay’s medical centre, it’s clear their chemistry never died. And something about Grady has changed.  But can Sasha risk her heart on her again? And could he reallly be the father that her baby girl deserves...?

[Sasha Wilson can't wait for the birth of her baby girl, known affectionately as Flipper for her swimming antics, but Dr Grady O'Neil is back in her life after twelve years, and the chemistry is as hot as ever. Today he has cooked her dinner, all in the name of catching up on what they've both been doing over the years, but the tension cranks up remorselessly.]

   Sasha's eyes seemed to take on a life of their own, lifting and fixing on Grady, studying him thoroughly for the first time since last night. 
   Until now she’d been too busy pretending he wasn’t there to really look for who he’d become. That slightly long hair was as luxuriant as ever, and not a grey strand in sight. But there were lines on his face that hadn’t been there at eighteen. Caused by his father’s death? Or working to support his mother and sisters? Dumping her? No, not that. He’d known exactly what he’d been doing that day. His words had been clear, leaving no doubt about his intentions. Blink. Shift focus. Those lips still formed heart-melting smiles. Did they still tease with kisses? Kisses on that sensitive spot behind the ear? Between the breasts? Kisses that devoured her mouth?
   She shot upright, the chair toppling backwards to crash on the tiled floor behind her. What had she been thinking? The problem was she hadn’t been thinking. No, Grady was the problem. He’d crept out of his box again. Why couldn’t he stay put? Why did he want to upset everything? Throw her off beam? She had begun to get her life back on track. She didn’t need this. So why had she agreed to have a meal with him? Why put herself on the line by walking inside this house, where she’d known nothing but fun and love? Why, why, why?
   ‘Time I went home,’ she muttered, and searched around for her keys. Found them in her pocket. Snatched up her jacket and turned for the door.
   ‘Sasha.’ Grady caught her arm and turned her gently to face him.
   Oh, that gentleness could wipe away a lot of grief—if she let it. It crept in under her skin, under her guard, made her feel again. Feel the love she missed, feel the emptiness waiting to be filled by someone special. Yeah, and set herself up to be left high and dry all over again. No way, sunshine.
   She jerked her arm free. ‘Thanks for dinner.’ She ignored the dismay and hurt in those blue eyes watching her too closely. ‘And good luck with all your plans for getting the house ready for the market.’
   Not that they’d got around to talking about that. Too busy going over the painful stuff. The front door banged shut behind her, cutting off the light as she stomped down the two steps on her way to the car.
Light flooded the yard. Grady strode out to join her, opening and holding her door while she clambered in. She snapped the ignition to ‘on’ before looking up into that familiar yet changed face she’d been denying for so long. She locked gazes with Grady, and waited. For what, she had no idea.
   For a long moment he didn’t move then he leaned forward and she figured he was about to kiss her. Her muscles tensed in anticipation, her hormones did the happy-clappy. Her brain tossed a coin—was this good or bad? When his lips brushed hers she knew it was good. More than good. A girl could get lost in that soft kiss, and when he deepened it, she didn’t have a clue about anything but the man kissing her. It was like honey on ice cream, sweet and cool. Delicious. Then his tongue sought hers and cool went to scorching in an instant. So Grady. So them.
   Until Flipper got in on the act, delivering a heavy kick to her side.

Would you/did you give your unborn baby a nickname? Or were you afraid the name would stick afterwards? Leave me an answer and go into the draw for a copy of a Father for Her Baby.

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  1. Sue

    What a wonderful smooch I do love re union stories :) gotta add this one to my must have list

    I had nicknames for my babies but they teneded to be different depending on what I felt like at the time mostly pumpkin and the such but my DIL is having a baby and she is due in July and it is a boy and they have a name for him but he tends to be called peanut at the moment because the first ultra sound he looked like the shape of a peanut in a shell we will have to see if it sticks LOL

    Have Fun

  2. Helen, I'm laughing at the peanut shell shape. Hope he stretches out a bit! I like hearing what people name their unborn babies, though our daughter didn't have one for her boy.

  3. Wonderful smooth. I did not give my unborn baby a name. I wanted it to be a surprise even the sex, we never found out until the morning she was born

    1. I guess you've got to have a surprise after all that effort, Tammy. But it seems more and more people like to know these days.

  4. Nice lead up to the kiss, Sue. :)

    We didn't have nicknames for our two boys before they were born. But after #1 (Nathan) was born we called him Buster Boo...and I have no idea why. LOL

    Marcy Shuler

    1. Buster Boo?!# How long did that last, Mary? :) I like it.

    2. It lasted for a couple years, Sue. I still can't recall where we came up with it. LOL

      When son #2 came along he called #1 "Nay-Nay" so Buster Boo was phased out. :D


  5. Sue, I think mine got all sorts of random endearments but never a nickname that stuck. I love Flipper! Very cute. Lovely scene too - its' got me smiling on this wintry Sunday morning.

    1. Thanks, Annie. I don't know where Flipper came from, just one of those random ideas that grew as I kept writing, and I got to like it too.

  6. Nice excerpt, Sue!

    I had a heroine who called hers 'Munchkin' but it was more as a term of endearment. Flipper is lots of fun. I'm kinda hoping in the HEA world of romance that it sticks. ;-)

    1. Thanks, Michelle. Yep, I've heard of Munchkin being used, and I like that. But Flipper kind of fitted with the location of the story.

  7. To be honest, I never thought about names, let alone nicknames, until the very end of my pregnancies. (Can you tell I'm a procrastinator, LOL?)

    1. Laney, I'm not sure how people can be so sure about the name for their child until they get to see her/him for the first time. I'd be more likely to have a nickname.

  8. When I was pregnant I always just said The Baby & even for weeks after the birth - The Baby. It took actual thought & effort to use the name chosen.

  9. Mary, I wondered if that would happen. At least with The Baby it wouldn't be too bad, but there are some nicknames that would be awful.

  10. Fab Smooch, Sue - a rocky road ahead for Sasha and Grady with that history! I think Flipper is a really cute nickname - perhaps that last kick which interrupted the kiss must have been a tumble turn off the side of the "pool" to do another lap! ;)

  11. LOL, Sharon. I had a lot of fun with Flipper. She was a real little character.

  12. I never gave any of our children names before they were born. Our oldest daughter did name theirs. The decided not to find out the sex of the baby before it was born (an option I never had and didn't want). Everyone kept asking what they were having. They finally started referring to her as June Bug since that was when the baby was due. They had a darling daughter and still do call her June Bug or just Bug.

    By the way, thank you so much for drawing my name for last week's Smooch giveaway.

  13. That's kind of cute. And thanks to Amy for your prize.