May 16, 2014

Breakfast At Tiffany's ......

By Helen Lacey, not at Tiffany' was breakfast at my house. For thirty people. Last Saturday my hubby took his mistress to a show.....I mean his UC Holden Torana to an Early Holden Car Show. On the Sunday we hosted a somewhat impromptu brekky for some of the club members before they took off on their respective long drives home.

This is what it looked like outside my house.....

So.....3kg's of bacon....45 sausages.....60 eggs....35 hash browns.....2kgs of fried tomatoes.....4 mega tins of baked beans.....3 loaves of toasted and buttered bread. All cooked in my kitchen between 6am and 7am for a seven thirty start. Phew!

Here's the conversation I had with hubby the afternoon before.....
Me -"How many people are coming?
H -"Ah...not sure...."
Me - "And what time?"
Hubby - "Ah....not sure...."

The trick, I discovered, was to over-cater....expect 20, cook for 30!

Most of the food was consumed and my puppies got any leftovers. The motor enthusiasts left for photos to be taken on the ocean front and I flaked out on the lounge.

It was a fun morning, despite the stress thinking I'd underdone the bacon and overdone the eggs :)

Ever had to cater for a large group? Any tips? I'm pretty sure I'll be doing it again next year, so any tips would be great.


  1. What a total legend you are, Helen. Sounds and looks like a lovely morning.

    Being one of the worst cooks in the world, you'll receive not good tips from me - sorry. But like you, I always try to cover cater.

    1. Hi Jen - I'm sure you're not one of the worst cooks :) And yes, it was a nice morning.

  2. Helen

    I am so glad it was you and not me LOL I have a big family 4 kids 6 grandkids and amy kids partners so any time they all come it is big and I just do what I can and everyone normally has a good time :)

    The cars look great

    Have Fun

    1. Hi Helen - wow, you have lots of people to cater for if they all turn up together :) Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Wow! Go you, Helen! I haven't cooked for more than 10 I don't think, so 30 would have me running away screaming. That said, it sounds like you had fun. :-)

    1. Hi Michelle - there was a little 'screaming' involved :) mostly at my hubby who was in charge of beverages and got in the way in my kitchen a few times lol. But it was fun.

  4. Well done, Helen! Once upon a time, this would have been my idea of a nightmare! But we've been camping with a group of people at Easter for many years now and I now regularly do one of the main evening meals - anywhere between 16 to 24 people. Mind you, this is casserole-style fare not eggs and bacon for the masses! So my hat is off to you for managing that!

    I think the eggs would be the challenge - such a fine line between just right and overdone! I think you've got it when you said to over-cater - I do that always now whenever we have visitors because leftovers are one of my favourite food groups! And I hate the embarrassment of not having enough prepared!

    Oh, and I think you're a saint if your dh didn't end up with a frypan needing to be surgically removed from his head with those unhelpful details about numbers and time!