Dec 22, 2013

Sunday Smooch with Sue Mackay

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Sue MacKay but first 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from: From Duty to Daddy by Sue MacKay

Despite an unforgettable fling with beautiful Charlie Lang,
Click for more info on From Duty to Daddy eBookarmy medic Marshall Hunter's commitment to the forces
leaves no time for relationships. Two years on, he can't pass
up the opportunity to see her again...but the little girl playing
 in the garden proves Charlie's moved on even if he hasn't.
Only Marshall's life is about to change for ever...

Set up:

Charlie Lang has spent months trying to find US Army medic Marshall Hunter to tell him he's the father of her daughter, and suddenly he's turned up out of the blue and has learned the truth. What he doesn't know is why it is so important that he's a part of his daughter's life.


'Hey." A shadow fell across Charlie.

Her tummy squeezed with longing when she looked up into the eyes that had been a part of her dreams for so long. Hunger flared for that fun they'd shared, for the uncomplicated nights when they'd explored each other's bodies, the simple pleasure of walking hand in hand along the beach to watch the sunset. Even a need tugged at her for that professional camaraderie when Marshall had mentored the intern fresh from medical school. But none of that had a place in this situation. "Hey to you, too.'

'Sorry I charged off. I went down to the lake while everything sank in.' He looked genuinely contrite. 'I hope you didn't think I was running away.'

She winced, went for the truth. 'I hoped you hadn't, but I did wonder if you'd disappeared from my life again.' Even she heard the sadness in her voice. 'It must've been a huge shock.'
His forefinger traced her bottom lip. 'One I hadn't prepared for, that's for sure. But I'm back and you have my undivided attention for the next day or two.'
'I can go with that.' More than she'd expected, less than she'd hoped for. She stood before Marshall, studying him. Butterflies spread their wings in her stomach, fluttering wildly as she noted the well-honed muscles of his upper arms.

She'd missed him. Two weeks of wild passion and she'd spent the intervening years thinking and dreaming about him, wondering how he was, where he'd gone, who he might be with. And now he stood before her, looking superb in his casual attire.

Leaning forward, she stretched up onto her toes and reached for his mouth with hers. When her lips touched his all those long months of yearning disappeared in a haze of heat. It was as though they'd never gone their separate ways, as if the intervening time had been a figment of her imagination. Her hands slid around his neck, pulled him closer so she could deepen her kiss and press her tongue to his mouth to slide inside.

And then Marshall was hauling her up against his hard body, his hands splayed across her back as he held her to him. His lips claimed her mouth with a hunger that surprised and shocked her. Marshall had missed her, too. His tongue danced around hers. Her body melted into his, trying to become one with him.

She forgot everything except Marshall. His arms holding her, each one of his fingers pressing into her skin under her T-shirt like hot brands, his hard thighs that reached as high as her hips, that taut belly against her soft baby tummy. His hardening reaction to her.

"I'll take the beers outside to the veranda."
Her father's quiet voice pierced her euphoria, returned her to normal quicker than anything else could've.

Marshall is a medic in the US Army. Does a man in uniform turn your head? Or do you go for the jeans and tee, or the business suit?

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  1. Sue

    Such a great smooch you can feel the emotion in that one soeunds like a book I must read :)

    Have Fun

  2. Nice smooch and Merry Christmas

    1. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, too, tammy.

  3. I like how Charlie instigated that smooch and then Marshall took over.

    That's a difficult question, Sue. I love a man in uniform, but I also like cowboys in jeans and a guy in a business suit. LOL I guess I'm easy.

    Marcy Shuler

  4. not a uniform, but has to be well-dressed

  5. I love how that smooch developed but I love how it ended even more. I really like the new Medical covers out in January in North America. Now I have to know why it was so important that Marshall is part of his daughter's life.

    I like men in uniform but I like any type of clothing on a man as long as he is hero worthy. Just walking down a street I'd say his physique is more likely to catch my eye than what he is wearing.

    Merry Christmas to all the Love Cats, cats in the wild and just readers like me.

  6. Kaelee, I agree. It's about the walk, the posture, the physique. Oh, just about everything.

  7. Hi Sue - great smooch! I love a man in uniform....ah, I love a man in any form.... :)

  8. Yowee, Hot smooch and what a time for your father to walk in, Sue! poor Charlie! She had some lovely chemistry happening there with Marshall.

    Like Marcy, I like a man in a nice uniform... or a suit... or a pair of jeans! As you and Kaelee said it's about other things as well, not just the clothes!

    1. Yep, Sharon, bad timing. Isn't it fun being able to torment our characters? :)

  9. Love/hate the torment (you meanie!). That's an intriguing snippet :-) Re your question, got to say it's any of those so long as the expression/demeanour is right. The rest will follow... Being a Kiwi gal, uniforms aren't as 'out there' as in some other countries. So I guess I'd have to go for a guy in jeans - because that's more 'us', not the cattle and yeehaa kind-of guy, just a normal bloke doing his thing his way. An ordinary nice guy! Happy Christmas - hoping 'your' guy is exactly what Santa-ess has ordered! ;-)

    1. Clare, nothing like a pair of jeans hugging a gorgeous butt. Can't say any of the kiwi blokes in uniform stir me at all. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  10. I like all of the above heroes and so much more! Love is ALL OVER THE WORLD. Sometimes you just have to open your eyes fully.
    Wishing all my Love Cats friends the best of the holiday season. First on the list? Enough sleep to help tide you/us over until the next round of festivities ensue....

    1. And definitely in the eye of the beholder. See you here in the new year.

  11. Sue, I enjoyed the smooch between Charlie and Marshall. In answer to your question --- All of them as long as the guy is a great person.