Dec 16, 2013

Charming inspiration!

Today is release day for my new Destiny Romance novella, "Charmed"! Charmed is a spicy hot read that's a contemporary romance with a magical twist - Melanie, the heroine, just happens to be able to read minds. And is that a blessing or a curse?? Well, you'll just have to read to find out. ;)

A common question for authors is where they get their inspiration. It sounds like a straightforward question, but it's actually got a complicated answer for me, because inspiration for my writing comes from so many different places.

In the case of Charmed, there were two things about the characters that instantly came to my mind. Let's talk about Michael, the hero, first.

He's an accountant. Boring, right? No way! He's the rockstar of accountants -- he's a surfer boy, an adventure traveller, and I'm sure he's done all those dangerous holiday sports, bungy jumping, jet boating, etc.

The thing that stuck in my mind when I pictured him was his hair. I saw him running his fingers through his hair as a gesture whenever he was confused, or overwhelmed, or thinking things through. (Or, possibly, being driven out of his mind by passion!) One actor, famed for his gorgeous locks, came to mind.
Jared Padalecki is probably most famous for playing Sam Winchester in Supernatural. He often runs his fingers through his hair in that role, and that's exactly what I pictured.

My heroine, Melanie, didn't come quite so easily to mind. That is, in terms of her looks. The one thing that I was clear on very early on was her wardrobe. A strange little bit of inspiration, I know! But I could very clearly picture exactly what she would wear, and it was exactly like Nina Proudman from the Aussie TV drama, Offspring.

Those filmy scarves, and jangly beads, and boho-gypsy chic were very clear in my head.
It's Melbourne winter during Charmed, so the weather is typically changeable. That means it's more about jackets and warm coats than flippy skirts, but the aesthetic would still be the same. (There is, in fact, a whole series of blog posts dedicated to helping you dress like Nina Proudman!)
Mel and Michael have a few challenges thrown their direction, and they're not just about haircare and fashion choices. There's an entanglement with the magic council, a big matter in Michael's past, and pesky Aunt Gertrude always getting in the way.
I hope you'll enjoy Charmed -- it was such fun to write, especially with two such quirky, inspirational characters at the heart of it!
Before I go, I just want to add one other little piece of news -- you may know already, but I'm about to head off on a new adventure, living in San Francisco. This is my last blog post with the gorgeous Lovecats, and I'm saying a sad but fond farewell to all the other kitties! I do hope to come back and visit with special news every now and then. In the meantime, my heartfelt thanks to the Lovecats for being such wonderful authors to work with, and my fondest wishes to all the Lovecats readers for you comments and interaction -- wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!


  1. Emmie, 'Charmed' looks like such fun. How fascinating that you got your heroine's wardrobe before her looks, but then her choice in clothes tells a lot about her, doesn't it?

    It's sad to think this is your final official post for the Lovecats. I can't wait to hear all about your adventures in the USA and to see you visit from time to time so we can catch up.

    1. Thanks so much Annie! It has been a pleasure being part of the Lovecats. I'll definitely come back and share tales of my adventures!

  2. You'll most definitely have to come back for visits to fill us in on all of your adventures, Emmie!

    I loved hearing about your inspiration for Charmed. Inspiration is such an intangible and so difficult to describe in action. Also, am flabbergasted that there are websites out there dedicated to teaching one how to dress like Nina Proudman. You learn something new every day. ;-)

    1. I'm glad I could give you that important piece of information! Thanks so much for all your support on Lovecats.

  3. Emmie

    I do like the sound of this one must read it :)

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Emmie have a wonderful time In The States I look forward to you dropping with news

    Have Fun

  4. Merry Christnas to you too, Helen! Have a great New Year!

  5. Emmie, I *love* reading about the inspirations behind stories. Maybe it's the writer thing or the curiosity thing or the people observation...whatever the reason, I love knowing how authors see their characters.

    I'm sorry to read that this is your last LoveCats post but hope we'll welcome you back as a guest from across the Pacific. All the best with that adventure.

  6. Emmie, I'm so sad you're leaving us, but your adventure in San Francisco sounds amazing!

    Loved reading that sneak peek into your inspiration for Charmed - looks like it will be a great read. Must pop over and check it out.

    Looking forward to your visits with all your news. :)

  7. Congrats on the release of Charmed, Emmie. We will certainly miss you here at LoveCats! Have an absolute blast in San Fran!!!

  8. CHARMED sounds absolutely delightful, Emmie! And I have serious cover envy - it's gorgeous!

    Congratulations on your San Francisco opportunity! That's huge and exciting! But we'll be awfully sorry to see you leave us here at the LoveCats! You must come back to visit!