Dec 25, 2013

Christmas Day Greetings!

Bringing you some Christmas fun with a puzzle...

Click to Mix and Solve

... a clip from the fabulous Simon's Cat... Aussie Christmas song...

...and a New Zealand Christmas song!

 Warmest wishes for your Christmas Day!


Christmas bells from WebWeaver Free Clipart


  1. Merry Christmas Everyone

    Have a wonderful day filled with lots of love and fun


    Have Fun

  2. Merry Christmas to the Love Cats.

  3. Thanks for all the fun, ladies! Merry Christmas!

    Marcy Shuler

  4. Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Thank you for all the extras Sharon. I really enjoyed them.

  5. Merry Christmas, Helen (goodness you were up early!) and Tammy and Marcy and Kaelee! So lovely of you all to pop in to say hi! Christmas Day is winding down here and we're full of food and bonhomie... and I'm pretty much ready to grab something off the TBR pile and inspect the inside of my eyelids! I know some of you must be nearly ready to start your Christmas Day! I hope it's spectacular!

    Glad you enjoyed the extras, Kaelee! I haven't done that puzzle yet and I'm almost afraid to ask you what your time was! You're such a whizz at them!