Dec 27, 2013

Twas the week before xmas...

Happy Christmas to you all! Hope your day was love-filled and blessed.

This year we decided to do something we'd never done before and take a holiday the week before Christmas. The main motivating factor was that my sister, her husband and 4 year old were coming out for a holiday from the UK- so we thought we'd take a trip to a part of NZ that none of us had explored before. Lovely idea! (But it did mean we had to plan well ahead and get everything ready for xmas a lot sooner than everyone else due to the fact we were not getting home until 23rd December).

It was lovely to get away from the hurly burly of the city and everyone else's frantic preparations and we had a great time (despite unpredictable weather).

Added plus: we saw the world from my nephew, Bobby's, point of view- and boy, was it fun! I'd forgotten just what life is like with a little one. When the world is thinking about material stuff it is so refreshing to be reminded about what really is important- the wonder of nature. Simple things.

We went whale watching:
Bobby's face was amazing when he saw this wondrous thing in the water. (okay, to you and me it looks like a log of wood but it is actually a three metre long sperm whale!)

And then it did this!

We stayed in cabins at a campsite that were basic but comfortable- although Bobby called them sheds- which had us all smiling… and from now on we always try to stay in sheds!

We fed the locals:
But the very best thing of all and the most fun for everyone was…. throwing rocks into the sea….
Such a great time was had by all! 

(And a huge hug to fellow lovecat, Sue Mackay, who drove over to see us and shared a wonderful lunch!)

I hope that 2014 brings you much happiness, lots of reading pleasure and the sheer joy that a 4 yr old has at just experiencing life- including lots and lots of giggles xxx


  1. Louisa, that sounds like a perfectly lovely way to escape the pre-Christmas rush! Great planning on your part!

    Having recently done some whale watching, I do know what you mean about the log-lookalike! But there's something pretty awesome about knowing that it is an enormous creature right there under the surface - and then it does one of those fantastic leaps out of the water and it's even more amazing.

    So were you on the Kaikoura Coast?

  2. Lookds like it was fun. Like Sharon I'm wondering whether you were in Kaikoura?? I haven't visited that area but can't think of anywhere else in NZ that whale watching is common.

  3. Louisa

    Sounds like lots of fun even if you were staying in sheds :) Children make such a difference don't they I have 6 grandchildren and they range in age from 7 down to 2 and they always have me smiling (even when they are cheeky) the things they say and the way they see things brings back a lot of memories of when my kids were young :)

    I have yet to see a whale in the water but seeing them on TV when they come around the Sydney harbour is just wonderful
    Heres to hoping that 2014 is a fabulous year filled with lots of fun

    Have Fun

  4. Sharon and Lyn- good detective work- yes we were in Kaikoura for the whale watching and fell in love with the town- it has a lovely atmosphere, lots of great eateries and a pretty decent second hand book shop- all within walking distance of the sea- what more could you ask for??

  5. Hi Helen, it was a very special time- sounds like you might have your hands full with 6 grandchildren!! What fun! Hope you have a fab 2014 too! xx

  6. Great photos, Louisa. And lunch was not a problem :) Any excuse to get out. Not that I'm in a prison out here. Having just spent five days with our daughter, her partner and our grandson I'm feeling on top of the world, too.

  7. Lovely pics, Louisa. It sounds as if it were a magical holiday...and the perfect antidote to a hectic Christmas. :-)

  8. Louisa, what a lovely time you must have had. Isn't it wonderful seeing the world through a little one's eyes? We did that on a trip to the UK once and some of my most vivid memories are things like playing Pooh Sticks on a tiny bridge in a bluebell scented forest and watching some 'fairies' play. Hope your Christmas was just as terrific.