Dec 9, 2013

Nerves. Nerves. How do you manage them?

Chatting with Mandy Nolan before kick-off
Today, I’m relaxed. My muscles aren’t tense. My mind isn’t racing. My heart isn’t hammering. 

This was not the case at 6pm last Thursday evening. I was sitting in a stool with comedian Mandy Nolan in the Byron Bay Mary Ryan’s bookshop watching the store fill with people. Of course, I was thrilled people had turned up for the launch of my book Sweet Seduction, but there were lots more people that I ever thought would come.  In the end about 100 people packed out the store.  They were standing three deep on the pavement.

Signing copies of Sweet Seduction
Mandy kicked off and within two minutes I had tears of laughter streaking down my face.  Mandy is so incredibly funny.  She’d singled out my husband and made him blush. I don’t think I’d ever seen my husband blush. Mandy had planned to chat for twenty minutes, but everyone was still laughing after three quarters of an hour.

I was then handed a glass of champagne and was installed at a table to sign books. And sign I did. Mary Ryan’s sold out of Sweet Seduction in about fifteen minutes. The whole event was a huge success. I was on such a high.

But, I hadn’t sleep for three nights beforehand as I was so nervous. I’ve done lots and lots of presentations in my life, but usually I’d been presenting about a product or a service, not about my own creative efforts.

Before I left for the launch, I meditated for fifteen minutes. I think I would have been a lot more nervous if I hadn’t. I learned to meditate when I used to work in big corporations to manage the stress. I pull this calming technique out of the bag whenever I’m heading for a stressful time (I know, I should do it everyday).

So, what tricks and tips do you have for managing nerves? I’d love to hear.

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  1. Congratulations on the launch, Jen! It sounds as though it went swimmingly and that your meditation worked. Rescue remedy is my best tip for nerves.

  2. I've heard to this rescue remedy and wondered it if worked, Barbara. I must give it a go.

  3. What a fantastic launch, Jennifer. Go, girl. Handling nerves? Hard exercise is my answer. Cycling or walking usually. I loved The Convenient Bride and looking forward to reading Seducing the Secret Heiress.

  4. Yes, exercise is a goody, Sue. I like swimming, running and walking to the Byron Bay Lighthouse. Thanks again for reading The Convenient Bride.

  5. Your book launch sounds like a spanking success, Jennifer! Wish I could've been there. :-) As for nerves, however, can't say I have too many words of wisdom. I just try reminding myself that people -- as a rule -- are pleasant and are unlikely to be rude or mean. Deep breathing often helps. And I think the meditation very wise.

  6. I wish you could have been there too, Michelle. It was a blast!! Deep breathing - good idea.

  7. Hi Jen - congrats on a brilliant launch, I'm thrilled for you :)

    I can't believe you were nervous, that's so not like you.

    For me, I just accept I'm nervous and then take some deep breathes. It helps a little.

    Congrats on the launch of Secret Seduction :)

    1. Thanks Joanne. I do get nervous, I've just learned to hide it. Also, once I get going I'm usually okay.

  8. Congrats on the launch Jennifer wat a lot of fun I have a hard time relaxing sometimes I need to learn to relax more :)

    Have Fun

  9. Me too, Helen. I'm terrible at relaxation!!

  10. Congratulations! As for relaxing, I am very bad at it, too. Sorry to say, I grab a can of Coke if I am at work, stick my head outside & do deep breathing.

  11. Sounds like it went fantastically, Jen - wish I could have been there! Meditation works for me too :)

  12. I wish you could have been there too, Kez. It was lots of fun.

    I really must try to meditate more!!!!

  13. Jen, congrats on your fabulous book launch! The photos look great. Hope your next one is even better. :)

  14. It sounds like your book launch was a resounding success, Jennifer! Congratulations!

    I think you've handled your nerves for the event fabulously! I'm just starting to get into some meditation so it's great to hear that you've found it to be so beneficial.