Nov 3, 2013

Sunday Smooch with Amy Andrews

Welcome to another LoveCats DownUnder Sunday Smooch!

Today we have a smooch from  Amy Andrews, but first ...

the winner of last week's Sunday Smooch Giveaway is Helen Sibritt 

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And now for today's Sunday Smooch from - Holding Out For A Hero

When sensible schoolteacher Ella Lucas rides into her home town on a Harley and seduces the resident football hero, Jake Prince, she figures she can be forgiven and move on. After all, she's just buried her mother. Two years later, back in the city, their paths cross again but this time Jake is in the process of destroying her favourite dive bar. With her home facing a wrecker's ball, her school being closed down and her 15-year-old brother hell bent on self-destruction, it's the last straw. Throw in a dominatrix best friend who is dating a blue ribbon guy so straight he still lives at home with his mother, it's no wonder the sanest person in Ella's life is a dog. With all this to contend with, the last thing Ella needs is Jake back in her life.

Scene set-up: Ella is upset after a confrontation with her teenage brother, Cam, and Jake is comforting her.

"It’s just—it’s been a tough couple of years and . . . I never thought I’d suck this badly at being a big sister.”

He was nodding and his eyes were full of compassion, full of knowing, and that was the clincher: Jake did know. And Ella hated it. Hated that this guy . . . this footballer guy knew stuff about her past. Knew about her ostracism, her isolation, her loneliness. Knew that behind the woman she was today and the aloof teenager she’d been, there lurked a little girl who’d just wanted to be accepted. His eyes were telling her he understood and despite how much she hated it, on the back of Cam’s insult, it was surprisingly comforting.

“I swear to God, Jake, if you don’t stop looking at me like that then I’m going to be bawling like a baby.”

Jake smiled. “Like what?”

His thumb swept across the ridge of her cheekbone and it was so gentle Ella felt her eyelids flutter closed. They opened again and the look in his eyes had changed. His pupils had dilated, the green intensified. He was staring at her mouth. Was he closer? Her body swayed a little.

“Like what, Ella?”
Like you want to kiss me. “Jake.”

He heard the warning note in her voice. Except it was husky with more than a hint of hunger and when he took a step closer she didn’t back up and when her gaze dropped to his mouth kissing her became a force that would not be denied.

Ella sighed against his mouth as his lips settled on hers. They felt good, soft and gentle and she welcomed his slow, lazy exploration. But when his tongue stroked along the seam of her lips, a heat down low took hold and she wanted more than gentle. She wanted to feel the full force of his kiss. She wanted open mouths and questing tongues and warm, bare skin. She parted her lips, inviting him in and when he obliged, she moaned and gripped the front of his shirt pulling him closer.

To go into the draw to win a digital copy of HOFAH tell me about your favourite movie "look". You know that look. The one that curl's your toes when you see it! The one that Mark Darcy gave Bridget Jones when she was interviewing him after the big court case. That look. Got a favourite one?

Come back next Sunday, when the winner of today's giveaway will be announced!

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  1. Hi Amy, I really enjoyed this - I wanted more!

    As for a favourite about Richard Armitage's banked emotion in 'North and South' He does that under the eyebrows stare the goes right through you. Then there was Kevin McKidd when he played Bothwell, reluctantly falling in love with Mary, Queen of Scots in 'Gunpowder, Treason and Plot'. That look of his just sizzled.

    1. Lol Annie - I wondered how often North and South was going to get a mention today :-) Yes, I agree that Richard does that whole "intense"look very very well!
      I've not seen the McKidd film you mention but as a huge Grey's Anatomy fan I've been privy to a few of those looks between his character and the Christina Yang character - smokin!

  2. Amy

    I so loved this story :) Jake is to die for

    One "look" that comes to my mind is the way Rhett looks at Scarlett very sexy

    Have Fun

    Thanks all just about to send and email this has made my day :)

    1. Thanks Helen :-) and congrats on your win.
      Ooh, Rhett - good choice!

  3. Dennis Quaid in The Big Easy always curls my toes.

  4. The way Colin Firth's Darcy looks at Lizzy Bennet after she leaps up to save Georgiana from embarrassment when Wickham is mentioned. I LOVE that moment. :-)

    BTW, gorgeous kiss, Amy!

    1. Thanks Michelle.
      Another one I figured would get a lot of mentions :-) Colin Firth...sigh....

  5. That was a sweet and hot kiss, Amy!

    My favorite "look" also involves Darcy and Elizabeth, but it's from the Keira Knightley version. That moment in the field when they're looking into each other's eyes as the sun rises behind them. *sigh*

    Marcy Shuler

    1. Thanks Marcy!
      Yes, that is a sigh worthy moment :-)

  6. Kaz Delaney says: I'm scratching here. I KNOW there are moments but my current deadline hell is blocking out all rational though (and all creative ones as well. Grrrrr)

    However, DH and I were talking about the Thomas Crown Affair last night - both versions - and I LOVE both versions. Part of that conversation involved Steve McQueen and how those eyes just spear right through you. Hence my thought path.

    His 'looks' have always curled my toes - so while I can't rake up a specific 'moment', my vote atm is for Steve McQueen - anywhere, any time. If ya get my drift...

    (Don't you love how movies immortalise people? I mean, he must be 575 years old now but, he's still hot. Possibly helped by the fact he passed way to early. but still...)

    But Ms Amy Andrews, I have a second fave just at this mo - and it's not a movie 'look' but a 'book look'. And that award goes to the gorgeous Jake in this story. Mama Mia. Pass me a fan...

    Lovely. Pure Andrews. Loads of sales, sweet girl!

    1. Aww thanks Ms Delaney! Jake is 100% delicious! He has a really fabulous I want-to-tear-your-knickers-off-with-my-teeth look which I also happen to think that gorgeous Steve had perfected as well :-)
      Good luck with the deadline xx

  7. Great smooch! I'm so glad HOFAH is out in the world!

    Darcy does some great looks, doesn't he? In the web series, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, he does some really good ones too.

    But my fave is probably the one Annie already mentioned - Thornton in North & South. Happy sigh.

    1. Thanks Rach! HOFAH wouldn't be out in the world if it wasn't for some great beta feedback and a fabulous cheer squad of which you were one, so thank *you*!!
      Another North and South girl - you're in good company :-)

  8. I honestly can't think of a single movie with the "look" that truly makes my toes curl. My excuse is that movies just don't cut it when compared to books. That said, I also can't remember the last movie I saw before Fast and Furious 6 came out at the movies.

    I'm definitely going to need to read Holding Out for A Hero - that cover is awesome and the excerpt cuts out in the wrong place. The title makes me think of the Bonnie Tyler song every time I read it though.

    1. yes, the cover totally rocks, doesn't it Lyn :-)
      I have had Bonnie Tyler singing in my head for a long time now :-)
      You'll know why if you read this blog I recently did -
      Your welcome :-)

  9. There is a look in the movie, Emma, which they do as a flashback moment, with Jeremy Northam looking at Gwyneth Paltrow. It is a hopeful look, more than anything.

    1. Thanks Sharlene. I think we may have lost the art of the "look".
      Back in Emma days, people couldn't openly touch or even say anything risque to each other so the "look" had to convey sooo much.
      That's my take anyway :-)

  10. Jake is hot. Gotta read this one.
    Haven't got a fav kiss scene, but there are a few hot actors I'd be happy to smooze up to.

    1. lol Sue - don't think you'll be alone there ;-)

  11. Fabo Smooch, Amy! The chemistry sizzles between Jake and Ella.

    As for "that" look, it's hard to go past the Richard Armitage one in North and South. And I have to say that I love the speaking looks that pass between James Bond (Daniel Craig) and Vesper (Eva Green) in Quantum of Solace. In fact there are a few scenes in that movie which are really poignant.