Nov 15, 2013

Release Day.....The Cattleman's Proposal

Today is release day for the first book in my indie published The Men of Mulhany Crossing series.

The Cattleman's Proposal was a labour of love...because it's about cowboys and horses - two of my favourite things.

Here's the blurb -

Joley McBride had no interest in Nate Garrigan…even though he’d made it crystal clear that he wanted her. The rich and handsome rancher was the kind of man she'd sworn off years ago. But now, part of her beloved flying school was in his hands and Joley would do anything to get it back—including agree to his arrogant demand that she spend a month on his isolated cattle property. 

Still feeling the sting of a bitter divorce, Nate knew what he wanted—a wife, children and a life void of any romantic nonsense. And he wanted it with the spirited and beautiful Joley McBride. With the help of a little blackmail, he might just get it. Only, he hadn’t anticipated that Joley would challenge his logical approach to relationships and unexpectedly touch his toughened heart. 

The series revolves around four friends who've known one another since they were kids. Four very different men with different lives, but who have two things in common - their love for their small town and their enduring friendship.

The idea for the series started several years ago when I was discussing relationships with a friend of my husband. They've known one another for over thirty years and it interested me to see them together. They often don't see or speak to each other for a year or so, but when they do talk they have a quick catch up on the past and then get stuck straight into the now. In true male-friend style. There are no wasted words, no long winded explanations, no's a very in-the-moment friendship and it quickly got me thinking that I wanted to explore that theme in my books. And the Men of Mulhany Crossing were born. 

I think friendships end or endure because they are about choice. You know that old get to choose your friends not your family. Perhaps that's why when we find a friend who is a true kindred spirit we work hard to keep them. 

Do you have a friendship that has spanned years or decades? Or perhaps someone new? Someone who you met and just 'clicked' with straight away? 

I have an eCopy of The Cattleman's Proposal to give away to one commenter.



  1. Hi Helen

    Huge congrats on the release I do love a series and I love the sound of this one can't wait to read it :)

    I have a best friend who lives in my street we have been neighbours for over 30 years and when we first met we just clicked and have been there for each other ever since through good and bad times there is always a shoulder to lean on for both of us we have laughed cried and vented with each other and there is always someone to listen you gotta have friends

    Have Fun

  2. Hi Helen - thank you for the good wishes. Love your story about your friend...thanks for sharing :)

  3. The book looks fab Helen and have just bought it form Amazon. Love the one-click buy :-) I love me a good cowboy story so this sounds right up my alley :-)

  4. Hi AA - yes, isn't the one-click thing fabulous. Thanks so much and I hope you the book :)

  5. I love the sound of this series, Helen. Male friendships always fascinate me. LOL

    I met the 'sister of my heart' when I was in college and fell for her 5 yr. old son. He was one of the kids in the Sunday school class I taught. That's been over 30 years ago now. She was my matron of honor when I got married, her hubby walked me down the aisle and her two daughters were my junior bridesmaids. We've both moved several times and live several states apart, but if I pick up the phone it's like no time has passed.

    Marcy Shuler

  6. Helen, huge congratulations on your new release. I love the sound of this one! Just my style. As for friendships, I've got several like that too. Even after years of distance we can pick up the threads and it's as if the gap was just a week instead of far longer. Friendships like that are so precious.

  7. Hi Marcy - thank you for sharing your lovely's true when then say that real friendships stand the test of time :)

  8. Hi Annie - there's something wonderful about a friendship that doesn't need to be constantly stoked, but can be picked up like it was only yesterday :)

  9. Happy Release day. Helen, I met my best friend when we were 5. More than 40 years later, we are still close friends.

  10. Hi Tammy - lovely friend story, thanks for sharing :)

  11. Helen, I love stories about friends like that. And I'm so excited about your new book that I think I'll pop over and buy it right now!

  12. Congratulations on your release, Helen! I love a good cowboy story and yours sounds fabulous! Lovely lovely cover too! (happy sigh) Off to do some shopping!